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    Guiding Light CAST - Susan 'Daisy' Lemay

    Full detailed profile on Susan 'Daisy' Lemay Played by Bonnie Dennison on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Bonnie Dennison
    Susan 'Daisy' Lemay

    Actor: Bonnie Dennison

    Who played Susan 'Daisy' Lemay over the years

    Bonnie Dennison (January 2007)
    Brittany Snow (December 1998 - May 2001)
    Brittany Slattery (August 1989 - April 1994)

    Useful information on Susan 'Daisy' Lemay

    * Born on screen in September 1987.
    * Frequent runaway.
    * Diagnosed with a rare form of diabetes which almost killed her.
    * Tried to break up Gus and Harley's marraige by bringing Natalia to town.
    * Drugged Gus.


    Current: Student
    Past: Waitress at Petulia's (formerly Company)


    A young Harley was incapable of looking after Susan when she was born, so she gave her up for adoption. In early adolescence, her adoptive mother died and she ran away to Springfield to find Harley. Quickly, she settled into life with Harley and Phillip, but plotted all the time to unite Harley with her adoptive father Jim. This plan failed, but it brought Jim to Springfield where he began dating Beth. Susan's conflicts with Beth ended with her being sent away to camp for discipline. When she returned, she went to San Cristobel for a family get-together, almost dying in a plane crash on return. Luckily, she and Harley were helped to safety by Jim. It later came out that Beth was pregnant with Phillip's son. This deception among her parents strained their credibility for her. She began to act up, getting involved in bootlegging CDs and other misdemeanors. After her father died saving her best friend Lizzie and baby James in a fire, she became increasingly distant from Harley and gravitated more to the Spauldings. She was then sent away to a boarding school for the performing arts, at which she got involved in bar hopping and dating much older men. She's returned to town with the highly dangerous Gillespie to wreak revenge on her mother. After Gillespie killed her cousin ina hit-and-run, Gus discovered her in the back of a car and locked her up in Towers to sober up. She fell apart giving testimony at Gus and Harley's adoption hearing and confessed to her misdeeds.

    While Gus tried to look out for her, she started to fall for him, causing friction in the family. As she acted up and continued to rebel against her mother, Gus tended to stand up for her. This ended when she confessed her feelings for him, drugged him and almost killed him in a fire. Seeing that she was out of control, her mother decided it would be best if she was sent away to juvenile detention. Once there, she befriended Ashlee and met Rafe, with whom she started a relationship. At Gus and Dylan's prompting, she started to reconcile with her mother and was soon released. When she moved back home she was soon shocked to find Rafe on her doorstep, as her step-brother. They resumed their relationship, despite everyone's objections. When she lost her virginity to him, she became pregnant and quickly had an abortion. News of this shocked her family and ruined her relationship with Rafe.




    Max Nickerson (dated)
    Gillespie (lovers)
    Rafael "Rafe" Rivera(lovers)


    Jim Lemay (adoptive Father - deceased)
    Connie Lemay (maiden name unknown - deceased)
    Dylan Shayne Lewis (biological father)
    Harley_Davidson_Cooper_Aitoro (biological mother)
    Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding (half-brother)
    Jude Cooper Bauer (nephew) (half-brother)
    Harlan Billy_Lewis_II Reva_Shayne_Lewis (grandmother)
    Frank_Buzz_Cooper_Sr (grandfather)
    Nadine Cooper (maternal grandmother - deceased)
    Hawk Shayne (paternal great grandfather)
    Sarah Shayne (paternal great grandmother - deceased)
    Dante "Pops" Cooper (maternal great grandfather)
    Marah Lewis (aunt)
    Shayne Lewis (uncle)
    Bill Lewis (uncle)
    Melinda "Mindy" Lewis (aunt)
    Eleni Cooper (aunt)
    Lucille Cooper Spaulding (aunt)
    Henry_Coop_Bradshaw (uncle)
    Ian Stavros "Rocky" Cooper (uncle)
    Russell "Rusty" Shayne (great uncle)
    Joshua_Lewis (great uncle)
    Kyle Sampson (great uncle)
    Cassandra_Cassie_Winslow(great aunt)
    Stavros Kouperakis (great-great uncle)
    Marina_Cooper (cousin)
    Sarah Randall (cousin)
    Ben Reade (first cousin - deceased)
    Tammy_Winslow(first cousin)
    Roger Joshua Winslow (first cousin)
    William Richard Winslow (first cousin)
    Bridget Reardon Lewis (stepmother)
    Gus_Aitoro (stepfather)




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    Friday, September 18 2009: The End.

    In Company, everyone gathers around to go through more baby names. Olivia announces that she, Frank and Nat need to meet with the nursery designer. Frank tells them that he has a date. Everyone teases him. Daisy comes in and announces that she is leaving for Berkley in a couple of hours.

    Remy and Christina call their friends down to the courthouse for a speedy wedding. Doris performs the service. They sign the license and run off to say goodbye to Ashlee and Daisy. Everyone hugs, Doris cries and Daisy tells Marina she'll have to handle being the only Cooper girl. James and Daisy tell each other that they love each other. She and Ashlee jump in the car and drive off.

    Daisy comes back to town and runs into James' arms.

    Thursday, September 17 2009: I'm Going To Miss Him.

    Berkley calls Daisy to inform her that she has been accepted. Classes start on Monday. She's shocked. They give her four hours to think it over. Buzz has eavesdropped on the call. He walks up to her and tells her she should go. She has to talk to James first.

    Daisy and James meet up. She explains that she was offered a place at Berkley. He tells her to take it and promises to come and visit her.

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