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    Guiding Light CAST - Elizabeth "Beth" Raines Bauer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elizabeth "Beth" Raines Bauer Played by Beth Chamberlin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Chamberlin

    Birthday: 1963-10-01
    Birthplace: Danville, Vermont
    Marital Status: Married, Peter Roy July 1994
    Real Name: Beth Chamberlin


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    My Time To Sit In The Big Chair.

    Monday, June 15 2009

    Beth goes to see her son and tells him that Phillip paid off the judge. Outside, Alex tells Phillip that she's already figured things out. He's becoming more like Alan everyday and James will probably end up just like him. Beth and James come out and he tells his father that he's a hypocrite. "I know what you did Dad and now I hate you even more," he says. After he leaves with his mother, Alex says, "It's hard when it's your turn." He thinks his son is right; he is a hypocrite.

    He Has No Rules.

    Friday, June 12 2009

    At The Beacon, Phillip offers to go and see James with Beth. She lashes out at him for what he's done to their son and refuses to make things any easier for him. After she storms off, he hangs out in the hall until Emma wanders over to him and invites him in. They hug and he tells her they can have fun this summer. She tells him he's a good dad.

    Beth goes to Company to pick up some food for James.

    When Phillip goes to visit his son, he tells him that the food in there isn't all that bad. He tries to be friendly, but James is cold and tells him how much he hates him. After Phillip leaves, Beth comes in. The prosecutor arrives and explains that he's being charged with 312 counts of fraud. Beth realizes that he could end up in jail for 850 years. She tells him that they can fight this. "But I'm guilty. I'm going to go to prison," he says.

    Rick finds Phillip on the basketball court looking lost. Phillip is afraid that his son doesn't seem to be feeling anything. He scares him. "He has no rules," he explains. "I wonder where he got that from," Rick says. Beth comes out and begins laying into Phillip. Rick is called back to the hospital. Beth tells Phillip how long their son could go away for. He tries to play it down but she's furious that James could spend the rest of his life in prison.

    Beth returns to the cells. James reminds her that he did everything he could to get his father out of jail. Phillip paid him back by sending him to jail. He's sure that he just wants to get rid of him.

    Phillip goes to see the judge for a private conversation.

    I Can Be Very Persuasive.

    Monday, June 08 2009

    Outside of the station, Beth blames Phillip for their son being arrested. Phillip points out that he committed calculated criminal acts. He offered to take the fall for him but then he caught him doing it again. He thinks that his son has to face the consequences. "I'm afraid that if the consequences aren't big, it won't shake him enough," he says. Beth is afraid that prison will change who he is. "You don't want him to be the kind of man he is," Phillip says.

    Alan and Beth are in the courthouse. She's in tears; she feels like she has failed her son. Alan tells her that Phillip has his own agenda, but they can keep the family together.

    Daisy goes to visit James with cake. He wonders if she'll bring him cake in prison. After she's gone, his father goes down and continues to rant at him, furious that he can be so indifferent about everything. Beth runs in and drags him out. They go upstairs and argue. He thinks that his son is turning into Alan. "That would be you," she accuses. Alan comes in as the lawyer arrives. The cops are bringing James up for his arraignment. Alan promises Beth that he will help her and James though this.

    Beth goes into the courtroom as the judge begins questioning James. He agrees to send him home with his family, but, before he can, Phillip speaks up and tells the judge that releasing him would be a mistake. The judge thanks him, denies bail and orders James remanded to jail. Alan and Beth promise to help.

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