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    Guiding Light CAST - Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding Played by Marcy Faith (Behrens) Rylan on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Marcy Rylan

    Birthday: 1980-11-04
    Birthplace: Rural PA
    Real Name: Marcy Faith (Behrens) Rylan


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    Remembering Max.

    Friday, August 14 2009

    Bill is reluctant to go to Max's memorial. He doesn't think he's worthy. Lizzie tells him he has to go. "He deserved so much better than someone like me," he says. The moment that he was in his life, he wasn't the kind of man he could be proud of. He walks across the lawn and then back. Lizzie tells him he has to go and remember. She knows what he's feeling... her baby was taken away too, that's why they get each other. They walk away together.

    Lizzie and Bill arrive at the cemetery. Bill thinks of the kind of person he used to be, how he used to hurt people. "Who would want to bring a child into the kind of life I had manufactured?" he asks. Lizzie tells him to stop and reminds him that he loved Max and that's what a baby needs. "It wasn't enough," he says. She tells him to show his son the kind of man he has become. They walk over to the grave. Remy and Christina are still there. Lizzie and Christina leave the boys alone. Christina can't imagine losing a baby. Lizzie tells her how horrible it is.

    Bill and Lizzie go home. He thanks her for giving him a kick. She says that they are lucky and have everything. "Almost everything," he says. He wants to have a baby with her. They kiss. Before they can start, she reminds him that they need to work on the house first. "I'll get my tool belt," he says. Remy and Christina stop by and offer to lend them a hand. "Glad to have you," Bill says.


    Tuesday, August 11 2009

    Phillip goes to see a healer. She offers him some herbs. He tells her that he's dying and only has a few weeks. She doesn't have what he needs, but hands him some contact information for a healer in Mexico. She also gives him a bloodstone to keep up his strength. When he walks out, he bumps into Lizzie. He lies about what he was just doing.

    Lizzie walks into Company. Frank rants about Cyrus and how his father has gone crazy. Her father has gone crazy too, she says. Cyrus and Buzz arrive and start using Maureen's computer. Lillian shows up and explains that the 'frog and toe' is an old nickname for New York City. They decide to take a road trip. Buzz's car is dead so he is taking the restaurant's van. Frank stops him and tells him he can't take it. "Keep the damn van," Buzz says. Buzz and Cyrus try to figure out what to do and decide to take the bus.

    Lizzie runs into Cyrus at the minimart. She tells him the Coopers can't afford him running a scam on them. He's not. He owes them and wants to make up for what he's done to them. She believes him; she just can't tell where the scammer ends and the good guy beings. "I can't tell either," he says.

    Not the Easiest People To Love.

    Monday, August 10 2009

    Phillip wakes up James and tells him they have to help Lizzie fix up her house. He heads over and begins hammering loudly on the lawn to wake up the newlyweds. When Bill looks out the window, Phillip yells at him to get up. When they realize he won't leave, they go down. As Bill goes outside, Lizzie calls her mother to ask her why Phillip is hammering on their lawn at 5:45 in the morning. She takes coffee out to her father and Bill.

    Phillip sees Matt and Beth arrive at the house and asks his daughter if they are together yet. The work crew arrives and Phillip begins issuing orders. He walks over to Bill and questions him about Matt. Phillip sends Matt to work with Beth. He sees his son arrive. James tries to leave. As Phillip stops him Beth comes over and asks him why he is pushing Matt on her. "I don't need a man in my life, but if I want one, I'll find him on my own," she says. He turns around and begins yelling at James to stay and work. As Phillip screams, Matt approaches and suggests that James go up the hill and dig up a stump. Phillip laughs nervously and tries to calm down. Instead, he runs up the hill, grabs the shovel away from his son, knocks him down and begins yelling at him. James runs.

    Beth and Phillip begin arguing. She tells him he can't keep treating people like this. He realizes that he is making things worse by trying to make them better. After he storms off, she goes in the house. She and her daughter wonder what's wrong with Phillip. Matt and Beth leave to get coffee.

    Bill does a strip routine for Lizzie and they have sex.

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