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    Guiding Light CAST - Dylan Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dylan Lewis Played by Brian Gaskill on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brian Gaskill

    Birthday: 1970-01-22
    Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
    Marital Status: Married to Tonya Watts
    Real Name: Brian Gaskill
    Height: 6'


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    Why Are You Here?

    Monday, February 23 2009

    Back in the chapel, Natalia is calming Olivia. She worries what will happen if she doesn't keep her self-control. Olivia is sure that Phillip will use their relationship against her to get custody of Emma. Nat offers to make it clear to him that there is nothing between them. Olivia is awkward and asks Nat if she is just telling people what they want to hear. "I don't need your help," Olivia says, defensively.

    Queen of the Safety Net

    Wednesday, January 16 2008

    Arriving at Cedars, she drifts around aimlessly when Dylan suddenly runs out and starts telling her all about Daisy just being born. She stops him— he's gratuitously re-writing history. Daisy wasn't born in a hospital and they weren't excited parents, she reminds him. Suddenly, the conversations jump ahead to the end of their relationship and they start arguing. "Think about what you missed out on because you played it safe," he says. Seeing a shadowy figure in the distance, she runs after him. Confronting the figure on Main Street, she's shocked to find that it's Buzz. They sit down and he begins apologizing for abandoning her and Frank when they were children. She tells him that she's glad she had to grow up early because it made her strong and not prone to false hope. "Sometimes false hope is better than no hope at all," he tells her.

    Later, a drowsy Harley sits in her car and tries to get it started. She falls asleep and imagines walking into Company and seeing all the men from her dream. They congratulate her on putting on the breaks with Cyrus. Once again she prevented herself from making a difficult choice and becoming an adult. She played it safe once again. She tells them all to stop, but they begin toasting to the "queen of the safety net". She starts to yell. She doesn't want to be rational and safe anymore; she can't walk away from something that could be great just because she's afraid of hurting other people and breaking up her family. That is no way to live. Things are already over between Cyrus and Marina and she isn't helping them by trying to keep them together, she tells herself. "I was an idiot!" she screams. She should never have pushed Cyrus away. Suddenly, Harley wakes up as a cop bangs on her window. Harley gets out and tells her that she isn't going to spend the rest of her life being afraid of someone she hasn't even seen in years. It's time for her to go home. She climbs in the car and it magically starts up. She smiles and drives off.

    Who Has Got the Button?

    Monday, January 07 2008

    At Cedars, Lizzie sits at Bill's bedside. Since he can't move, she decides to use this time to get some things off her chest. He assumes she must enjoy seeing him in pain after all the hurt he's caused her. She apologizes for locking him out of his room and blames herself for his accident. As she touches his hand, tears fill her eyes. She walks out into the corridor, anxious to get Billy there to see his son. She explains what's happened to Josh, Reva and Vanessa until Billy and Dinah appear. Billy takes her aside and asks her if the police have gotten involved yet; Bill's made a lot of enemies lately, he hints. Dylan arrives and gets an update on what's going on. Later, Billy goes to his son's side. He warned him not to step on people's toes the way he has. "I'm mad... but I will be here for you," he promises.

    Dylan follows Dinah outside for some air. She almost collapses and he catches her. She tells him that when she almost died, she realized that she couldn't handle anything in her life. It was enough to make her wish she had died. "I'm sorry," he offers. Mallet arrives and asks them if everything is alright. Dylan explains what's going on but says that Dinah is being a "rock". Mallet walks away and Dinah thanks Dylan for helping cover for her. Down the hall, Mallet finds Reva and tells her that he has a court order allowing him to search all of her possessions. She tells him to search away and hands him her purse. He quickly finds Edmund's buttons.

    Part of Your Inheritance

    Thursday, December 27 2007

    As Dylan leaves the rehab clinic, Dinah catches him and pretends to be woozy so that he can hold her up. She starts to tell him how hard things are for her and how she wishes she had someone to help her, but she's all alone and no one cares about her. Later, she flips through the rehab book again and Billy reappears. He promises her that working through "the steps" will make her feel better. Meanwhile, Bill returns to Lizzie's door with another bunch of flowers. He tells her that he only fired her because he was scared of how he feels about her. At first, he came back to town only for revenge, but now he can't get her out of his mind. She has no reason to trust him and tells him that there is no way she will fall for this routine again. After slamming the door in his face, she smiles and giddily tells Roxie that she is all that Bill can think about. The dog seems unimpressed.

