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    Guiding Light CAST - Dylan Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dylan Lewis Played by Brian Gaskill on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brian Gaskill

    Birthday: 1970-01-22
    Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
    Marital Status: Married to Tonya Watts
    Real Name: Brian Gaskill
    Height: 6'


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    Wednesday, October 17 2007

    Daisy's returned to her room at The Beacon and crawls into bed. Rafe arrives. He's concerned that she doesn't seem well. She asks him if he loves her. He does. She takes his hand and tells him that the night they....was the best night of her life's had consequences. 'I wasn't thinking about the next nine months,' she says, shaking her head. Rafe is shocked and apologizes. He stands up, trying to take it in and asks her more questions. Putting his arms around her, he tells her that she won't be alone. He takes her hand and promises her that they can get through it. They can get married and he'll get a job: They can be a family. She starts to cry. Suddenly, Natalia walks in: 'Go on Daisy. Tell him. Tell him everything.' She informs her son that everyone knows about what's happened. Rafe asks her why he's the last to know. She didn't want to tell him; that would have made it too real. 'I'm not pregnant anymore,' she admits. She had to choose and she ended it. It takes a minute for Rafe to understand but he quickly becomes outraged when she explains that she was trying to spare him because he wasn't ready for this in his life. She wants to talk it out, but he can't. After he runs out, Natalia tells her that she took something she had no right to take and she won't let her near her son again. Daisy collapses in tears in the hallway. Harley arrives and sits by her daughter. When she was pregnant, Harley explains, every choice she had seemed wrong, but one seemed less wrong. Daisy doesn't think she had any other choice; she couldn't tell her that she was pregnant, she just wanted it to go away. She collapses onto her mother's lap. Soon, Dylan arrives and sits with them. He's sorry for the things he said to her. 'You were there...that's what's most important,' Harley tells him. Daisy wishes they could fix things, but right now she wants to go home and see her brothers. Harley (knowing that she's hiding Cyrus and Alex at home) tells her daughter that she needs to stay at her father's right now. This upsets Daisy and she runs off with Dylan following behind. Left alone, Harley starts to cry, wishing someone could explain all of this to her.

    Dylan stops his daughter with Reva's help. He tries to explain Harley and tells her that she just needs to stay with him or her grandmother right now. As he leaves to get the room ready, Reva tells Daisy that this isn't the end of her life; she'll get passed this. Her mother will still love her, she promises. But Daisy is more worried about Rafe. When she told him she was pregnant, he was excited, but now he'll hate her: She ruined everything. Reva hugs her. Meanwhile, Harley goes home. Cyrus gives her a beer and tells her he saw Rafe. She tells him that this situation has brought her closer to her daughter... Unfortunately, she can't bring her home because she's harboring a fugitive. Cyrus is sorry, but that doesn't help things for Harley; someone else is comforting her kid now. He puts his coat on her and she tells him its not his fault. Walking over to the mantle, she looks at a picture of Daisy and starts to cry.

    You've Been Outplayed!

    Monday, October 15 2007

    At The Beacon, Reva knocks on Dylan's door. He answers, swigging a beer and letting her in. She surmises that he's talked to Daisy. He did, but it all came out wrong; all that he could tell her was that he was disappointed and she threw her life away. He wanted to help her and give her support, but the simple fact that she's pregnant is already a sign that he's a failure. Reva tells him again that they have to makes sure Daisy knows she's not alone. They try calling Daisy and Harley without luck. She offers to leave and do damage control. Hurrying over to Cedars, she searches for her granddaughter. The nurse lets her in to see Daisy. She's just woken up: 'It's over,' she cries to Reva. Pulling up a chair, Reva wishes that she'd told her what she was going to do; she shouldn't have gone through this alone. Daisy insists that this is what made sense and she's not sorry: She really thought this through and made the decision based on what was best for everyone. Reva strokes her hair. She can't tell her what was best; it's her body. Daisy insists that it's best that she took care of things this way, without telling everyone, even if that made it harder. Reva hugs her as she cries.

    I Didn't Want This...

    Friday, October 12 2007

    At CO2, Rafe is frustrated as he tries to get through his math homework. Before he can throw his calculator away, Dylan grabs his arm. He accuses Rafe of messing up Daisy's life and questions him confrontationally. Rafe clearly doesn't know the news. He tries to tell Dylan that he is being responsible and no one gives Daisy enough credit. 'Do not tell me how to raise my daughter!' Dyan angrily says. If anything happens to his daughter, he will do whatever he has to in order to protect her, he threatens before leaving.

    Dinah paces around Main Street. Talking on the phone, she tells the police that she can help them get Cyrus. They're not receptive to the offer. Daisy appears and they start to talk. Dinah remembers when Daisy was born, she was there, and it changed everyone's life. She always wanted a little girl like her... Later, Daisy sits alone when Dylan appears, looming over her before sitting down. She knows that he knows. 'I'm so sorry dad,' she says. He can't speak. He just starts pacing until he screams. He can't believe that this is happening. Sometimes it seems like she wants to mess up her life. This is going to break her mother's heart. 'I didn't want this...I never thought this could happen to me,' she admits. 'It did. Now we have to live with it,' he shakes his head before leaving. She continues over to Cedars and sits in the waiting room. She begins talking to the young woman sitting beside her; she's giving her baby up for adoption. When Daisy's called up, the nurse tells her that Harley got called off to work and won't be able to join her. Daisy goes in alone.

