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    Guiding Light CAST - Susan 'Daisy' Lemay - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Susan 'Daisy' Lemay Played by Bonnie Dennison on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bonnie Dennison

    Birthday: 89-2-15
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Bonnie Dennison


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    I'm Not A Saint.

    Wednesday, May 27 2009

    Daisy goes into Company with a bunch of art supplies. They talk about all of her failed plans and she explains that it's James who is the artist. Buzz starts laughing, hugs her and tells her he loves her.

    Maybe I Can Help?

    Tuesday, May 26 2009

    Daisy sits outside of Company and looks at the picture James drew of her. When she tries to slip away, Blake corners her and quizzes her about the boy in her life. Daisy insists that they aren't together.

    James arrives at Towers. His parents are waiting for him. "This can't be good," he says. His mother confronts him about what he did. James wonders if prison is better than dealing with his family. Phillip wants to help. James defends himself and claims that he never meant to hurt anyone but things got out of control. He doesn't want to listen to lectures from his father after everything that he did. Phillip admits that he hasn't been much of a father but he wants that to change. He's having a loan wired from China to pay off the debt. Everyone should be spared if this works out. James seems moved. Daisy walks in and watches them from across the room. James calls her over and tells her that he's not going to prison. She's happy; she's been there visiting enough times already. Daisy brings up his drawing and shows it to Beth. James is mortified but his parents are happy. Phillip leaves to take a call from the bank. There's a problem and the money hasn't been transferred. He tells his family that everything is fine and then asks Beth to leave with him. James asks Daisy to come over to his place so he can draw her. She tells him it was weird to see him with his parents. He's starting to think that his father may come through for him.

    Daisy and James go back to his place. He tries to get her to pose for him. They flirt and leave to go swimming.

    I'm Crying For Our Baby Too.

    Thursday, May 21 2009

    Phillip calls his son to attempt to reassure him. James and Daisy are busy at The Beacon dressed as business people to fool an investor. When the investor, Mr. Newton, arrives, he's impatient while he waits and threatens to walk away. James explains that he is not just some college kid, he's James Spaulding. He spins a story but Newton still wants to talk to Bill. James tries to talk him into an investment but it falls apart and Newton storms out. "This is not good," James concludes. Daisy rants at him for using Bill's name. She threatens to tell Bill. James promises to fix things.

    Phillip rushes over to The Beacon. He runs into a distraught Daisy and she points him to his son. When he catches up with James, he guesses that he has already been scamming for money. He yells at him and tells him to stop doing this so that he can actually help him. Phillip laughs about James selling the car and accuses his son of being exactly what he doesn't want to be – a Spaulding. James doesn't want his fake concern; he knows that Lizzie was the first and has always received all of the attention while he's been invisible. Phillip promises that he will think of a way to help.

    Daisy and Ashlee are at Company. Daisy complains about how spoiled and oblivious James is. Ashlee is sure that she still likes him. Daisy shows her the picture he drew of her. She goes outside and sits on the stairs. James arrives and thanks her for not telling Bill anything. He offers to try and control his scheming.

    Olivia Got Drunk And Fell On Your Grave.

    Wednesday, May 20 2009

    Daisy and James are by the water skipping rocks. He's tired of running away without going anywhere. She asks 'Richie Rich' if he's changed his mind. They sit in the park and he begins sketching. She mocks his drawing. He teasingly tells her that he only draws nudes and asks her to take her clothes off. Daisy wonders what his escape plans were and asks him if they would have been in danger. He shows her the picture he drew instead of explaining. They wander to the mansion and she asks him again what he did. She lists her crimes and asks to hear his. He tells her about his ponzi scheme and how it has gone wrong since the market fell. His father promised to help him, but he seems too busy with Lizzie. "So you're a white collar gangster?" she asks. He just wanted a way to run away from his family. She suggests he come up with a new scam and jokingly offers her the change in her car. He gets an idea. They walk down to the garage and he shows her Alan's vintage car. He's sure that if he can sell it, he could buy his way out of trouble.

    James sells Alan's car. Daisy's impressed. He explains that he will be using this to patch things up and keep his scheme up and running. She wants to help him, not for money, but just to help him. He kisses her.

    Bond With James.

    Thursday, May 14 2009

    At Company, Daisy is trying to plan the new menu with her grandfather. Buzz senses she has something on her mind. He begins teasing her about James. "I'm not the kind of girl he usually likes," she says. He likes her because his family doesn't. Besides, she finds him kind of boring. "Should I be protecting James Spaulding from you?" he jokes. James calls. He asks her why she changed her name from Susan. He's never had a nickname and wonders if he should change his name. When she asks him what he's trying to cover up, he covers that up and hangs up. Buzz continues teasing his granddaughter. She complains about how often the Coopers and the Spauldings get together and how it never works out. Buzz tells her to go with her gut. "I like him, but I do not like his family," she says.

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