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    Guiding Light CAST - Alexandra Spaulding

    Full detailed profile on Alexandra Spaulding Played by Marjorie Dusay on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Marj Dusay
    Alexandra Spaulding

    Actor: Marjorie Dusay

    Who played Alexandra Spaulding over the years

    Joan Collins (September - December 2002)
    Marj Dusay (September 1993 - January 1999; December 2002 - Present)
    Beverlee McKinsey (February 1984 - August 1992)

    Useful information on Alexandra Spaulding

    * Was the stalker of Reva Lewis.
    * Attempted to drive Alan insane.
    * Tried to frame Frank Cooper for various crimes.
    * Was one of the leading figures in the Antimonius drug ring.


    Current: Executive at Spaulding Enterprises
    Past: CEO of Spaulding Enterprises


    The young Alexandra ran away from her family wealth to gallivant across Europe in a series of relationships with poor musicians before marrying a baron, divorcing him and finally arriving in Springfield. She soon became a close ally of Philip and made it her life's duty to destroy her brother Alan's plots. This included the 'Dreaming Death' conspiracy, for which she turned him in to the FBI. He vanished soon after and she used her influence to help bring her friends and lovers into the company.

    Over the years, she's searched out many of the relatives she believed she lost, including a sister, Victoria, with whom she offered to share the family fortune. More important was her reunion with wayward son Lujack who she eventually won over despite his misgivings. She supported him in his endeavors and he died in her arms after an explosion. Her life got more complicated when her supposedly dead brother reappeared looking for revenge of his own. She fled to San Rios where she was kidnapped by rebels before being rescued and returned to Springfield.

    She began a romance with HB Lewis before a plane crash left her on a desert island with Fletcher Reade and a mysterious man who turned out to be Roger Thorpe. Surprisingly, she married Roger soon after returning, but the marriage was doomed and she publicly humiliated him before subjecting him to blackmail. More surprisingly, she discovered Lujack's twin, Nick McHenry and pulled him into the family, but alienated him with her continuing meddling in his life. Over time, they came to trust one another as she tried to help him with a career. Tired of endless corporate intrigue, she left for Europe with Nick and his wife Susan.

    She would return several years later, after Alan had a heart attack and the company was in turmoil. She pushed him out and tried to keep the bottle on Gus' parentage as long as possible. When it came out, desperate to hold onto the power she had left, she drugged Alan and tried to drive him mad. He went one better and managed to trick her into a confession of her crimes, not least of which was the stalking and attempted murder of Reva. He pushed her out of company leadership and into pharmaceuticals. There, she got involved with illegal trading and the sinister Antimonius drug ring. Alan, to her surprise, tried to save her from prosecution, but when Frank Cooper would not relent, she tried to frame him. This backfired, destroying her relationship with Frank's father Buzz and she ended up in jail only to be freed by her brother just as Phillip was 'murdered'. The siblings continued their fighting, if in a somewhat more low-key fashion, while she blackmailed him for his role in Phillip's death. Her testimony eventually freed Harley and almost jailed Alan. Subsequently, she has played a more minor role, mostly as a help to Alan-Michael and a much needed balance to her brother.


    Baron Von Halkein (divorced - deceased)
    Roger Thorpe (divorced - deceased)


    Eric Luvonaczek (lovers)
    Locke Walls (lovers - deceased)
    Mike Bauer (lovers)
    Ross Marler (lovers - deceased)
    Harlan Billy "H.B." Lewis I (engaged - deceased)
    Warren Andrews (engaged)
    Mark Jarrett (dated)
    Fletcher Reade (lovers)
    Hawk Shayne (dated as part of a sting)
    Edmund Winslow (lovers)
    Frank_Buzz_Cooper_Sr (dated)


    Brandon Spaulding (father - deceased)
    Penelope Winthrop Spaulding (mother - deceased)
    Alan Spaulding (brother)
    Victoria Spaulding (half-sister)
    Amanda Spaulding (half-sister)
    Phillip Spaulding (nephew)
    Gus Aitoro (nephew)
    Alan-Michael Spaulding (nephew)
    Vicky Spaulding (niece)
    Elizabeth_Lizzie_Spaulding (great-niece)
    Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding (great-nephew)
    James Spaulding (great-nephew)
    Emma Spencer Lewis (great-niece)
    Sarah Randall (great-great-niece)
    Susan Bates Spaulding (daughter-in-law)
    Roger Thorpe (brother-in-law - deceased)


    Brandon "Lujack" Luvonaczek (with Eric - deceased)
    Nick McHenry Spaulding (with Eric)


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    Friday, September 18 2009: The End.

    At the mansion, Lizzie complains to Bill that Alex seems obsessed with Fletcher. He interrupts them to promise that he won't let them get into any trouble. Alex hopes that they can get into some kind of trouble. Phillip and Beth come in. He pays his condolences.

    Lizzie goes outside to mope. Her parents assure her they aren't going anywhere. Fletcher comes out. He and Bill talk about Ben and then Alex comes out with her bags. "I'll be back for the damn wedding," she tells them with a laugh. They drive away.

    Thursday, September 17 2009: I'm Going To Miss Him.

    The Spauldings arrive at the lake. Buzz is already there, waiting for them. Beth admits that this isn't what she thought Alan would want for a funeral. Phillip tells Alex that Alan loved her more than anybody. "Not more than you sweetheart," she says. As they stand on the shore, none of them are sure what to say. Even Buzz has trouble saying anything. "Alan, I can't imagine Springfield without you... you brought out the best and worst in all of us. You made us strong. You were our constant so we can never say goodbye to you. Each one of us found a piece of ourselves because of you and I'll miss," he says. They each take a handful of the ashes and then, one by one, scatter them into the water.

    Alex goes home. She tells Bill and Lizzie that she'll be fine. Hilda comes in and announces a guest. Fletcher arrives. Alex throws her arms around him and cries.

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