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    Guiding Light CAST - Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding Played by Marcy Faith (Behrens) Rylan on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Marcy Rylan

    Birthday: 1980-11-04
    Birthplace: Rural PA
    Real Name: Marcy Faith (Behrens) Rylan


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    Rick Tries to Save His Marriage

    Thursday, August 24 2006

    Lizzie disagrees with Mel about seeing her granddad and busts into his room. She walks up to a ...fake... sleeping Alan and tells him she needs to have a ...heart to heart... with him right now and hopes he's up to it. Lizzie tells Alan that the police have charged her with attempted murder and he has to call the police. Alan tells her he's far too tired and they'll talk later. Mel tells her to get out of the room.

    Beth walks into Alan's room later and talks with him. He tells her that Lizzie was charged with attempted murder but she's already out on bail. He pleads with her to help get Lizzie's baby for their own. Beth stands up to Alan and tells him from now on they're doing things HER WAY like it or not.

    Harley Arrests Lizzie For Attempted Murder

    Tuesday, August 22 2006

    Lizzie tells Tammy that she wanted to kill Alan, she shot him on purpose.

    Meanwhile, Jonathan runs into Gus and tells him not to bother with any investigation. But Gus tells him to get out of his way and heads towards Lizzie with Jonathan close behind. Gus tries to question her but Jonathan tells Gus what happened. He tells Gus that he should be dragging in Alan instead. Gus tells him to back off before he makes things worse.

    Back at the station with Lizzie, Gus asks her for the truth. He asked her if she knew there were blanks in the gun when she pulled the trigger? Lizzie doesn't answer him. Tammy and Jonathan race down to the station to stop Lizzie from talking. Harley walks in confronting Jonathan and Lizzie, telling them what a sl** she is for getting pregnant by Jonathan. She continues on and Jonathan starts laughing at the thought of her insane beliefs.

    Lizzie interrupts the both of them and tells lady cop that her granddad Alan set her up and she can prove it. She tells Harley about Alan having this room with locks and bars on the windows and security surveillance. No one really believes her but Gus encourages Harley to check it out. So they all head down to Alan's to find this room.

    Once they get to the mansion, Lizzie takes them to the room where she discovered all the baby items and bars on the windows. Jonathan breaks the door open to find an empty room with some boxes around and no bars or surveillance. Lizzie looks around in disbelief and Harley arrests her for attempted murder.

    Olivia Tells Buzz How She Killed Her Mother

    Monday, August 21 2006

    Lizzie panics, grabs her gun and shoots! She keeps shooting and someone falls to the ground.

    Jonathan, Tammy, Cassie & Josh hear her scream. They rush upstairs and Jonathan grabs Lizzie asking her what happened? She cries that ...she killed him...!

    She tries to explain that no one was answering her and she panicked and didn't know what to do. Josh looks up and tells them he's still breathing. Jonathan looks at the gun and tells them the bullets are blanks and that's why there's no blood.

    Lizzie can't figure out what's happening. She screams at Alan why he didn't answer her, why did he come creeping in the dark!! Alan plays dumb telling her he just wanted to give her this and shows her a check. In walks Beacon security and tells Jonathan to drop the gun. The security guard asks for backup but Alan tells them there's no need for that, no one is hiding anything and all of this was a misunderstanding. But the guard persists, calling on his radio. Alan gets furious, telling the guy that this is his family and to call off the police because if he doesn't, he'll have his job. At that moment, Alan grabs his chest and passes out.

    At the hospital, they rush Alan in and get tests going on him. He asks Lillian to find Beth for him and she goes off to phone her.

    In the waiting room Tammy and Jonathan try to calm Lizzie down telling her this kind of stress is not good for the baby. Jonathan leaves to get Lizzie some water when his phone rings. It's Billy again updating him that Reva's color is looking a bit better. Jonathan then spills it out to him about Josh and Cassie. Billy doesn't respond and Jonathan tells him he's going to ball them out. Billy tells him he can't do that and besides Reva knows. Jonathan doesn't believe him but promises not to say anything for now.

    Josh walks up to Jonathan asking him to spill his guts and besides ...Cassie and I know what we're doing...! Jonathan looks at him replying he doesn't know what he's doing to Reva at all... and storms out.

    Back in the waiting room, Beth runs up to Lizzie asking her what happened?! Lizzie tries to explain and the nurse walks up telling them that they're going to keep Alan for observation. Beth asks if she can see Alan and walks into his room telling him she's here. After Beth leaves, Alan jumps out of bed and calls his ...goon... to follow Lizzie after she leaves the hospital.

    Lillian comforts Lizzie telling her that when Alan gets better, they're all going to sit down as a family and figure all this out. Lillian continues to say that because they all know Lizzie would never mean to do this on purpose, it wasn't her fault. Lizzie just nods her head without answering.

    Lizzie Shoots Someone!

    Friday, August 18 2006

    Jonathan and Tammy talk about all the craziness surrounding them lately. That Lizzie will have to move out but they decide not to tell her until she is better emotionally. In walks Lizzie asking them to go for lunch. She says it's ...her treat... and looks in her purse for her wallet and sees a gun in there. Shocked, she tries to hide her fear and tells them what she found in the mansion at Alan's. They don't believe her so she pulls out her camera phone to show them the photo.

    She goes through her photos but can't find the picture. She doesn't understand what happened thinking Granddad must have somehow erased the picture. They still don't buy her story telling her she tends to exaggerate! She tries to tell them he's on a warpath, shutting down their credit cards and such but they still don't think it's possible so she storms out!

