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    Guiding Light CAST - Susan 'Daisy' Lemay - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Susan 'Daisy' Lemay Played by Bonnie Dennison on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bonnie Dennison

    Birthday: 89-2-15
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Bonnie Dennison


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    Cutting a Deal

    Friday, February 02 2007

    At Cedars, Doris arrives to see Gillespie. He asks her if she’s there to give him his sponge bath. She doesn’t feel like joking. He’s in a lot of trouble unless he does exactly what she says. Within half an hour, he’s signed a confession. Doris gets Alan and Gillespie will be a free man. After Doris leaves, Daisy arrives and begins begging him to get out of town. He’s not in a hurry now though; he just did a deal. She doesn’t care. She just doesn’t want Harley to find out about them and spoil her adoption hearing. At that moment, Harley begins walking down the hallway to the room.

    The Funeral

    Wednesday, January 31 2007

    Daisy doesn’t want to go to the funeral, but Gus says that she owes, at least this, to her cousin. Harley arrives, talking about how she hasn’t been able to get anything on Gillespie. When they arrive at the church, Daisy rushes to her grandmother. Harley never realized how much she missed her daughter before. She begins talking about how she will make Alan pay for what he’s done when Frank interrupts her. He’s already had to defuse Remy and he doesn’t want to have to do this to them as well. They move away and Rick asks Frank if Alan knows that he’s a suspect. Frank tells him that they have nothing on Alan.

    Avoiding Disaster

    Tuesday, January 30 2007

    While Gus looks after Daisy, he calls Harley to check in. When she tells him that she’s on her way to see Gillespie, he starts to panic. He tells her that she shouldn’t be dealing with this it’s Mallet’s case and that she should be with Cassie now and that she should be working on the adoption and.... but Harley just wants to see the man who killed her best friend’s daughter. Once he hangs up, Daisy starts accusing Gus of ratting him out to her mother, but he says that he’s the only friend she has now. Daisy thinks that’s only so that she’ll say good things at the adoption hearing. There’s more to it than that. He only hopes that Gillespie has been beaten up enough that he won’t be able to tell Harley anything. Right now they have to get rid of all evidence that Gillespie was ever involved in her life. Bored and frustrated, Daisy just wants to have a smoke, but she isn’t getting any sympathy from Gus. He tells her that the drug counsellor will be coming and then walks out. As soon as he’s gone, she pulls a packet of cigarettes from under the bed, pops one in her mouth, grabs her bag and climbs out the balcony. Later, while Gus goes to CO2, he spots the drug counsellor and asks her how the meeting went. She tells him that Daisy wasn’t there.

    Harley walks into Gillespie’s room. He’s wired up and almost inaudible. As she begins interrogating him, he continues to insist that it was only an accident and begins asking for a lawyer. Harley won’t let up, she wants to know if Alan was involved. She tells him that Alan only ever looks out for himself and will throw him to the wolves if it’s in his interests. Gillespie refuses to say anything. That’s fine with her, she can get him for the drugs they found. He tells her that they aren’t his, they’re his girlfriends. She starts demanding a name while he begs for a doctor. Finally, the doctor interrupts and tells her that he needs to rest. Harley stays by the bed as Daisy walks into the hospital. She asks a doctor where Gillespie’s room is and then makes her way over. As she tries to open the door, Harley tries to open it from the other side. They pull back and forth until the door opens and they’re shocked to see each other. Harley tries to break the news about Tammy to her daughter, but it’s obvious that she already knows and Daisy talks her way out of everything. Gus calls Daisy’s phone and Harley answers it. He panics when he hears her voice, but it soon becomes clear that she has no idea what’s going on. Gillespie didn’t tell her anything. All that she could find out was that he had a ‘skanky druggy girlfriend.’ Anyway, she’s going to take her daughter out for some fresh air and Gus can come look after Gillespie. As mother and daughter go out for coffee and Daisy regales her with a stream of fictional stories from her life, Gus arrives at the hospital to tell Gillespie that bad things will happen to him if he implicates Daisy.


