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    Guiding Light CAST - Susan 'Daisy' Lemay - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Susan 'Daisy' Lemay Played by Bonnie Dennison on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bonnie Dennison

    Birthday: 89-2-15
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Bonnie Dennison


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    Tuesday, July 21 2009

    James is with Daisy at the minimart. He tells her all about his camping trip until Lillian bustles in and asks him what happened. He explains that he took the car and left his father and grandfather. "How could you be so stupid?" she asks, berating him and telling him that life is short.

    When Frank gets to Company, Cyrus has been arrested. Frank tells Blake to leave while Buzz demands some answers. The agents begin searching the place. "How could you do this again?" Marina asks Cyrus. Daisy and James walk in as Cyrus tells the agents that the diamonds are in his pocket. When they take them, they grab his note listing his gifts as well. The Federal agent says that everything bought with the stolen goods will have to be repossessed. They take Daisy's check and tell Cyrus he'll be going away for a very long time. After the agents leave, Marina gloats about how it was Buzz's idea to give Cyrus a second chance.

    Daisy goes to see Cyrus in the cells and asks him why he hates her family so much. He says he was trying to pay them back and doesn't usually get caught. She says that they are worse off now than ever before and he needs to stay away from them. She goes into the courtroom and runs into Remy. When she complains about Cyrus, Remy makes excuses for him but she's unconvinced.

    The Son I Was Meant To Have.

    Monday, July 20 2009

    Remy goes into Company and grabs Cyrus. He tells him that the Feds are looking for the diamonds that went missing. Buzz comes out and begins talking about how wonderful his new stove is. Daisy wonders who sent the stove and suggests it must have been the same person who sent her a check for college. "I have a feeling that person knows they did something great," Remy says, looking at Cyrus. She talks to Cyrus about the check and how she never got to cash it.

    We're The Lucky Ones.

    Friday, July 17 2009

    In North Carolina, Daisy brings Colin to Reva and tells her that she'll be there for her. Reva clings to her baby and cries on Daisy's shoulder. Daisy doesn't know what to say. "There's nothing for anyone to say," Reva says. While they cry, Josh asks the coastguard to do whatever they can to give Reva closure. Reva walks off with her baby and sits alone. She tells Colin how confusing this is and wishes she had made videos of him with his daddy. She was only happy because of Jeffrey and now he's gone.

    Daisy makes a cross out of stones on the ground. She and Josh have been calling the family. Reva tells them she's ready to go home. She wants her son to sleep in the home he shared with Jeffrey. Josh kneels and says a prayer.

    Dinah and Shayne are waiting at Cross Creek. Reva, Josh and Daisy arrive. No one's sure what to do. Dinah hugs Reva while Shayne brings the luggage in. Reva stops at the doorway and can't go in. She wants to be alone and asks them all to go. The family walks to the car. It's hard but Josh says they should keep their distance but stay close. He'll stick around to lurk and keep an eye on things.

    Jeffrey's Gone.

    Thursday, July 16 2009

    James calls Daisy and she tells him about how hard it is to take the baby down there knowing that he may never see his father again. "Yeah, that's tough," James says. He goes into Company and orders some raw hamburgers on ice. He tells Buzz that he's going camping.

    Josh and Reva rush out to see the coastguard at the search site. He tells them that they have found some wreckage in the water. There are divers in the water right now. "Jeffrey's not in that plane!" she insists. She gets a call. Daisy has flown in with Henry. Reva wanted the baby here so Jeffrey could see him right away. A cop brings a witness over. He tells them that he saw a man come out of the water. Reva's sure that means Jeffrey is still alive. A call comes in explaining that the plane matches Jeffrey's and they've found a body inside. "It's not him!" she repeats. Josh and the leader of the shoot calm her and tell her that they've only seen a leg so far. She demands that the plane be brought up. Leaping into her van, she says that she has to listen to her heart and search for her husband. Josh grabs her keys away. "Jeffrey's gone," he says. She's still in denial. "He knew. That's why he called to say goodbye," he tells her. She's crushed. Daisy arrives with Colin. Reva hugs them, and cries.

    The Morning After.

    Tuesday, July 14 2009

    At Company, Daisy berates her hung over grandfather for spending the whole wedding making out with Lillian. She'll probably need therapy now. They talk about Jeffrey. Buzz is pretty sure he's dead. He advises her to take whatever life has to offer her. Shayne, Dinah, Marina, Cyrus and Mel all file in for coffee. They hand out rice as they spot Christian and Remy walking in. As the couple is pelted with rice, they ask what's going on. "You two were married last night," Cyrus explains.

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