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    Guiding Light CAST - Matt Reardon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matt Reardon Played by Kurt McKinney on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kurt McKinney

    Birthday: 1962-02-13
    Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky USA
    Marital Status: Married; Maronda McKinney - One son & one daughter
    Real Name: Kurt McKinney
    Height: 5' 10


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    We Are Terrible People

    Thursday, February 07 2008

    Dinah meets Matt at Company. She tells him that her doctors say that she is getting better. Now she can concentrate on the most important thing in her life: Mallet. He reminds her that they just got divorced. She explains that she and Mallet always break up and get back together, that's just the way they are. She will prove it. Later, she runs into Mallet and he tells her what happened to Marina. He tells her she called him for help but someone turned his phone off. He asks her if she knows anything about that. She admits that she turned it off. "Do you realize that you could of gotten Marina killed today?" he asks angrily. He runs outside and she follows him. She asks him again if they can work things out between them. He slumps on the bench, unable to believe they are having this conversation. He tells her that she is just as selfish as she's ever been and blames her for Marina almost getting shot just like she did.

    Trees for Sale

    Wednesday, December 19 2007

    On Main Street, Dinah continues shouting until Zach appears and offers her his scarf. She thanks him as he walks away. "Little sucker," she mumbles. Later, she convinces a woman to give her a coat in return for a tree. She starts talking to herself until she spots Matt. She starts shouting at him. When he walks over, he tells her that he's been meaning to talk to her: He and Vanessa aren't actually back together, they never were. Vanessa just wanted Dinah to think that so she could get her life back together. "That's great!" Dinah says, hugging him. Matt tries to keep his distance and tells her that they aren't good for each other; she seems to look for trouble and he doesn't need that. She tells him that he should have just kept lying. "I'm sorry," he offers, walking away. Dinah starts attacking the trees, knocking them down and jumping on them. After she slumps in a chair, a man walks by and asks about the sale. She starts lashing out at him before taking his hat. He toddles off and Cyrus appears. He tells her that he's there to get a tree for Harley. He begins recalling their Christmases in the past and all the plans she had to rob people of their gifts. "And Cinderella took a bullet in the head. The end," she concludes. But Cyrus doesn't think that's what ended her old ways, she did. Later, Alan arrives and hands Cyrus the final installment for the divorce settlement and to hunt down Phillip. Cyrus refuses to take it; it's dredging up too much for Harley. "What's your angle Cyrus?" Alan probes. Cyrus won't answer. Alan smirks, takes his check and walks away. Dinah runs over and asks Cyrus how many zeros he just let go. "That's what a man does when he..." she says. Cyrus gets up and says that he wants to buy a tree for Harley. Dinah's inspired by his "selfless stupidity"; she'll have the tree delivered! As she busies herself, he sits down to mourn the money he just said goodbye to.


    Wednesday, December 12 2007

    Bill arrives at Cross Creek for the intervention. Suddenly, Josh, Vanessa, Billy, Lizzie and Matt appear. Dinah comes out after to say that she is against all of this and is only there to support him. Bill is confused. Billy informs his son that this intervention isn't about him and his drinking, "it's about you." Bill is ready to head for the door but Josh is in the way. Bill has no desire to listen to Reverend Josh retell the tale of the prodigal son; he feels more like this is a replay of Abraham and Isaac. He continues to lash out at everyone in the family, even Waldo the moose. Dinah doesn't want to throw stones at her half-brother or force him to change; it's not like any of them are saints. Lizzie wants some retribution though and Bill starts to laugh as they argue with each other. Billy stops them and tells his son that his life is empty. He knows all about lost souls; he sees one in the mirror every morning when he shaves. Bill keeps lashing out at his father, which is fine with him, as long as he leaves his mother and everyone else out of it. Vanessa tells him that Michelle was ready to come; she's worried about him too. He says that she did the right thing by staying away; she should just be glad she doesn't have a family like his!

