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    Guiding Light CAST - Dylan Lewis

    Full detailed profile on Dylan Lewis Played by Brian Gaskill on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brian Gaskill
    Dylan Lewis

    Actor: Brian Gaskill

    Who played Dylan Lewis over the years

    Brian Gaskill (2006 - present)
    Morgan Englund (1989-2006)

    Useful information on Dylan Lewis

    * Currently divorcing his wife Bridget Reardon.
    * In prison for armed robbery.
    * Accused of abducting his daughter.


    Current: Construction foreman
    Past: Lewis Construction employee


    Dylan is the illegitimate offspring of a young Reva and Billy. He ran around with Harley as a young man before leaving her pregnant while he was sent to jail for bank robbery. She never told him about the pregnancy and gave the child (Susan/Daisy) away for adoption before moving on with Alan-Michael. When he was released from prison, he and Harley tracked Daisy down but decided that she was better off with her adoptive parents. While his reappearance complicated Harley�s failing marriage with Alan-Michael, he left her side to be with his under-aged lover Samantha Marler. A mentally unbalanced Reva helped them elope before almost killing them when she drove off a bridge. While he mourned his mother�s supposed death, he tried to move on with a paralyzed Samantha, but she pushed him away. He then went through a string of women and shady business deals before being blinded in a car accident. His sight returned over time and he married Bridget Reardon and moved away. That marriage has since fallen apart. He has now returned to Springfield to help Harley with their daughter.


    Harley Cooper (lovers)
    Samantha Marler (engaged)
    Julie Cameletti (engaged)
    Eleni Andros (dated)


    Mark Cody (adopted father - deceased)
    Carol Cody (adopted mother - deceased)
    Harlan "Billy" Lewis II (father)
    Reva Shayne Lewis (mother)
    Mindy Lewis (half-sister)
    Bill Lewis (half-brother)
    Marah Lewis (half-sister & cousin)
    Shayne Lewis (half-brother & cousin)
    Jonathan "JB" Randall(half-brother)
    Harlan Billy "H.B." Lewis I (paternal grandfather - deceased)
    Martha Lewis (paternal adopted grandmother - deceased)
    Sally Gleason (paternal biological grandmother - deceased)
    Hawk Shayne (maternal grandfather)
    Sarah Shayne (maternal grandmother - deceased)
    William Lewis (paternal great-grandfather - deceased)
    Emma Spencer Lewis (adopted niece)
    Sarah Randall (niece)
    Joshua Lewis(uncle & stepfather)
    Kyle Sampson (Uncle)
    Trish Lewis (aunt)
    Rusty Shayne (uncle)
    Roxie Shayne (aunt)
    Cassandra "Cassie" Winslow (aunt)
    Tammy Winslow (cousin - deceased)
    Benjamin Reade (Cousin - deceased)
    Roger Joshua Winslow (cousin)
    William Winslow (cousin)
    June O'Neal (great aunt - deceased)
    Matt Reardon (brother-in-law)


    Susan 'Daisy' Lemay (with Harley)
    Peter Lewis Reardon (stepson)


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    Monday, February 23 2009: Why Are You Here?

    Back in the chapel, Natalia is calming Olivia. She worries what will happen if she doesn't keep her self-control. Olivia is sure that Phillip will use their relationship against her to get custody of Emma. Nat offers to make it clear to him that there is nothing between them. Olivia is awkward and asks Nat if she is just telling people what they want to hear. "I don't need your help," Olivia says, defensively.

    Wednesday, January 16 2008: Queen of the Safety Net

    Arriving at Cedars, she drifts around aimlessly when Dylan suddenly runs out and starts telling her all about Daisy just being born. She stops him— he's gratuitously re-writing history. Daisy wasn't born in a hospital and they weren't excited parents, she reminds him. Suddenly, the conversations jump ahead to the end of their relationship and they start arguing. "Think about what you missed out on because you played it safe," he says. Seeing a shadowy figure in the distance, she runs after him. Confronting the figure on Main Street, she's shocked to find that it's Buzz. They sit down and he begins apologizing for abandoning her and Frank when they were children. She tells him that she's glad she had to grow up early because it made her strong and not prone to false hope. "Sometimes false hope is better than no hope at all," he tells her.

    Later, a drowsy Harley sits in her car and tries to get it started. She falls asleep and imagines walking into Company and seeing all the men from her dream. They congratulate her on putting on the breaks with Cyrus. Once again she prevented herself from making a difficult choice and becoming an adult. She played it safe once again. She tells them all to stop, but they begin toasting to the "queen of the safety net". She starts to yell. She doesn't want to be rational and safe anymore; she can't walk away from something that could be great just because she's afraid of hurting other people and breaking up her family. That is no way to live. Things are already over between Cyrus and Marina and she isn't helping them by trying to keep them together, she tells herself. "I was an idiot!" she screams. She should never have pushed Cyrus away. Suddenly, Harley wakes up as a cop bangs on her window. Harley gets out and tells her that she isn't going to spend the rest of her life being afraid of someone she hasn't even seen in years. It's time for her to go home. She climbs in the car and it magically starts up. She smiles and drives off.

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