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    Guiding Light CAST - Matt Reardon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matt Reardon Played by Kurt McKinney on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kurt McKinney

    Birthday: 1962-02-13
    Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky USA
    Marital Status: Married; Maronda McKinney - One son & one daughter
    Real Name: Kurt McKinney
    Height: 5' 10


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    Being a Spaulding

    Tuesday, April 10 2007

    At the Beacon, when Mallet interviews Vanessa, she tells him that she's never heard of any of bank in the Cayman Island or of the transfers that have been going through her account. Mallet says that Cyrus must be behind all of this, but Dinah is reluctant to agree. When he asks to look through the company accounts, Matt is reluctant to allow it but Vanessa insists. Seeing that Matt is worried, Dinah asks him what's up. While Mallet might find Cyrus fingerprints on the accounts, a worried Matt explains, he will definitely find his. He explains all the money that he's been spending to woo clients for investment. To make up the difference, he dipped into the investment fund without telling Vanessa. Mallet and Vanessa walk back in, already convinced that Cyrus is guilty. He gets a call from the bank and rushes down to the bank with Dinah. The bank manager tells them that he only needs to confirm the references that Cyrus gave for his new account. Assuming that Cyrus is up to something, Mallet is ready to call the FBI, but Dinah stops him. 'Cyrus had nothing to do with that money disappearing. Matt did,' she explains. It doesn't really make sense to him, but Dinah insists that he back off on this and he agrees. She gets a call from Cyrus telling her that he needs Marina off his back.

    A Matter of When

    Wednesday, March 28 2007

    At the court house, Marina does up Mallet's bow-tie and wishes him good luck. Vanessa arrives and everyone goes into a panic for a moment when Dinah isn't with her. She arrives forthwith and takes Mallet aside to ask him again if what came before is really behind them. He tells her that they're starting over and she asks him if there is anything that he needs to tell her. Vanessa interrupts to tell them it's time. Dinah goes to the back of the room, panicking that he wouldn't answer her question. Matt stands by her side to give her away and she asks him if love can conquer all. She talks herself up: She loves Mallet now more than ever and will go through with this. As Matt walks her up, she says 'I do' before the ceremony even begins. Seeing how eager she is, they jump right in. Mallet tells her that they've hit a lot of speed bumps and, literally, walked through fire, but he's looking forward to growing old with her. Dinah doesn't know what to say: She didn't think this day would come or that she would ever have this kind of love. She's been lonely and never trusted anyone, but he has changed all of that and saved her from herself. He is her hero and.... and then Cyrus appears slumped in the doorway watching. After an awkward pause, she continues and tells Mallet that it is now her turn to save him and they're together until death do us part. Marina finds Cyrus and quietly threatens him away as the ceremony ends. Dinah and Mallet dip and kiss.

    After the ceremony, Matt toasts to the bride and groom. Vanessa says that her little girl has really grown up. Dinah tells them that she never wants to hurt them... an odd statement that she tries to put down to the champagne. Mallet carries her back over her threshold and drops her on the bed. He puts on some music and they start to dance. She thinks to herself: The old Dinah Marler would have set her dress on fire, the new Dinah Mallet won't let anyone come between her and her prince. They kiss and pass on to bed. She lays awake as he sleeps and then she climbs out of bed and walks into the hall where Cyrus waits for her. Turning back inside, she lays beside Mallet again. She's sorry for what she'll have to do to her mother, but she loves her husband.

    Two Years

    Monday, March 19 2007

    Walking down the hallway of the Beacon, Dinah tries to pull herself together when she goes in to visit Vanessa. Cyrus appears with coffee; he expected that she would be tipping off her mother that he was in town. Dinah reluctantly knocks and Vanessa opens, instantly appalled to see Cyrus standing with her daughter. She tells Matt to kill him if he moves. Walking into the room, Cyrus apologizes for the rotten things that he's done, but he's paid his debt to society. He re-evaluated his life while he was in prison; he no longer wants to be a shallow hedonist and has no hard feelings toward them for sending him to prison. He asks only that they try and forgive him and gives them champagne for a toast. When he toasts to Matt and Vanessa's new business venture, he suggests that they let him in on it. Vanessa would sooner stick a piece of glass in her eye. Matt isn't buying this act and needs some proof, but there is no proof great enough to convince them that Cyrus is a changed man. Cyrus won't give up; he puts his arm around Dinah to escort her away. Dinah tells her mother that everything is fine and leaves with him. Cyrus is smug and flirty. Dinah breaks away from him and he takes a key card from his pocket smiling.

    Lizzie's Labor

    Tuesday, November 28 2006

    Tammy goes down to see Jonathan and the baby. He seems to blame himself for all of this. She tries to comfort him when Reva arrives to check in. Mel is still checking out the baby and they shut the drapes to work. Tammy wanders back to her mother who tells her that she should be proud of helping out. While Josh paces beside them, Billy laughs and reminds him that he's not HB and he shouldn't have been out cutting down trees. Alan begins an argument again but everyone stops when Jonathan returns. They stare at him for a moment until Mel brings the baby in, all cleaned up and doing great. Alan says that the baby looks exactly like Lizzie did. Lillian appears to say that Lizzie is doing excellent. Alan and Beth want to see her, but Rick says the baby needs to see her first. Tammy tells Jonathan that she knows he'll be a good dad. He takes the baby and goes in to see Lizzie. She sits up and he lays her in her arms while a look of ecstasy dawns on their faces. Tammy stands back alone. Remy arrives with food for everyone and Josh starts to make a speech. Thanksgiving isn't over yet, so this will be theirs, after all, they're all family now and they have a lot to be thankful for. He reads them a prayer and they all join arms (except for Rick, of course, who's left staring at Mel).

    Christmas Comes Early

    Monday, October 23 2006

    Matt comes to visit Josh while he's building new shelves for Cassie. Josh insists that this doesn't mean that they're moving in together. Matt asks him what happened with Reva, but Josh won't talk about it and 'it doesn't matter anymore because she's leaving.' Then, he tells him about the dream he had. Matt wonders if he'd go back to Reva if he has the chance, after all, they've already been divorced three times. Josh says that there's no way, he finally feels like he's part of a family with Cassie.

    Jonathan Has an Announcemnet

    Friday, October 06 2006

    Dinah is surprised to find Vanessa in the hallway outside her room. Vanessa says that she is just looking for Olivia, but uses the opportunity to break some news to Dinah: She, Matt and Maureen will all be moving back to Springfield. 'The hell you will!' exclaims Dinah before going on one of her tirades. She believes that Vanessa is just coming back to spy on her because she thinks that she is a mental case. This is not something Dinah wants in her life. They rake over the past and how Dinah was given up for adoption etc..While they argue, Olivia is behind her door eavesdropping and reflecting on her own relationship, or lack there with her daughters. Vanessa finally gets tired of arguing and leaves as Dinah yells out: 'Mothers! Does anyone get along with them?' Olivia comes out of her room after this and starts to ask Dinah all sorts of personal questions, mostly about how being adopted made her feel and if she really hates her mother. All of these questions make Dinah very suspicious, but before she can find out why Olivia is really so interested, Vanessa returns. She and Dinah go out to the hallway where Dinah apologizes to her and they begin to joke and hug. Olivia continues to listen to this exchange behind her door and smiles while looking at a baby picture of Ava before hurrying out of the room.

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