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    Guiding Light CAST - Leah Boudreau Bauer (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Leah Boudreau Bauer (Past) Played by Arielle Renwart on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arielle Renwart

    Birthday: unknown
    Birthplace: unkown
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Arielle Renwart


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    Dylan Returns

    Friday, March 02 2007

    Gus takes Daisy downtown and they wait for the other kids to file in. Leah and her clique walk by and sneer at her. Daisy says that things like that don't get to her; what bothers her is when people blame her for Tammy's death. Gus tells her that people care about her, but Daisy doesn't understand. They should blame her for losing Sydney, they should be mad at her. Gus isn't mad, everyone made mistakes and it was unlikely from the beginning. What matters now is that Sydney has a good home and is happy. He starts telling her about his father, the man he thought was his father, and how proud he was of him. After he died, rumors came out that he was dirty cop and the other kids used to beat on him, but Gus found his own friends. She needs to believe in herself, no matter what anybody says about her. He tries to rush her into the dance, but she doesn't want to go in and be a social leper. She'd rather stay with him. Reluctantly, he takes her out for pizza. While they sit and eat, she tells him that none of the guys in her class are her type. He tells her to keep looking and she imagines dancing with him.

    Family Togetherness

    Thursday, October 05 2006

    Mel and Rick are raking the yard. They've also managed to trick Remy into helping out by telling him they are going to play football. Mel slips away for a moment to make a call to the hotel about the room key she found in Rick's jacket. She's interrupted when Leah starts a leaf fight. As they play, Tammy appears and is asked to join in. As they get ready to play touch football, Rick gets his message from Beth but ignores it. They play and Remy tackles Tammy; they touch in a more than friendly way. After the game, Mel takes Remy aside and says that she's worried about him getting involved with Tammy. Remy responds that Jonathan is just a loser and is with Lizzie now so he won't get in the way. Rick then invites everyone, including Tammy, to come out to dinner.

    Meeting in Las Vegas

    Tuesday, October 03 2006

    Remy finds Leah trying to study over coffee. She left the house because, when she's there, she worries too much about her parents. She thinks she's going to get stuck looking after 'clueless' Rick. At Cedars, Rick is surprised to find Mel working the same shift as him and they decide to take it as an opportunity to get closer. At the end of her shift, they take a walk. She tells him that she thinks it's time that she forget about the mistakes that he's made and they move on with healing their marriage. Remy and Leah are a few feet away watching them with giddy expectation. Suddenly, Alan appears and tells Rick that he needs to talk to him 'about my wife.' Worried Rick gets up and tries to shield Alan's inquiries from Mel. Alan assures Rick that he's been monitoring things while he's been away, but Rick insists that he hasn't seen Beth at all. Mel breaks in to point out all the times he's gone up to the mansion. Alan says that he just wants to know if Beth said anything about Lizzie, but Mel breaks in again to tell Alan that it's none of his business and he should leave Lizzie alone. Alan leaves and they sit down for a drink. Rick confesses that he feels as nervous with her now as when they began dating. They reminisce about those days until they start to reflect on how their marriage is nothing like the 'toxic' marriage of Alan and Beth. Mel wonders how Beth could have ended up with Alan; she always thought that Beth would end up with someone more like Rick. They are interrupted by a phone call that Rick leaves to take. When he is gone, Mel writes a love note to put in his coat. When she places it in a pocket however, she finds a key to a hotel room and this fuels her suspicions.

    Making Things Real

    Tuesday, September 26 2006

    Remy has brought Tammy to dinner with his family, but for the moment none of them are anywhere to be seen. She tries to sneak a call to Jonathan. He is in the shower so, when it rings, and Lizzie sees it's Tammy, she doesn't answer it or tell him. Tammy disappointedly puts the phone down and Remy takes it away from her for awhile. She thought he'd be waiting by the phone. Then, Mel and Leah appear and they put Tammy and Remy on salad duty as they prepare the meal together. At meal's end, Tammy confides that she hasn't felt this kind of warmth since Richard was alive. When Remy takes her back to her room, she eagerly checks her e-mail for news from Jonathan, but finds none. Instead, she finds a note from her professor who says that the essay she sent him was so good, he wants to publish it. Excitedly, she leaps from her seat and her lips meet with Remy's. She pulls away and tries to make excuses for what just happened. Remy however, says that he's been thinking about doing that for a long time. Then he points out how well she's doing without Jonathan in her life and how she has a chance to be happy again. He doesn't pressure her about it though, and leaves.

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