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    Guiding Light CAST - Vanessa Chamberlain Lewis Reardon - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Vanessa Chamberlain Lewis Reardon Played by Maeve Kinkead on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Maeve Kinkead

    Birthday: 1947-05-31
    Birthplace: New York, New York USA
    Marital Status: Married Harry Streep ( brother of Meryl Streep) on New Year's Eve 1980
    Real Name: Maeve Kinkead


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    Two For The Price Of One.

    Monday, September 14 2009

    Mindy and Lizzie help Vanessa get ready for the wedding. Lizzie pulls out a garter for her and they all start laughing.

    As Vanessa greets the Reardons, Buzz wanders over to Lillian by the wedding cake and tells her he's sure of something. He gets down on a knee while all of the guests watch from the distance and laugh. He tells her that he's wasted a lot of time but he doesn't want to waste any more. "Why don't we promise to spend the rest of our lives together?" he asks. She agrees to marry him. Everyone claps. Billy yells at them that they should get married today. "Why not?" they decide. Buzz thinks they should go to city hall but Vanessa and Billy want them to join them. "Two for the price of one. Why not?" Buzz says.

    The wedding starts. Bill tells his mother how happy he is for her and walks her down the aisle. She joins Billy, Buzz and Lillian at the front. Billy tells her that she has made him the happiest man in the world. Father Ray begins the service. Lillian tells Buzz that she has never been a bride before and she thanks Buzz for the love and happiness he has made her know is possible. Buzz admits that he'd given up hope but he finally had a light in his life again when he met her. Vanessa speaks next, quoting a letter from her father about the joy of coming home. "Because of you, I get to come home. You're my only home Billy," she says. Everyone claps. Billy cries and tells her that he's been blessed and they'll get it right this time. They slip on their rings and are married.

    Some People Never Learn From Their Mistakes.

    Tuesday, September 01 2009

    Reva goes to see Vanessa at The Beacon. They awkwardly talk about dresses. Reva admits she thought Billy was kidding and asks her if she really wants her to be part of this. Vanessa confirms she does. Reva cries. "Who would have thought the girl who came to Springfield to break up you and Billy would be standing up for you now?" she says. Lizzie arrives and they talk about what to wear. They tease Vanessa but she doesn't want any surprises.

    At Towers, Josh, Reva, Bill and Lizzie toast to Vanessa and Billy. They're all happy to see them happy, even if they are a bit scared of Vanessa. Reva says it feels like they're all where they are supposed to be. Bill tells his parents that he loves them and couldn't be more proud to be their son. Billy admits he blew it with Vanessa before, but she says third time is a charm. Reva abruptly says she has to go and leaves. Josh trails after her, catching her by the elevator. She claims the babysitter needs her to come home.

    I Only Believe In Ice Cream.

    Monday, August 31 2009

    Buzz is about to take Lillian out when Vanessa and Billy come in to Company to announce that they are getting married. They want pie and cake. They're all out, Buzz says. Lillian volunteers James and Daisy to help them bake some. As Vanessa and Billy leave, he steps aside to call his brother and ask him to act surprised when they break the news to him.

    Vanessa and Billy drop by Josh's office to tell him their news. As soon as they're gone, Bill and Lizzie arrive to tell him that Reva isn't doing well. He knows that she's going through a rough time but he's sure she'll get by.

    Billy and Vanessa drop by Cross Creek with a cake for Reva. They invite themselves in for a piece. As they eat, Billy tells her the news. Reva gives a delayed reaction and then congratulates them. They'd love her to come to the wedding. "I wouldn't miss it," she says, hugging them. After they leave, she tries to convince herself to take the baby for a walk. After another bite of cake, they go.

    Lizzie and Bill sit on their porch. He decides that they need to have a fight because their marriage is too perfect. "You're weird," she says. Daisy and James arrive with a cake. They wait until Billy and Vanessa arrive. They tell them the news. Hugs follow and everyone pretends to be surprised. Bill volunteers to plan their wedding. Lizzie insists that they aren't the people to do it. Reva walks up and joins them.

    Pink Lemonade.

    Friday, August 28 2009

    Josh runs into Vanessa at Towers. They have coffee and she complains about how TV isn't what it was. She thinks she should have married Billy. "You mean when he kidnapped you?" he asks. She does. Billy is wooing her with a vengeance and that's nice but she loves him and wants to marry him right now.

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