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    Guiding Light CAST - Elizabeth "Beth" Raines Bauer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elizabeth "Beth" Raines Bauer Played by Beth Chamberlin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Chamberlin

    Birthday: 1963-10-01
    Birthplace: Danville, Vermont
    Marital Status: Married, Peter Roy July 1994
    Real Name: Beth Chamberlin


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    Actually, He Is.

    Wednesday, September 02 2009

    Beth runs into Daisy at the minimart and tells her that she's glad that James has a friend like her right now. Daisy walks out and meets James, telling him how nice his mom is. They talk about how freakish their families are. They make out.

    Phillip meets Beth in the park. She tells him that he can't antagonize their son and needs to give him some time. "Beth, I'm sick," he says. He explains that he's dying and only has a few weeks. She cries. He holds her and tells her how sorry he is that she has to go through this.

    A distraught Alex arrives at Cedars. Her brother takes her by the hand and leads her into a waiting room. Rick arrives next. His father comes out and tells him that he's proud of him and then leads him into the waiting room. Bill and Lizzie arrive next. Lillian takes them into the waiting room. Beth and Phillip finally arrive. He tells her he couldn't get through this without her. She wants to be with him every step of the way. As they hug, James comes in. They go into the waiting room with everyone else. Phillip tells them he's dying. When it becomes clear that he's known for months, James walks out. Lizzie cries to her father and Alex sobs to Alan. James walks the corridor, smashing things until he walks into Ed's office and looks over Phillip's file. When Ed comes in, James confronts him. "I see you found a cure Dr. Bauer, so why are you letting my father die?" James demands.

    Some People Never Learn From Their Mistakes.

    Tuesday, September 01 2009

    Phillip arrives at Company to meet with Lillian and Ed. He's starting to feel his time running out and thinks he has to start saying goodbye now. After he steps away, Beth comes in and Ed rushes off to work. Beth sits down with her mother and asks what's going on. "Do you realize what a mistake you're making? Buzz loves you!" Beth blurts out. Lillian insists they aren't having another affair. She's a one man woman.

    James runs into his father at the mansion. Phillip tells him it's great he's spending time with Alan and asks him to do something later. James turns him down. Phillip needs to spend some time with him. As he demands to know why he refuses, Beth walks in and tells him to leave their son alone. "We don't always get everything we want when we want it," she tells him.

    Phillip and Beth argue outside. She reminds him that he was gone for years and his son grew up without him. She thinks that he just pulls people in and pushes them away when he wants to. He tells her that it really is all about him this time and walks away.

    The Truth Is We Can't Hide The Truth.

    Tuesday, August 25 2009

    Phillip runs into Beth at the library. She's studying. He tries to convince her to go away with him.


    Thursday, August 20 2009

    Shayne runs into Beth at the courthouse. He's there to sign his annulment papers. "If I sign these, it will erase the whole thing," he says. She doesn't think it will be enough to make him forget.

    Josh goes to Company to have coffee. He and Daisy awkwardly talk about Reva and then he asks about the rest of her life. She doesn't have a life outside of work. "I guess life's a little more complicated than back when you were a kid," she says. Beth comes in and tells him she just saw his son filing the annulment.

    Beth and Ed are chatting at Company. She's glad that she doesn't have to rely on a man in her life and studying law is taking up most of her time and energy.

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