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    Guiding Light CAST - Matt Reardon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Matt Reardon Played by Kurt McKinney on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kurt McKinney

    Birthday: 1962-02-13
    Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky USA
    Marital Status: Married; Maronda McKinney - One son & one daughter
    Real Name: Kurt McKinney
    Height: 5' 10


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    Wednesday, June 20 2007

    Mallet has already brought Matt down to the water and taken his gun out. He tells him that Griggs will kill Dinah if he doesn't take care of this: Matt is his last job. 'I like you just fine, but I love Dinah,' he explains. His phone begins ringing and Matt urges him to answer in case it's Griggs. He can see that it's Dinah. 'She doesn't want you to do this,' Matt says. Urging Mallet to think about what he'll be doing to everyone in both of their lives, Mallet can't listen. Matt's made his mistake and brought this on himself, he insists. When Matt jumps at him, the gun goes off and he falls to the ground. Mallet rolls his body into the water. Afterwards, he returns to his room and listens to the phone ring repeatedly. When he hears someone coming, he jumps against the wall with his gun out while the figure walks in. It's Matt! He swam underwater to the other side of the water and then snuck back in disguise. Hugging mallet close, he thanks him for saving his life. Mallet tells him to take Vanessa and get away fast.

    In the middle of the night, Mallet has been laying in bed wide awake. He pulls on his pants and loads his gun. After whispering to Dinah that he loves her, he walks out. Downtown, he runs into Mel on her way home. He tells her that he has a situation and needs to take care of some legal things so that he knows Dinah will be taken care of. Meanwhile, Matt calls and wakes Dinah to tell her that he's sure that one of Griggs' men saw him and she needs to get to Mallet right away. Opening up the silver briefcase, she sees that it's empty and calls Griggs. She knows who he is and what he's up to. She needs to meet him at the docks before he makes his next move. Back at CO2, Mel helps Mallet finalize things and he tensely signs off before returning to his room. Seeing that Dinah is gone, he checks the messages and hears the call from Matt on the machine. After finding a note she left, he runs off.

    Making an Example

    Tuesday, June 19 2007

    Afterwards, Dinah and Mallet go into Company and find Matt and Vanessa. They've decided to give it another try and Matt has made a new deal to get them money and out of their troubles. Mallet glues a smile to his face and tries to act happy. After congratulating her mother, Dinah has to leave for a phone call. They pour champagne and toast before Mallet asks to take Matt out to look at something. Dinah returns and Vanessa explains where they went. Mallet takes Matt down to the water and tells him that the people he owes aren't interested in repayment: They want to make him an example. Mallet takes out his gun and takes aim.

    It's Not Too Late

    Monday, June 11 2007

    When there is a knock at Mallet's door, he answers it with his gun drawn. It's only Matt. Mallet explains that he's been getting threats lately. Matt is only there to see Dinah; he's been getting signals from Vanessa that she might want to get together. Mallet eagerly encourages him to take Vanessa and get out of town as soon as possible. Matt realizes that Mallet is worried about his life but he's sure that the loan sharks only want the money, they don't want him dead. Mallet tells him to save himself and his family and go now. 'If you run, I'll never speak to you again,' Dinah says, coming through the door. Running never works, she knows from experience. Her husband points out that Matt is not running from the cops, but from far more dangerous people. Matt leaves, sure that Mallet is over-reacting. She thinks that she might have an idea to help out, but he insists that it's too late. Taking her down to the water, he explains that Blake called Griggs back into town after he rejected her advances. Without saying so explicitly, Dinah figures out that Griggs wants him to kill Matt. Breaking into tears of panic, she tells him that they'll have to pay back the money. Mallet explains that Griggs is not a banker and things don't work that way. He wants to go to Frank and tell him everything. There is no way that she'll let him do that though and there is no way that she will lose him; 'we can beat this guy together.' Returning to her room, Matt calls her and tells her that he is making progress with her mother. She tells him to go to his room and lock himself in. He's not taking her paranoia seriously. Meanwhile, Mallet goes to the station looking for Frank. 'It's a matter of life and death.'

    Happily Ever After?

    Monday, June 04 2007

    Before Cassie is willing to move on with Josh, she needs an assurance: She needs him to spend a night with Reva. She wants them to finish whatever unfinished business they have. He thinks she's joking and promising her that what happened with Reva was just a mistake that will never happen again. Then what's the harm in him spending a night with her? Cassie asks. She thinks that he hates himself for betraying her and is trying to convince himself that what happened with Reva was nothing. If it really wasn't anything, then he needs to do this. She wants him to spend the night with her at Cross Creek and all of their memories and find out what, if anything, happens. 'If you can do this for me, I will never doubt you again,' she says. Josh insists again that nothing will happen. Well, then it shouldn't be a problem, she explains, and he should come back in the morning nice and relaxed. He still can't understand this. 'I love you and I want to marry you: I want to marry only you,' she says. He suggests that they move away, but she thinks that's running away. How can he claim to be over Reva if he's willing to uproot their whole life just to avoid her? The reverend arrives in the doorway with a smile and asks if the happy couple is already. There isn't going to be a wedding tonight, they explain as Matt arrives looking for the bride and groom. Matt and the reverend leave, disappointed, and Cassie tells Josh that he had better get going. She packs his bag as Billy walks in eating cake and telling him that it's a great idea. There's been too much insanity lately; now Josh can go and solve it and they 'can live happily ever after blah blah blah...' he laughs as he walks back into the kitchen. Josh asks Cassie again if this is what she really wants. It is. He continues trying to get out of it but she walks him out the door. After he kisses her goodnight, she shuts the door on him and he takes out his phone to call Reva.

