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    Guiding Light CAST - Matt Reardon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matt Reardon Played by Kurt McKinney on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kurt McKinney

    Birthday: 1962-02-13
    Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky USA
    Marital Status: Married; Maronda McKinney - One son & one daughter
    Real Name: Kurt McKinney
    Height: 5' 10


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    A Private in the Cooper Army.

    Thursday, December 04 2008

    Matt and his daughter drink V8 on the porch when Buzz comes out to talk to them. Matt tells them that he's glad Bill is doing better. After they walk off, Natalia walks down the stairs and rambles about her busy schedule. Buzz dries her tears and asks her what's wrong. They discuss the money she lost and he offers to float the rent for awhile. She refuses. He encourages her to try more risks and be true to her dreams. She runs upstairs to get her purse.

    It Doesn't Change My Mind.

    Tuesday, November 25 2008

    Blake and her daughter are at the convenience store when they run into Matt and his daughter. Blake flirts with him and then they talk about the V8 food drive. They talk about what they are doing for the holiday and Matt invites them to join them.

    I Live and so Does our Baby.

    Wednesday, November 19 2008

    Blake and Lillian have Matt carry all of the gifts for Reva's baby shower into Company. He puts the packages down and wants to run. Blake needs him to stay and help assemble everything. She shouts orders and Matt starts to wish he had another baby. They sit around and begin testing all of the baby toys. Blake teases Matt. He tests the baby monitor with Buzz. Lillian slips into the kitchen with Buzz to make out. Later, he starts clearing up and babbling to people in the restaurant before noticing that Jeffrey and Reva are on the way. They smuggle all of the boxes out and over to Mallet and Marina's.

    Get a Life.

    Friday, October 17 2008

    Matt arrives at Company and tells Buzz about his problems with Vanessa and the mess at the mansion. Buzz asks him to move into the boarding house. Spotting a depressed Daisy, he gives her a plate of fries. Matt walks over to her and asks her if she is still babysitting and says that Maureen misses her. She's quiet. He leaves. She plays with her fries. Buzz asks her what's wrong. She can't pretend that she doesn't care about Grady; he's just a person who has screwed up. Buzz isn't convinced that Grady has been trying to turn around and tells her that you can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved. Daisy doesn't feel like she has a life of her own. "Get a life... and I mean that in the nicest possible way," he advises.

    Not a Police Matter.

    Thursday, October 16 2008

    Dinah runs into Matt outside of Company. He's been looking for her mother. "Maureen misses you," he adds, offering to bring her over to the station to spend time with her. Dinah stutters. Matt thinks she's over-complicating her life. She takes his coffee and walks away.

    Rafe Makes a Choice.

    Thursday, October 02 2008

    Billy and Vanessa have a drink at Towers. They toast to Henry and Billy tells her that she's the light of his life. They wonder how they can knock some sense into their son. She wonders why Bill and Lizzie don't just get married and start a family. They're both trying to run the same corporation, Billy explains. They remember how they messed things up in their own lives. After she leaves, Billy walks across the bar and sits with Matt. They gab about Bill and Lizzie and how sad it is to watch them throw their relationship away. Then they commiserate about losing Vanessa. Billy wants to let him know that he is looking for a second chance with Vanessa. Matt knows that she is a free agent again so he can't stop him, but he won't wish him luck because he's sure that he is wrong for her.

    As Natalia tries to drive off, her car breaks down. She runs into Towers and bumps into Matt. He offers to give her a lift. They drive over to the prison and she arrives just as Buzz is leaving. She gives him a hug and goes in to see her son. He tells her that God is still looking out for him. Outside of him, her faith is all she has, she says. She apologizes for not getting him another lawyer. He tells her to let it go. He'll take the deal. She begins to weep. He urges her to live her own life and trust him to make the right decision. "Making the right decision may not be easy but it's right," he says. In tears, she agrees to go along with his plan.

    Champagne Gives me Heartburn.

    Friday, September 26 2008

    Dinah runs into Matt at the gym. She wants to take Maureen out. He already has plans with her. They call Vanessa to sort it out. He admits that Maureen misses her and the mansion. He hates the place himself. She says that there will be other homes. Ashlee calls Dinah for a meeting. "It's okay not to be okay," he tells Dinah. She claims that she doesn't understand and walks out.

    Dinah and Ashlee go to the gym. Matt is still there. Ashlee begins babbling to him until he leaves. They both think he's very cute, but they need to focus. Ashlee just wants to focus on cute boys. Dinah picks up some weights.

    I've got a Wedding in Five Minutes.

    Thursday, July 03 2008

    At the mansion, Dinah is greeting the wedding guests anxiously. Matt arrives and she asks him to keep an eye on Bill. Across the lawn, Jeffrey arrives. Olivia chews him out for being late. He walks off to talk to his daughter. Reva says she has no idea what's going on.

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