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    Guiding Light CAST - Leah Boudreau Bauer (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Leah Boudreau Bauer (Past) Played by Arielle Renwart on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Arielle Renwart

    Birthday: unknown
    Birthplace: unkown
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Arielle Renwart


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    God Bless The Child

    Wednesday, February 13 2008

    At home, Leah and Harley's boys are making decorations for the baptism. Rick comes in, excited about everything. Lillian runs around, giving Rick a peck before Beth walks in with the baby in her arms. They all crowd around the baby and remark on how she doesn't look anything like Rick. After smirking, Rick walks away to make a call. Lillian takes her daughter aside. Beth worries about why Alan hasn't called her since she left the island. When the phone starts ringing, everyone is still and silent. No one answers. They all think it could be Alan. Rick tells Beth that he understands her feelings for Alan; she can't throw away the history she had with him. He's okay with that though because he knows he'll spend the rest of his life making her and the baby happy. Leah asks them what the baby will be called. Rick wants to name her Bert after his grandmother Bertha. This makes everyone cringe so Leah suggests "Bernadette".


    Wednesday, July 18 2007

    Inside Company, Lizzie tells her mother that Josh gave her a good idea. She's planned out a baby shower for her mother. This way, she can be a good sister. Leah isn't impressed: The only thing that Lizzie is good for is shopping. Staying honest, she turns and tells Beth that she wishes that she had stayed out of her father's life and not ruined his marriage. Beth is selfish and the only thing she is capable of giving is sex. Lizzie tries to defend her mother by saying that sex is an expression of love. 'So you're mother's been spreading love all over town?' Leah taunts her. Things escalate until Lizzie starts throwing food at Leah and they begin yelling at each other. Josh runs in and tries to break it up.

    The Bauer Barbeque

    Wednesday, July 04 2007

    Frank appears on television to announce that there has been a gas leak at 1713 Coventry Road and the area will have to be evacuated. That just happens to be where the Bauer's live. Buzz is upset, but Rick soon calms his worries by saying that the BBQ will go on. Toasting to Buzz for all his help, he hopes that people will go home remembering his burgers as much as they remember Buzz's. On Main Street, Rick tries to excite Leah, Beth and the boys as they prepare the festivities. Beth wanders off to take care of some details and Leah takes the opportunity to let her father know that she isn't thrilled to have Beth hanging around. She hopes that her and Rick having a baby doesn't mean that Beth will become a permanent part of their lives.

    They grab some flowers and begin. Josh makes it clear that this is a less than legal ceremony but no one cares: It's a party to celebrate the start of the Nation and the start of a marriage. They can look back on their history as a country just as Rick and Beth look back on their history as a couple. Rick tells her that what he's loved in his life has always been her and always will be. Beth tells him that she's been saved from many things in her life, but today, Rick saved her from herself. He has always been there for her and loved her when she didn't even deserve it. 'I love you Rick Bauer,' she declares. Since they don't have rings, Josh pronounces them 'sort of' married and they kiss. Everyone claps and fireworks go off. Lillian and Leah congratulate them and Beth asks her mother to move in with them.

    You're Smothering Me

    Friday, June 08 2007

    At Company, Leah is showing off the new phone that Rick bought her. She wonders where her new little sister is going to live. Mel says that depends on what happens between Beth and Alan. Leah thinks that they should do something special for Father's Day and begs her parents to let her borrow a credit card to buy her father some decent clothes. As she giddily strolls off with card in hand, Mel tells Rick to stop spoiling their daughter. She asks about Beth. There is nothing between he and Beth, Rick asserts; the real problem is Alan. Mel is sure that he can win against Alan if he fights dirty. 'Are you prepared to fight dirty Rick?' Alan asks, barging in on the conversation. 'You impregnate my wife and then I find you sitting down with the woman whose heart you broke,' Alan taunts as he sits down across from them. Mel defends herself; she and Rick will always be together for their daughter. Alan continues to taunt Rick and his various bastard children. Mel won't let Rick to rise to this and takes him away. Reva walks in and Mel warns her about the 'stink' in there as they walk out. Walking over to Alan's table, Reva pours his coffee onto his lap and begins loudly attacking him for writing a check to the cancer society that bounced. He can't understand and she doesn't stick around to explain, taking a quick bow and flying out the door.