    Inner Monologue

    Wednesday, December 26 2007

    After a huff, Lizzie goes to see Billy in rehab. They start arguing about whether the smell of jasmine or lilac makes you more relaxed. Unable to avoid recent events anymore, he reminds her that they have TV there and he knows what is going on outside. She tells him that she had to act immediately and couldn't wait for him to get out of rehab. He's easily convinced and they plot their new strategy. Billy signs his power of attorney over to Dylan. Lizzie and Dylan promptly head over to Towers to interrupt Bill's meeting with a client. Lizzie rubs Dylan's appointment in Bill's face. Dylan and Bill begin arguing while Lizzie drifts off, wondering why she can't be loved and why she dresses for work to look both cute and tough and...once she finishes rambling in her mind, Bill tells her that she's only made everything worse. As he walks off with a sneer, she tells Dylan that she's been humiliated and hurt. As she slips up, Dylan tries to figure out what's going on.

    We're Just Close

    Tuesday, November 20 2007

    Dylan arrives at Harley's and starts knocking on the door and calling in. Daisy finally hears him over the music and lets him in. She starts reading him her speech for a pep rally. He stares at her, happy to see that she's back to being a good girl. 'You're incredible,' he smiles as she tells him all about the shoe drive. She felt like she had to do something that means something; she can't let one choice define her life. The abortion changed Rafe and she doesn't know how to get him back. Later, Daisy runs into Beth in the elevator at Towers. Beth says that Jim would miss Daisy so much, he'd be so happy to see her now. She starts talking about babies and the elevator stops. The baby starts to kick and, as time goes on, they become anxious. Daisy tries the emergency phone. Beth slumps and falls onto the floor. Daisy sits down beside her and Beth asks her if she wants to feel the baby kicking. That makes Daisy uncomfortable. She asks Beth about what it's like to be pregnant. Beth says that everything feels very settled with Rick. The emergency phone rings to see if they are still there. Beth is getting hot and breathing deep. She calls Alan by accident and tells him what's happening. He jumps up to run over. Daisy asks her why she called Alan. Beth doesn't know. They talk about Daisy's father for a moment until Alan starts calling. He pries the door open and pulls Beth out. He puts his arm around her and tells her how worried he is. When he offers to take her to Cedars, she says that Rick can check her out at home. She thanks him and rushes away. Daisy goes up to Dylan's room at the Beacon and sits in the dark alone.


    Wednesday, October 17 2007

    Reva and Daisy go over to Company. Before entering, Daisy wishes that she could rewind her life and go back to when she was four. Reva offers to go in first and 'warm up the audience' and leaves Daisy to play with her miniature ballerina. Inside, Reva meets with Buzz, Dylan and Harley. Before she can say anything, Natalia walks in and says she's looking for take-out; she wants to surprise Rafe. 'I wouldn't worry about that,' Reva says before going out to bring Daisy in. The girl is gone though and everyone flies into instant panic. Harley demands to know what's going on and Dylan finally tells her that their daughter is pregnant. She's shocked and Natalia's angry that Rafe hasn't been told. Buzz tries to calm everyone down as Reva informs them that Daisy chose to end the pregnancy. Harley holds back the tears; how could her daughter make a decision like this without telling her? Natalia is outraged; she knows in her heart, and according to the church, that what Daisy did was wrong. What she did was wrong and— Harley cuts off her rant and starts laying into her and Reva yells at them to leave their personal baggage at the door.

    After Natalia storms away, Harley tracks her down. She wants to talk but Natalia thinks it's too late. Natalia accuses Harley of never teaching her daughter what family is. As they argue, her family intervenes and Natalia walks away. Harley starts demanding to see her daughter immediately but Reva refuses to let that happen until she calms down. 'Congratulations Reva! You finally found a way to take my daughter away!' Harley shouts, accusing Reva of taking advantage of Daisy like she was her own child. Reva says that she was only doing that because Harley was busy doing her job and left daughter with no one. Harley begins yelling, demanding that she stay out of her daughter's life with her 'cool granny' routine and her desperate need to be loved. 'Daisy needed someone to help her. I took her in...and tried to help her,' she shouts back. Dylan comes back to the conversation, confessing that he feels like he pushed Daisy into this; he wishes he'd done more to help her. 'None of us did. Not enough,' Buzz summarizes as Harley walks out. After slamming the door, she takes a moment before calling Cyrus and telling him what happened. She doesn't even understand why she's telling him this and hangs up.

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