    Looking For Advice

    Thursday, October 11 2007

    Reva arrives at Cedars and finds Dylan badgering a nurse for the reason why Daisy's name was on an appointment sheet. Taking him aside, Reva breaks the news to him. He's floored by the news, especially when his daughter was getting her life back on track. Reva tells him that they need to be supportive. She has choices and she can't handle having a baby now, he insists. All the while, Daisy has gone over to The Beacon to talk to Natalia about her problem. Meanwhile, Cassie returns to Josh. She tells him that there is a void in her and she needs to fill it by having a child with him. She knows how he feels about it, but that doesn't make how she feels wrong. She begs him to think about it.

    You're a Time Bomb

    Thursday, October 04 2007

    A rough-looking Frank sits down on the Main Street bench with Daisy. Morosely, he tells her how worried he is about Marina. He's sorry that he hasn't been spending more time with Daisy and assures her that she can come to him about anything. She tells him not to worry so much. He walks away just as she gets a call from the school: Dylan is waiting there to meet her. Automatically, she assumes that Reva must have called him and told him everything. She heads over to the school and is told that her father is waiting for her alone in the principal's office. She paces the hall and tries to come yo with an explanation until Dylan leans out and tells her to come in. As she stumbles through an explanation, he stops her and tells her that he always knew this would happen. She's shocked when he seems happy, however. He hugs her, congratulating her on becoming school vice president. He's so happy that things seem to be working out for her and she has finally buckled down. Now she can start making her plans for college. 'There's still a lot to figure out,' she says, still confused. He begins urging her to start applying to colleges's only nine moths away, he reminds her.

    First Time's a Charm

    Wednesday, September 12 2007

    Gus remembers going to see Edward Scissorhands with Natalia. Afterwards, he carved their initials into the wall of the diner. From that point on, he could never stop thinking about her. Their first time was on a rooftop. It would have been nice if there was a ceiling but...he felt lucky anyway. Meanwhile, Natalia admits that she was ready to wait, afraid that she would be struck down by lightning if she made the wrong choice (she was very Catholic). Since she and Gus got together on a roof, she figured that would give the lightning a clear shot. Her first time really brought her closer to her 'Nicky': Her first, her last, her only love. Harley remembers her first time with Dylan in his dumpy old truck. Him in his leather jacket on his squeaky vinyl seats. Dylan remembers how fun Harley was; how much she made him laugh and made him crazy. He just wishes that he'd held onto her when he had the chance.

    At home, Daisy tries to ask Ashlee about sex. Startled, Ashlee admits that she's surprised Daisy still hasn't gone that far but she hasn't. She thinks that 'vent boy' is the one. Yesterday, when he saved her from juvie, he proved himself to her. This seems like a huge decision to Ashlee, who reacts surprisingly strongly about this. She's very insistent that she's never done it...just 'thought about it a lot.' Daisy continues trying to probe her friend for details, but Ashlee isn't giving any straight answers. When Harley arrives, Ashlee rushes away. As she helps her mother unpack the groceries, Daisy asks her about when she first started going out with Dylan. Harley explains that they weren't together very long and is a bit surprised by how naive her daughter's questions are. She doesn't want to talk about this though...she just broke up with Gus, she reminds her daughter. Moments later, Dylan comes knocking. Harley tells him that the butler dropped the charges against their daughter. He's relieved and then asks her if she needs to talk to someone about her problems with Gus.

    I Forgive You Because I Have To

    Friday, August 31 2007

    At Cross Creek, Reva opens a letter containing a message from Jonathan about his location. With tears in her eyes, she hides it behind a photo of he and Sarah. Jeffrey wanders down, seeing that she is missing her son. She wants to get her mind off it by jumping in bed again but someone knocks on the door. It's Dylan, who mockingly pretends to be traumatized at seeing his mother making out. She breaks the news that she and Jeffrey are living together now. He starts laughing. Olivia arrives next with a housewarming gift and asks Jeffrey how it is to live in the 'Josh and Reva museum'. Dylan decides it's time to leave and ducks out. Olivia says she'll stay out of their lives... until Josh returns and Reva kicks Jeffrey to the curb. Reva decides it's time for her to leave and wishes Olivia good luck on 'becoming a saint'. Olivia admits to Jeffrey that she's hated him but missed him. He doesn't want to talk about this. She admits that she blackmailed Reva about Jonathan and tried to use it to get him away from her. None of this makes any sense; she just needed to yell at him and cry with him. She thought that she needed him to heal but Reva took him away and this just hurt her all over again. Now she knows that she doesn't need him; he's just a screw up like everyone else. From now on, she'll heal herself, she says. After kissing him, she says: 'I forgive you because I have to.'

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