    Harley and Cyrus in the Rubble

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    At the clinic, Dinah tries to charm her young doctor, playing with his tie and then threatening him when he admits that she's 'sexy.' As he runs off, she grabs his matches. Throwing paper into the trash bin, she sets it under the smoke detector. Before she can light it up, Matt arrives. She runs into his arms and begins begging him to stick around but, suddenly, Vanessa walks in as well. She tells her daughter that if she keeps fighting them, she will only make things worse. Dinah tries to get Matt to side with her but he won't. It soon becomes clear that he and Vanessa are back together. Dinah bangs on the door and accuses her mother of blackmailing him into getting back with her. Vanessa reaches out to her daughter, but Dinah doesn't want to be 'fixed'. The orderly arrives and Dinah demands that they be taken out. Once they're gone, she tries to have a nap and then starts playing with the matches again. She sets the trash on fire and waits for the alarm to go off. It's taking a long time so she starts to fan the flames. When that doesn't work, she tries banging on the door. Finally, the alarm goes off and an orderly runs in. She promptly runs out the open door. When she makes her way down the hall, she's shocked to bump into Edmund.

    What Comes Next?

    Thursday, October 25 2007

    Mallet goes to the clinic to visit Dinah. The doctor warns him that she's resisted all therapy and he 'might want to wear a helmet' if he goes in to see her. He walks into her room where she plays with a flame before hugging him. She shows him a map of the isalnd and tells him that she feels like she's on vacation. She tries to convince him that she is all better now and he should take her home. Her bag is packed and she's ready to go. Mallet tells her 'no'. 'I can't be here,' she tells him, shaking: 'You want me back...don't you?' She kisses him and he admits that he misses her, but he knows that she needs to stay there and get better. 'You have no idea how much I care,' he assures her. He wishes that she could just be herself. Dinah argues that she is being herself, that's why he and Vanessa have such a problem with her. She demands that he leave. Once he's gone, she calls Matt and tells him she needs help. Matt's been trying to give her 'space', particularly since she ruined Maureen's chance to get into prep school. It becomes clear that he's been spending time with Vanessa again. Dinah accuses him of being a 'traitor' and hangs up. After that, she talks to her doctor, flirting with him. He's not impressed and walks away. After she plods around the ward, bored and frustrated, she finds a little note slipped under her door. Eagerly, she picks it up and reads it.

    I'm Not Her Keeper

    Tuesday, October 16 2007

    At police headquarters, Mallet morosely spins his wedding ring on the desk. Meanwhile, Dinah listens to the messages left by Mallet and her mother on her answering machine. After touching where her wedding ring once was nestled, she calls Matt and tells him she wants to play. It's not a good time for him, but she doesn't care and hurries over to CO2 where she greets him with a kiss as Mallet looks on. He makes an excuse, telling her that he's supposed to spend some time with Maureen but she's writing an important test at school. Dinah leaves. As soon as she's gone, a cop arrives and takes him over to the station where Mallet is already waiting for him. Matt starts to taunt him, accusing Mallet of resorting to 'high school' style tactics by bringing him down there to intimidate him. Instead, Mallet tells him that he wants him to take care of Dinah; she's making a huge mistake and he hates it, but Matt still has to do what's right and look out for her. Matt tells him that he won't supervise her; that's why she left him, he points out. 'I'm not her keeper...she doesn't need one,' he says before walking out.

    Vanessa rushes over to the police station to get Mallet. She tells him that Dinah nabbed Maureen from school. Over at Company, Dinah calls Matt after bringing Maureen inside. He's shocked to see them together. He sends Maureen to get them drinks and tells Dinah she shouldn't have pulled Maureen out of her exam. Mallet arrives and tells Dinah that her mother is looking for her. Matt tells her that she should talk to her. Dinah says 'no': She and Matt are going to spend the day with Maureen, she insists. Matt thinks he should take Maureen back to school, but this only makes Dinah more agitated. Mallet takes her over to the station to see her mother. Vanessa tells her that Maureen needed to take that test to get into prep school and she won't have another chance. Calling out the doctor, Vanessa tells her daughter that the doctor will be taking her away so that she can get the help that she needs. Mallet momentarily tries to talk her out of this, but Vanessa insists that Dinah's problems are getting worse. Dinah offers to go home under Mallet's supervision, but Vanessa won't allow it. Dinah grabs his gun and starts to wave it around until he pulls it out of her hands. She starts to apologize and holds onto him. He pushes her back and tells her that she has to go with the doctor and get help. 'I am never coming back to you! Ever! I hate you both!' she screams, as the doctor and a guard take her away. Mallet and Vanessa both look crushed.