    Friday, January 26 2007

    At home, a contemplative Alan receives a note and then places a call to Gillespie. He angrily informs him that the girl is dead, but Gillespie doesn’t seem bothered and simply asks if he should finish the job. Alan says no, he just wants him to get out of town. Gillespie tells him that he’s already gone and hangs up before turning and knocking on Daisy’s door. She answers and he walks in, telling her that her cousin will make a full recovery. This makes it the perfect time to take off. Daisy doesn’t think that she can go now, not when Gus has put there. He reminds her that they committed a crime; they have to go now. He walks to the door and she tells him that she has to pack. He nervously tells her that there is no time for that. Suddenly, Gus knocks on the door. Gillespie hides in the other room as he comes in. He tells her flatly that Tammy didn’t make it, ‘you’re boyfriend killed her.’ She doesn’t believe him, but Gus isn’t in the mood to argue. He’s only doing this for her mother and the baby and he won’t make any promises. Hearing a noise, he searches around before tossing her a jacket and taking her out. He brings her back to the house and tells her that ‘everyone needs a reason to clean up their act’ before placing Sydney in her arms. Then, he takes her back to her room where she will be left alone with nothing so that she can think about what she’s doing. If her boyfriend calls her, she better call Gus right away.

    Maybe We'll Send Flowers

    Tuesday, January 23 2007

    Gus brings Daisy breakfast in her room. She asks him if he’s turned her in to Harley yet. He hasn’t. He may not be her father, but he’s the closest thing she’s got and he’s going to do what’s best for her. Harley calls him and tells him that she misses him. He tells her about the accident and she rushes to the hospital to see Cassie. Overhearing the conversation, Daisy realizes that it was her cousin that they hit. Gus wants to know everything that she knows about her boyfriend. She’s reluctant to say anything. He reminds her that, if he hadn’t found her at the scene, she’d be going down for this. She will try and remember, but she really doesn’t know anything about him. It was all an accident, she insists, they were just stoned. Gus won’t listen to any drug related excuses; he’s heard them all before and made most of them himself. After cataloguing all of the things he did as an addict, he tells her that he had to quit, or he’d lose everything. He asks for information again, but she won’t give any up. She is just trying to protect herself. He leaves to run an errand and she calls Gillespie.

    Gillespie arrives in Daisy’s room. She tells him that her step-father is keeping her there, but she hasn’t told him anything. He tells her to get her things together; he’s got enough money to get them far away. Sheepishly, she asks him if it was really an accident. He stares down at her and tells her that they didn’t see anyone and they were high. It’s a shame her cousin isn’t doing well... maybe they’ll send her flowers. It hurts his feelings that she thinks he would do harm. Gus knocks on the door and Daisy ushers Gillespie out to the fire escape. Gus comes in. He’s brought her clothes. She’s going to be locked up in there to sober up– she’s his daughter now. He tries to take all of her drugs away from her and then leaves.

    Lizzie goes to the church to pray while Daisy pops more pills that she’s hidden. Gus arrives at the hospital. Harley is sad that Susan is not returning and Gus goes to Cassie to pay his respects. Meanwhile, in Tammy’s room, Jonathan continues to promise her that he will make Alan pay. He stops himself because he’s sounding like a Spaulding. He doesn’t want revenge; he just wants her back. Her eyes start to open.

    Tammy's Accident

    Monday, January 22 2007

    Gus is searching the area when he comes upon a crashed car. As he begins searching it, he discovers Daisy sleeping in the backseat. He helps her out of the car and realizes that she’s stoned. He tells her that the car hit someone. She can’t believe it; she thought it was a deer. Her boyfriend was driving the car. Gus starts to search again and finds his stolen gun in the glove compartment. Daisy claims not to know anything about it. They hear Frank coming, so Gus hides her in the backseat. Gus tells Frank that the perp is nowhere to be found. Frank scans the scene and leaves before Gus takes Daisy back to the Beacon. He wants her to sober up before anyone sees her. She thanks him for not ratting her out to Frank, but he’s not sure that he’s going to cover for her.

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