    Griggs corners Mallet at The Beacon. He knows that he hasn't been keeping his mouth shut. Blake got his name and number, despite Mallet's assurances that their past would never resurface. Before they can get into it, Mallet ushers Griggs down the hall. Matt enters the hall and knocks on Dinah's door. She's surprised to see him and hides away Mallet's silver briefcase as he comes in. Sometimes he feels like he's going crazy. He was with Maureen all day and just wanted to share what a great time they were having with Vanessa...but he knows that he can't. 'She's never going to take me back is she?' he asks. Dinah knows that her mother is stubborn, but forgiveness is always possible and it's worth it. He leaves with a strange smile and she tells him not to do anything crazy. Meanwhile, Mallet has taken Griggs down to the water. Griggs reminds him that he paid for work which was never completed and now he's got Blake breathing down his neck.'Blake is a flake,' Mallet insists, trying to banish Griggs' worries. From talking to her, however, it seems that too many people know too much. Mallet pulls a gun on Griggs and, as he raises it, Griggs tells him that if he shoots him, his lawyer will release a statement about all of their past dealings. Griggs tells him to stop pretending to be someone else and come back to work for him. As Griggs continues io taunt him with devious smiles, Dinah comes shouting for him. Mallet lets him slip away before she can come down to him. He's obviously frazzled and just wants to get out of there. Matt calls and asks them to dinner. Although Dinah tries to pass, Mallet insists that they go.

    Matt goes into Company with news about the latest postponed wedding. Buzz tells him that failed weddings seem to be in the air these days. Although Buzz tries to console him, it's not working. Mallet and Dinah arrive for dinner but it's not long before Mallet slips back outside to see Griggs. Mallet insists that they are finished. But none of this phases Griggs in the slightest. 'Nice life you got here would be a shame to throw it all away....' he threatens. He has one last job for him and then they are even. When he hands Mallet a photo of his new mark, Mallet is shocked to see that it is Matt. Meanwhile, back inside, Dinah keeps trying to give Matt hope that he'll reconcile with Vanessa.

    Spend the Night with Reva

    Friday, June 01 2007

    At CO2, Mallet gets coffee with Matt, who comments on how edgy he looks. Josh arrives and tells them that he was just with Cassie and she forgave him. She doesn't know it yet, but they're getting married tonight, he excitedly proclaims. Matt asks him if she's pregnant. Josh laughs and then thanks Mallet for pulling Cassie out of the water. He congratulates him and walks away. Matt wonders what Josh's secret could be if he can get away with the things he's done. Maybe he could sprinkle some of the 'fairy dust' that he and Cassie seem to have on Vanessa? Josh tells him that he just needs to be patient. They go into Company and Josh finds the reverend. He tells him that he wants to marry Cassie tonight. He has to make things up to her, but the reverend thinks that he may be being overly impulsive. Josh says that she offered him a second chance and he needs to take it before he can move on to his 'calling' in the church.


    Wednesday, May 30 2007

    Mallet lies in bed unable to sleep. He rises and goes into the bathroom to wash his face and hands. After pouring coffee, he sits by the bed and sighs. Looking down at Dinah, he begins to pace the room before pulling out his silver briefcase. He pushes it back under the bed and then goes for a jog. On Main Street, he finds Matt standing alone. Mallet knows that things have been rough between he and Vanessa. Matt's sure that they'll work it out. He walks away and Mallet returns to his room. Dinah is already awake and waiting for him. He tells her that he slept well. When she seems even slightly hesitant to accept this, he insists and she claims that she always trusts him.

    Mallet returns to Main Street and meets with Matt. He tells him that he senses that something is going on with him. Matt accuses him of spying on him. Mallet says that he just saw something that reminded him of someone he once was and the trouble he was in. Matt claims that he is just trying to fix things with Vanessa and he'll do whatever it takes. Mallet tells him to rethink that, after all, that attitude is what got him into trouble in the first place. He needs to remember that he has a daughter. Mallet flashes back again. After shooting the man, he smiles to himself as a feeling of ecstasy washes over him. He goes down to the street and sees the man he shot lying there. The man's son runs over to the corpse and starts weeping over his father. Mallet feels crushed and disappears into the harsh sunlight. He goes to see Griggs who gives him his money. Griggs tells him that he has it the best: No family, no commitments, no scruples. He'll always have work for someone like him. Mallet can't shake his hand when it's offered. He goes home, nauseated, and finds an ad for corrections officers in Illinois.

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