    You've Been Outplayed!

    Monday, October 15 2007

    Vanessa and Mallet go to Company and discuss what to do with Dinah next. He informs her that she's moved out and is on her own now. Suddenly, Dinah and Matt arrive and sit at the bar nearby. Vanessa and Mallet try to ignore them and talk about treatment options. He can't ignore them though. Meanwhile, Dinah tells Matt that she can't imagine going back to Mallet...he wouldn't even let her drive. Vanessa strolls over, clearing her throat and pulling her daughter outside. She demands to know what she is up to. 'You are acting out big time... the way you used to do when you were younger,' Vanessa points out. Dinah doesn't do anything the way she used to do, she says. Mallet stopped her from being who she really is. Vanessa assumes that she's just out for revenge now. Dinah doesn't deny it. She goes back inside and accuses Mallet of trying to turn everyone against her. 'Everyone can take of themselves and I can take care of myself,' she asserts, handing him her wedding ring and leaving with her keys and Matt following behind. When Dinah gets home, Vanessa appears and tells her daughter that some of what she said made sense. She admits that she may have made a mistake in the way she pushed her divorce. She asks Dinah to tell Matt that she wants to talk to him. Once she walks out, Dinah slams the door after her and then calls room service to deliver pancakes to Vanessa every hour on the hour and charges them to Mallet.

    Looking For Advice

    Thursday, October 11 2007

    On Main Street, Matt finds Dinah carting her boxes along. He assumes that sleeping with him managed to ruin her marriage to Mallet. He almost left town after the fight they had with Vanessa. 'You're the reason I came back,' he tells her. She tells him that Mallet has already forgiven her. She loves Mallet, but she's leaving him: She's too much for him... and anyone else. 'So you don't want to choose?' he asks her. That's not what it's about. Right now, she needs to be on her own. She goes back to her home to finish packing. Mallet walks in and takes a drink. He's rough shape and has barely slept since she left. He's also feeling bad for Marina. Dinah tries to tell him that he's not responsible. 'Go home...wherever that is now,' he says. She tells him that he can't take care of the entire world; he's a mess and needs to ease up on himself. His phone starts ringing and Dinah tries to right down the numbers for him as he says them to her. She writes them down wrong and gets upset. She's overwhelmed when she's with him. He confuses her. He admits that she's hurt him, but he wants her to come back anyway: He wants to fix things. Dinah can't do that; she is not what she was. She leaves, pulling off her wedding ring as she walks down to Matt's room. She doesn't want to be alone, she admits to him. 'Going back to Mallet?' he asks. 'No,' she says. She's a different person now and she wants to be there with him. Dinah begins kissing Matt.

    Not Anymore

    Monday, September 24 2007

    When Mallet goes down to the docks, he's shocked to find Dinah making out with a scantily clad Matt. She tries to explain, but Mallet is already too busy punching Matt to listen. Vanessa runs in screaming. Mallet begins accusing Matt of taking advantage of his vulnerable wife. Dinah breaks up their fight, declaring that this is all her doing and she'll take the blame. Mallet makes her feel worthless, makes her feel like 'damaged goods,' she explains. She needs someone who makes her feel like somebody again. Vanessa is outraged, but Dinah reminds her that she's there with Billy and what Matt does now is none of her business. Dinah screams at them both to leave them alone; she knows exactly what she's doing. Vanessa angrily leaves, but Mallet stays behind. He tells her that they can still fix this. 'Trust me, you wouldn't know how,' she says. Turning, he walks off. Throwing a fit, she starts to toss sun umbrellas into the water and threatens to jump in. Matt says that he would jump in after her. Even he bought her little performance with Mallet just now. She admits that she was playing him; she had to end things for his sake. Mallet was caught stealing money for her sake, she explains. She has to make him stop before it's too late. He takes her hand and they walk away.

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