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    Guiding Light CAST - Dylan Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dylan Lewis Played by Brian Gaskill on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brian Gaskill

    Birthday: 1970-01-22
    Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
    Marital Status: Married to Tonya Watts
    Real Name: Brian Gaskill
    Height: 6'


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    See You in Splitsville

    Thursday, August 23 2007

    At Harley's, Dylan limps through the door and sits down for a coffee. She tells him that Gus is gone. Isn't that what he wanted all along? she asks. Dylan never thought that Gus would walk out like that. She's not convinced and accuses him of simply taking advantage of the situation to break them apart. He refuses to take the blame for what's wrong with her marriage. She can't blame this on Daisy either, he points out. She wanted attention and she's been using him for it while Gus has been off with his other family. Harley concedes that she may have been using him to stick it to Gus and make him jealous. Their entire marriage has been focussed on her 'messes' and never on Gus' before. Standing up, Dylan tells her that if he were Gus, he would stay and fight for her. She tries to reassure both of them that this split is only temporary and then walks out.

    On Main Street, Gus and Rafe are grabbing something to eat. His son is eager to know what he is intending to do now. Gus asks him if he wants him to give it a shot with Natalia. Rafe smiles. Gus starts to mumble about how complicated everything is. Rafe un-complicates things for him: Do you love your wife or do you love my mom? he flatly asks. Gus doesn't know what to say. He tries to put together an explanation but Rafe quickly tires of it and walks away. Dylan appears. 'How's your son?' he asks. 'How's my wife?' Gus shoots back, turning to him. They begin taunting each other. Dylan knows what they both want and it's time for Gus just to step aside. Using his new found anger management skills, Gus controls himself and vows to protect his marriage.

    I'm not Mr Alexandra Spaulding

    Monday, August 06 2007

    Billy is visiting his son in his hospital room. Dylan still has difficulty moving in bed. Billy told him that if he went after Harley bad things would happen. Dylan is annoyed that his father doesn't seem to understand what he's going through. All he did was kiss Harley and Gus tried to kill him for it. When the painkillers start to wear off, Billy is about to leave to get the doctor when he finds Buzz waiting. How many times does he have to tell Dylan to stay away from his daughter? he wonders.

    Billy takes Buzz into the hall as Buzz demands to know what's going on with Gus. They suspect that Gus may already be with Natalia. 'It would break my daughter's heart,' Buzz says. He gets on his phone and calls Frank. They meet up and worry about what is going on with Harley. As they walk down Main Street, a distraught Harley runs by. They chase her home. She collapses on the couch crying while the men yell through the door at her. Buzz tells her that she and Gus can patch things up. 'Like you and Olivia did?' she calls out. Daisy arrives and asks her mother to open the door. When she ignores this, Daisy has the men lift her up to one of the windows so she can slip in. After climbing inside, she finds her mother crying and tries to comfort her. She knows what it's like to want to be with someone when you can't be. She assures her mother that she will make things up with Gus. Harley smiles; her daughter is actually starting to sound like her. Daisy asks again what Gus did, but Harley can't say it. As she turns and cries, Daisy tells her that, no matter what, she will still be there for her. Harley hugs her daughter. Moments later, they arrive at Cedars as Dylan is getting ready to leave for rehab. Harley decides that she is going to go with him. Buzz walks in, unhappy to hear this and asks to speak to his daughter. She tells him that she needs to get away. Her marriage may already be over, she tells him as she wheels Dylan away. Meanwhile, Gus returns to an empty house.

    The Right Thing

    Friday, August 03 2007

    Harley arrives in Dylan's room at Cedars. He's strangely eager to talk to Gus. She tries to clam him down until Daisy arrives, happy to see her parents together. A moment later, she rushes off to get him something. As he adjusts himself, he gets spasms of pain. He thinks that most of his damage is actually from Gus' fists. She realizes that they should have taken him to the hospital then. They begin to go over the night they spent together. He tells her that there is something she doesn't know: Gus was there for a moment and he saw them together. She realizes that Gus must have assumed that they slept together. He says that he would have told her before, but they got into an accident. Harley knows now that this is why he has run off and will not answer any of her calls. In a panic, she rushes from the room to search for him.

