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    Guiding Light CAST - Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding Played by Marcy Faith (Behrens) Rylan on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Marcy Rylan

    Birthday: 1980-11-04
    Birthplace: Rural PA
    Real Name: Marcy Faith (Behrens) Rylan


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    My Time To Sit In The Big Chair.

    Monday, June 15 2009

    When Alan gets home, he calls the board to recommend himself as the new CEO. Lizzie comes in and offers to sell him her share of stock. She wants her life to only be about her and Bill. He thinks her life will always be about being a Spaulding whether she likes it or not. She's been trying to leave the family for years and she knows that he wants her to be happy. He agrees to keep the stocks for her until she comes to her senses. She pulls out the briefcase he gave her when she was little and promises to keep it with her always.

    Billy is at Towers when he bumps into Olivia. She's not in the mood to talk. Later, Vanessa arrives and then Bill. They've heard his news and tell him that he's too young to be retired. His father offers him a job at Lewis. They discuss when Bill will come back to work. He hints that he'll be gone for quite a while after the wedding... right now he just wants to pin down a best man. He asks his father to do it. "I'd love to," he says. Lizzie joins them and they joke around about who will be the most handsome man at the wedding. Bill's parents leave and the couple make out.

    He Has No Rules.

    Friday, June 12 2009

    Rick walks in on Bill and Lizzie while they make out in the office. He needs some help from the Spauldings and doesn't know who else to turn to. After drinking a glass of water and acting melodramatic, he tells them that he needs them to look after the kids' games at the barbecue.

    Lizzie and Bill are playing ball at the office when they start making out again. His secretary interrupts and then leaves his papers by the door. They go to the gym and Ashlee and Christina arrive to try games for the barbecue.

    I Can Be Very Persuasive.

    Monday, June 08 2009

    Bill and Lizzie return to Towers. Alan tells her that he will be taking a firm hand with her brother. She admits that she's angry with James but wouldn't wish Alan on him. Lizzie wants to go home. As the couple gets in the elevator, Alan leaps in with them. Lizzie tells him that going after Beth right now is really wrong.

    In the park, Bill is massaging Lizzie's leg. Her mother calls. Bill answers the phone. She asks them to come down to the courthouse and show some support for James. They won't go.

    Busy Day At Burger Land?

    Friday, June 05 2009

    At Towers, everyone is shocked when Bill is suddenly arrested. The authorities explain that Bill set up a scam. As Bill struggles with them, Phillip stops them and declares that the man they want is his son, James. Beth begs him not to do this but Phillip won't back down. James throws his hands up and confesses. They cuff James and lead him off with Bill. Beth is left hyperventilating while Vanessa asks Matt to go and take care of Maureen. Daisy admits to Ashlee that she knew about all of this. Beth confronts Phillip for breaking his word, saying that turning himself in would have been better than this. Lizzie wants some answers but she won't get them from her father. Ashlee offers to drive her to the police station. Everyone is left gabbing. Beth runs off. Phillip tries to explain things to Billy and Vanessa. After they walk away, Daisy confronts Phillip and tells him that his son will never forgive him. As Phillip steps into the elevator, Alan looks in at him. "It's not easy having a son... is it, Son?" he asks.

    At the station, James apologizes to Bill. He tells him to take a vacation next time he wants to get away from his family. The cops come to talk to James. Lizzie arrives and tells him to wait for a lawyer. "Why? I did it," he says.

    Back at the station, Bill tells Lizzie that James must be a chip off the old block. The cop comes in and says that James confessed to everything. Lizzie goes down to the cells to see her brother. She'd like to say something to put him in his place, but she can't think of anything. "That's because you don't know anything about me," he says. She lays into him but he doesn't see why he should care about hurting her, although that wasn't his intention. He just wanted out of the family. She understands, but she doesn't forgive him.

    Good Luck In This Town.

    Thursday, June 04 2009

    Lizzie tells Bill to get dressed or they'll be late for their own engagement party. He admires her outfit and tells her that he wants to marry her tonight. He even gets down on his knee to ask her. She won't elope. Ashlee walks in and takes a picture of them. She's making their wedding album. Bill realizes that Doris will be at their party and she can perform their service.

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