    On Main Street, Leah runs into Beth and tells her that she had better let her father see his baby. Beth claims that she wouldn't try and keep them apart and tries to explain herself. Leah doesn't need any explanations; she knows that Beth wants Alan for his money and Rick for ...other things. No matter how hard she tries, she'll never be as good a parent as Rick is though. When Beth goes home, Alan tracks her down; he's been following her. Beth is starting to feel like a prisoner. Alan's sorry that she feels 'smothered', but he only wants what's best for her. She reiterates that she needs space, she even thought of taking up painting again, but that would require him giving her time to herself. 'You're frustrated with Elisabeth and your taking it out on me,' Alan surmises, incorrectly. Beth shakes her head. Alan discovers her packed bag and asks her what's going on. She explains that she is going to visit Mindy in Paris. Alan assumes that Lizzie was supposed to drive her but thought better of it and brought her and the baby home to him. He hugs her close, the discomfort clear on her face. Meanwhile, Rick and Mel sit down on Main Street. They're glad that they can be friends for the sake of their daughter. Mel reminds him that if he's fighting Alan, he better be ready to let all of the skeletons in his closet come out. Alan has even more skeletons, Rick reminds her. She smiles, and tells him that he better be ready to fight Beth too.

    One Lonely Mutt

    Thursday, May 17 2007

    Alan walks into Company and finds Leah studying. He asks her if she is planning to be a doctor like her father. She should consider following his footsteps, he suggests. Family has always come first to the Bauers and he hopes that the family can work out their problems in time for the Bauer barbecue. Alan suggests that her mother and father may be ready for a reconciliation. Maybe she should help it along like she did last year... Mel arrives, outraged to see Alan with her daughter. 'When you were in that coma I should have smothered you!' she scolds. Alan claims that he was just trying to help and tells her that Rick has a delusion that Beth is pregnant with his baby. This is news to Mel and Alan tells her that Rick really wants to reunite with his own family, but since feels like he can't, he's going after Beth. She should reach out to him; otherwise there's no telling what trouble he could get into, Alan suggests. Later, Rick arrives after Mel calls him over. She confronts him about what Alan said. He says that there is only 'a chance' that it could be Alan's baby. Mel shakes her head and doesn't pretend that this isn't hurting her, but she will help him if he needs it. There is no way that she is going to let a 'little Rick become a little Alan...let's go get him!'

    Tough Love

    Wednesday, March 07 2007

    Daisy and Leah sneak out and go to CO2 for coffee. She tells her young comrade how she skipped the dance and spent time with Gus. They start talking about boys. Leah is seeing a senior and isn't sure what to do. Daisy doesn't understand why she's asking her for advice about sex. 'It is what it is,' is the only explanation she has.

    The three parents track the girls down. Leah walks away and Daisy asks if Harley talked Dylan into tracking her down. As Harley rants at her, Gus tries to talk her down and Daisy tells her mother to be more like him. Dylan tells his daughter that he and her mother need to be able to trust her. Bobby, who stood Daisy up, walks by and apologizes; his mother made him cancel. He tries to leave and Dylan starts talking to him. He thinks that she should go to the library with Bobby and tells her to be good. They walk away and Harley hopes she'll stay out of trouble.

    Dylan Returns

    Friday, March 02 2007

    Daisy is getting ready to go to the dance. Leah has come to accompany her. Harley gets a call from the manager of Infinity thanking Gus for returning stolen merchandise. Leah decides it's time to leave. She doesn't want to be seen with a druggie, thief who dated the guy who ran down Tammy. It might ruin her reputation. After Leah walks out, Harley realizes that trying to make them friends was probably a mistake. She wonders if everyone is talking about Daisy behind her back. Everyone else does it to her face, Daisy says. Harley knows what it feels like to be an outsider; she was the pregnant girl in high school and it was so bad that she dropped out. Daisy doesn't hesitate to point out what a bad role model her mother is, but it doesn't deter Harley from telling her that she should enjoy school and make friends. Gus answers the phone when it rings. It's Daisy's date: He has food poisoning and can't go. Daisy isn't about to go alone, so Gus offers to take her. He won't go in, he'll just push her into an oncoming group of suitable students.

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