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    Guiding Light CAST - Matt Reardon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matt Reardon Played by Kurt McKinney on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kurt McKinney

    Birthday: 1962-02-13
    Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky USA
    Marital Status: Married; Maronda McKinney - One son & one daughter
    Real Name: Kurt McKinney
    Height: 5' 10


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    You Can't Get Away With This

    Friday, September 21 2007

    Billy dresses for his date with Vanessa, resisting the temptation to have a drink as he does up his cufflinks. Vanessa comes to the door and they smile are each other before leaving. Meanwhile, Dinah and Mallet arrive at the gala, he starts to twirl her around the floor until her mother appears with Billy. Dinah's surprised to see them together. As the men leave to get them drinks, Dinah starts to quiz her mother. Didn't Billy ruin her life once already? Vanessa says she deserves some of the blame for that and is obviously not pleased to know that her daughter and Matt have become such 'friends'. Moments after, Dinah calls Matt to warn him that Vanessa is there with Billy. He loosens his tie and takes a drink after hanging up. Mallet hopes Dinah won't let her mother's behavior ruin her night. Meanwhile, Billy tries to be funny and reassuring for Vanessa. She knows that he's not the person she used to know, all those years ago. She likes who he is now...the man that he was is someone she doesn't even think about. They sit down and he tries to entertain her. When he leaves to get her a refill, a drunken Matt appears. He asks her to dance with him for 'old time's sake' but she refuses. Billy returns and the three of them go off to argue. Matt doesn't want Billy anywhere near their daughter, he exclaims. The threesome break apart and go off alone. Billy returns to his room and starts to drink.

    Frank arrives at the gala and takes Mallet outside, confronting him about the stolen cash. Mallet knows that there are no excuses for this; he already decided to put the money back, but he's been so desperate... Dinah watches in the distance as Mallet begs for a second chance. Frank can't do that for him...he doesn't know what he can do anymore. As they rush off, Matt stumbles by and Dinah grabs him: She needs to talk. When a maitre d' accidentally intrudes, she slips him some cash and sends him to find Mallet. After he goes off, she turns to Matt and tells him that they need to talk about their feelings. Moments later, Mallet rushes down to the dock and finds Dinah and a shirtless Matt making out. Meanwhile, Marina, having figured out Cyrus' heist plot for the night, tracks him down in the hallway. Taking out her gun, she tells him that she cannot let him get away with this.

    Maybe We'll Double

    Thursday, September 20 2007

    At CO2, Lizzie tells Billy that he needs a hobby...what about Vanessa? He's not sure his ex-wife needs him around just as she's getting divorced. Lizzie pushes him along and he makes his way over to her table. She watches as Billy blunders through a lengthy invitation to the Spaulding gala. Finally she agrees to go and they chuckle. Suddenly, Lizzie spots Matt walking by and tries to distract him. That doesn't work and Matt moves into the conversation. He starts to lash out at Vanessa for moving on so fast. Vanessa doesn't want to listen to him being self-righteous after he ruined their relationship. He needs to get used to her being with other people. 'Maybe we'll double some time,' he says sarcastically before striding away. After this, Billy thanks Lizzie for pushing him to get a date. He's excited so she asks for a favor from him: Don't drink tonight. He'll try. Later, Billy goes over to Company and tells Buzz about his date. Ava walks by, asking if Coop will be at the event. All the Coopers will be there, aside from Marina.

    At Company, Mallet tries to make Dinah smile but she's too stressed out. He gets up to go back to work. She's sick of him working so much, but he insists that he's the man and he needs to take care of things. This is not okay with her, but she insists on playing the bill. When she gets to the counter to pay, she has difficulty counting her money. The man in line behind her tries to push her along and she becomes more frustrated. When he starts to call her 'stupid' Mallet returns, taking her away and sitting her down. She starts to rock back and forth in her chair while he tries to calm her. He calls Frank who soon appears, annoyed that Mallet has shown up late for work three times this week. Dinah leaves to freshen up and Frank begins to lay into Mallet for how lax he has been and for leaving Marina in the lurch at work. Although they're friends, Frank is still going to have to write him up for not doing his job properly. Frank leaves and Dinah returns. Mallet wants to take her for a walk but she just wants to go home. Matt appears and offers to give her a ride.