    Reva arrives in Dylan's room at Cedars. She's thrilled to see her son awake. He tells her about his feelings for Harley. She says that sometimes you have to walk away for the right reasons. That doesn't sound like Reva to him. She offers to take him to a rehab center. He would rather see her spending time with Jeffrey. Reva would do anything for her children, she insists. Later, Daisy arrives and gives the watch to her father. She starts to tell him how worried Harley seemed about him. He asks her if she's hoping that he and her mom are getting back together. 'You're my parents,' she says. He hopes that something will change between then, he admits, but it doesn't look that way. Harley and Gus seem solid.

    The Line

    Wednesday, August 01 2007

    On Main Street, Olivia looks at Jeffrey, sure that she'll do anything to get him. Someone who is more like her than he cares to admit. Meanwhile, Reva returns to Dylan's side. She smells the flowers Jeffrey gave her and then dumps them in the trash. When she sits beside him, she's sure that she will do whatever she has to in order to protect him.

    This Can Never Happen Again

    Tuesday, July 31 2007

    In Dylan's room, Harley is calling around for Gus without getting any results. She asks Dylan to stay away from her and her family for awhile. He doesn't think that she'd be pushing him away so hard unless she was tempted. When he reminds her about what they used to have between them, she reminds him of what they always say to Daisy: She's too young and caught up to know what love is; when she grows up, she'll put this behind her. Harley is deeply committed to her husband. Dylan reminds her of how many Gus' there have been; how many times has she committed to a man 'till death do us part?' He thought that he may have a chance now since she's given everyone else one.

    What's Done is Done

    Monday, July 30 2007

    On the balcony at Towers, a slightly drunk Harley caresses Dylan's face and tells him that she's glad he's there. He tries to take her wine away from her but she won't let him. She likes to be around him, she likes the attention. He shouldn't have kissed her, but it's nice to be treated like a women rather than a mother. Gus is distracted, she explains, and she feels like she is competing for him. They go inside and she says that Natalia reminds her of the person she used to be; living paycheck to paycheck and far more daring. Dylan sees her as the same Harley he fell in love with long ago...but stops himself before he says anymore. She takes his hand and tells him not to stop. Soon Alan appears, grabbing Harley's cell phone as he remembers drugging her drink at the mansion. She rushes over to him and begins taunting him until he suggests that Dylan take her home. Alan turns the phone on, dialing up Gus's number and leaving it nearby so that Gus can hear Dylan offering to take her up to his place. He takes her upstairs and tries to give her coffee but spills it on her. She tells him not to peek as she slips her dress off and one of his t-shirts on. Already wasted, she falls into the bed and passes out while still wearing her shoes. He covers her with a blanket and lays down beside her. Meanwhile, Gus arrives in the hallway and swipes a key from the room service cart. As he pushes the door open, he sees Harley roll over onto Dylan. His fist clenches but he is frozen. Dylan spots him reflected in the mirror and gets closer to Harley, putting his hand on her. Gus quietly closes the door. Later, Harley wakes up, barely able to remember anything. She tells him that this can't happen again, not that anything happened between them. This is not where a happily married woman should be. What if Daisy walked in? 'I guess we're lucky nobody saw us,' he says. She doesn't want to lean on him anymore; that's what her husband is for.

    Three is More Fun

    Friday, July 27 2007

    At the mansion, Alan's not thrilled to hear about his sister's new marriage. He calms down as Natalia tells him that she is looking forward to the family dinner they have planned. She thinks he may be stepping over the line, however. She suspects that he is trying to push her and Gus together and shut Harley out. Meanwhile, at home, Gus has just gotten the invitation to dinner at the mansion. When Harley walks through the door he makes it clear that he is only going through with this to help support his son. He needs her to come with him. She has to make a call first. Elsewhere, in Dylan's suite, he and Daisy wait for Harley so they can start their family night together. He drinks and waits for Harley's call. She calls and tells him that they need to compromise tonight.

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