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    Guiding Light CAST - Elizabeth "Beth" Raines Bauer - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elizabeth "Beth" Raines Bauer Played by Beth Chamberlin on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Beth Chamberlin

    Birthday: 1963-10-01
    Birthplace: Danville, Vermont
    Marital Status: Married, Peter Roy July 1994
    Real Name: Beth Chamberlin


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    You Saved All Of Us.

    Wednesday, September 16 2009

    Inside the mansion, Rick explains to the family that Alan died of a heart attack. Alex thanks him for coming. After he leaves, they start to wonder about the funeral. Alex says that her brother wanted to be cremated and didn't want any big ordeal. "He wanted to be just with the family and he wanted us to know that he loves us all," she says.

    You've Given Me Happiness.

    Tuesday, September 15 2009

    Beth and Phillip are surprised to see Alex and Alan arrive at the pier as wedding ceremony ends. Phillip runs into Daisy and James. His son is still annoyed that he let Alan go through with the operation instead of him. James plods off and Phillip sighs. James runs into his grandfather down the boardwalk. Alan tells him that parents are supposed to save their children.

    Beth finds Phillip staring into the water. He tells her how lucky he feels. She reminds him of what he said about loving her, but she won't hold him to it. He insists that he will always love her.

    Jonathan and Lizzie bring Sarah to her family. He introduces them to the Spauldings. Beth has trouble saying that she's a grandmother. Alan tells Sarah he's sorry it wasn't safe before but she's safe now.

    Phillip walks up on Beth as she picks up sea shells from the beach. They talk about her painting and he encourages her to go back to it. He tells her that he will be great again if she will be with him for the rest of his life. He's in love with her and wants to be with her. "Marry me?" he asks. She sobs and agrees. They kiss. He feels like a kid again.

    Two For The Price Of One.

    Monday, September 14 2009

    Emma runs in to the mansion and leaps into her father's arms. He tells her the cookies helped. Olivia and Nat follow her in and then rush off to the wedding with her. James comes in and tells his parents that he is going to the wedding without them – he has a date. "Do I?" Phillip asks, offering Beth his arm.

    You Made Us A Family.

    Thursday, September 10 2009

    Beth smiles at Phillip until he wakes up. She takes his hand and tells him he looks okay. They thank God... and Ed, then make fun of Rick and laugh. He was afraid he would never look into her eyes again. "You're stuck with me," she says.

    I Knew That You Could Be A Hero.

    Wednesday, September 09 2009

    Lizzie and Bill rush to the hospital. Alex, Beth and James are also there. Lillian and Rick come out and explain that Alan has volunteered to save Phillip. Rick says the chances are only 50/50. James demands to speak to his father. Alex sends Lizzie to see Alan.

    Beth goes to see Phillip. They joke about how nothing kills Alan so they must have a good shot at surviving this. She cries and he admits that he knew he was dying when she kissed him, but he felt in that moment that nothing could separate them. If he can make it through this, he hopes they can find a way back to each other. Before she can say anything, Rick and the nurses come in and wheel him out.

    Bill and James bring sandwiches for everyone. Beth tells her mother how angry she is with her for never telling her that Phillip is sick. Lillian tells her that lying about this has been the hardest thing she's ever had to do. "I just wanted the chance to take care of him," Beth cries.

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