    Jonathan's phone rings and he tells Tammy he'll join her in a minute as she walks out after Lizzie. It's Billy on the other end, telling him Reva is very weak and to stay close to the phone.

    Lizzie takes a walk on the streets but feels like everyone around her is following her. She's trying to think of a place to hide the gun. She changes her mind, heading back to the apartment to get some sleep. Waking up to some sounds in the dark, Lizzie panics asking who's there. There's no answer as the figure creeps closer to her. Lizzie pulls out the gun and fires.

    Alan Plots Against Lizzie

    Thursday, August 17 2006

    In walks Alan's family and Beth asks him what is going on? He rallied them up to have a family meeting. Michael asks what makes Alan so sure she needs help? He replies that Lizzie is starting to remind him of Phillip. She's putting her baby in jeopardy.

    Beth tells them all LIZZIE IS HER DAUGHTER and for everyone to back off! She walks out going to look for Lizzie.

    In walks Alan's family and Beth asks him what is going on? He rallied them up to have a family meeting. Michael asks what makes Alan so sure she needs help? He replies that Lizzie is starting to remind him of Phillip. She's putting her baby in jeopardy.

    Beth tells them all LIZZIE IS HER DAUGHTER and for everyone to back off! She walks out going to look for Lizzie.

    Alan continues talking to everyone about helping Lizzie. But Alexandra starts to laugh at him telling him it sounds like an ambush! They're all suspicious of Alan's motives rolling their eyes. In walks Lizzie asking them all what's going on? He tells her that he's just informing everyone about his concerns for her.

    Alexandra tries to comfort Lizzie and assure her no one will ever take her baby away. Lizzie tries to tell them all that Alan is purposely trying to drive her crazy. She tells them that Alan bought out the baby store. She tries to call a cab but Alan gets in her way. Lizzie stands up to him, telling him he'll never get her baby and if she tries, she'll kill him! Lizzie storms out!

    Alan looks around the room and says ...OH yes, she's JUST FINE, isn't she...?

    Lizzie stumbles on the Alan has prepared for her and the baby. Lizzie calls Jonathan's cell but he doesn't answer. She tells him what she found and it has locks and bars on the windows and stuff. She begs him to call her back. She then starts taking pictures of the room so someone would believe her! She leaves the room but runs into Alan. He grabs her arms and tells her that her baby is a Spaulding heir and the baby needs to be safe. She runs out!

    Dinah Gets Arrested

    Tuesday, August 15 2006

    It's still there replies Lizzie. What is, Tammy ask. ...The black car.... She tells Jonathan and Tammy that it hasn't moved for about five hours and she's certain it's one of Alan's goons. They frown at each other asking her if she would like to come to the beach with them, but she declines.

    Later, Lizzie returning from the company screams at the strange man to leave her alone and she runs to her home banging on the door. Jonathan comes out asking what's wrong. She yells, pointing to the man that he's been following her. Jonathan asks him if that's true? She insists that he's one of Alans guys. The man looking confused asks who Alan is? Jonathan asks him what's really going on and the man tells him he saw her drop her wallet and was trying to return it to her. Helping her up, Jonathan assures her everything is fine, but she insists that was just a ploy made up by Alan to scare me. Jonathan tries to convince her it was nothing but she doesn't listen.

    Trying to calm her down, Tammy gets her to relax and explain what scared her so much. Lizzie, talking to herself and her baby stating that Alan will not get them, will not hurt her or her baby. Lizzie jumps up asking them if they heard that ..." footsteps in the hallway?! They reply they don't hear anything and start to discuss how they can protect Lizzie.... From herself!

    Cassie and Josh Get Hot!

    Monday, August 14 2006

    Jonathan asks Lizzie what she wants as she sits down beside him on the bed. He tells her to quit faking and stretch out her legs. There's a knock on the door and in walks Alan. Lizzie asks him for her money back! But he threatens to send her to a psych ward. Jonathan tells Lizzie no one is sending her anywhere.

    Alan goes over all the crazy things Lizzie has done in the past telling her they only wants what's best for her. Lizzie loses it screaming how she hates Alan playing right into his plan!

    Alan leaves and Lizzie breaks down thinking Alan is going to come after the baby and lock her up. She begs for Jonathan's help.

    Reva accidently runs into Josh at airport

    Friday, August 11 2006

    Tammy walks in and talks to Lizzie about her pregnancy and health. She asks if she knows where Jonathan is? Lizzie replies that maybe he's with Reva. Reva? She's back says Tammy. Knock at the door, it' Jonathan asking her what the hell she's doing? He gives her hell for not asking who it is or checking first before opening the door. Lizzie hands Jonathan a list of guys her ...grand-dad... uses for the rough stuff. She tells him there's one thing she understands and that's revenge!

    Lizzie asks Jonathan to go get her some ice cream. Tammy asks her if she misses Coop? Lizzie says she thought she would more, but really doesn't.

    Reva Discovers the Truth!

    Monday, August 07 2006

    Still back at their house, Jonathan laughs at Lizzie. I'm on to you he tells her. I know what you're doing. She rolls her eyes, I'm going to be late for my appointment. Jonathan shakes his head, don't lie Lizzie, he scolds. You knew all along about your appointment and wanted me to be late to see Tammy.

    In the hospital, Lizzie approaches the nurse who has her chart. She asks if the nurse can change the fathers name to Jonathan Randall please. As the nurse rolls her eyes and scratches out Coops name, Lizzie goes on explaining how things sometimes get confused and all. Nurse just walks away. Then Lizzie plots how to get Jonathan to the hospital, calls someone on her cell phone for help.

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