    Matt takes Dinah home and tells her that he saw Vanessa with Billy. He's glad though: Now he knows that he can move on too. He wonders if Mallet is jealous of them after seeing them together and knowing about their kiss. Dinah reminds him that she's married and it's staying that way until Mallet can't handle it anymore. Matt thinks that she's great just the way she is, but she repeats that she is staying with her husband. Meanwhile. Mallet goes to the office and checks on the money that he stole and locked in his desk. When he goes home, he finds Matt leaving. He tells Dinah that it might not be good for her to spend time with Matt right now. He presents her with a new dress and tells her that he will be taking her out to the gala tonight. She thanks him, but they should take the dress back: They have bills that aren't going away. He just wants them to be happy tonight and pulls her into a kiss.

    All's Well That Ends Well

    Tuesday, September 11 2007

    Dinah goes shopping and then runs into Matt. She shows off her loot. He's impressed by her confident, happy new attitude. She assures him that their kiss the other day is not a problem. 'It was a mistake,' he says. Shrugging, she opens the door and lets him follow her into Company. Marina later walks in and finds Dinah and Matt staring at jewelery online. She's furious that Dinah is spending money like mad when Mallet is practically killing himself to pay her medical bills. Matt defends her, but Dinah can defend herself. She tells Marina that she's sick of being treated like a child. Marina can't believe her attitude: She has a man who sacrifices everything for her; how can she act like this? As she rants at Dinah, Matt finally intervenes. Marina abruptly walks out. Matt walks Dinah home. He knows that she's worried about Mallet but he's sure that they'll work it out. 'He's the kind of captain that goes down with the ship,' he jokes. She thanks him for everything and pulls him into a kiss. Awkwardly, she pulls away and goes into her room.

    Not Good Enough

    Thursday, September 06 2007

    Mallet goes back to work and asks Marina if she wants to buy his car. He's desperately trying to sort out their finances, but he won't let them destroy his relationship. Marina always thought that love would make all the difference, but it looks like money actually counts for more. She tries to encourage him and offers help but he tells her to go. After she leaves, a cop comes in with a bag of money she seized. He offers to catalog it for her and starts to count it up. As he bags it, he can't resist the opportunity and pockets some. Meanwhile, Dinah has been shopping and hunts down Matt to present him with some gifts. He tells her that she really shouldn't be doing this. 'I enjoy spending money,' she smiles. She doesn't want people feeling sorry for her, especially him; she doesn't need a babysitter, Mallet is already doing that. Matt doesn't feel sorry for her and agrees to go shoe shopping with her.

    Turning Your Life Around

    Tuesday, August 28 2007

    In his room, Billy takes a drink and then a handful of breath mints. As he stands at the door, he can hear Matt and Vanessa walking down the hall arguing. She tells him that it's not appropriate for him to be around Dinah. After Matt walks off, Billy opens the door and invites her in. He never wanted to see her go through anything like this again. She tells him that she doesn't think badly of him when she remembers their time together; she's very proud of how he's turned his life around. After giving him a hug, she walks out. He stands still for a moment before calling Lizzie. He needs her help with something. When she arrives, she shows him Doris' campaign pamphlet and its large feature photo of Alan's endorsement. He tells her that he wants to do more than just make money: He wants to do some good. They can start by doing something with the mayoral race.

    Dinah meets with Matt in his room. She tells him that she's seen Griggs again. Keeping his distance, he tells her that he only wants to help her. Some people may think that he's a bad influence on her. Dinah knows that he's referring to her mother. She tells Matt that he's the only one she's able to talk to. She doesn't want her mother to punish him for being with her though so she offers to leave. He tells her not to...he needs her too. When he grabs her in a kiss, he quickly breaks away and apologizes. He just wants her to know how important she is to him...he's such a mess these days. Uncomfortable, she goes to leave but he tells her to stay and talk to him. She walks out. Returning to her room, she collapses against the door in tears.

    How About Natalia?

    Friday, August 24 2007

    Dinah arrives at Towers and sits at the bar. She introduces herself as Geogia Tucci and claims that she is there to celebrate. Matt sits down beside her and takes off his wedding ring. He offers to buy her a drink. She turns him down at first but then decides that 'Georgia' is a lush and orders some champagne. As she and Matt toast, Vanessa comes in behind them before turning and leaving unseen. Dinah hasn't been charging much to the credit card she stole; she just likes being Georgia, 'carefree and fun'. She starts to mess up her words and turns around to spot Griggs getting into the elevator. Shocked, she leaps from her chair. Matt calms her as she tells him that she just saw Griggs. He tries to tell her that it doesn't make any sense for him to come back. She wonders if she is hallucinating but he suggests that the alcohol is just messing with her meds. She clings to him.

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