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    Guiding Light CAST - Alan-Michael Spaulding - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alan-Michael Spaulding Played by Michael Dempsey on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Dempsey

    Birthday: 0000-09-30
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Michael Dempsey


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    That Was Lovely.

    Thursday, April 16 2009

    Phillip and Alex go to Spaulding to see Alan. Phillip agrees to take a seat on the board. Alan is thrilled and offers to call Lizzie. They call her over and fill her in. Before they can have a press conference, Phillip reads over the statement he is supposed to read. He realizes that it says he is supposed to seek the help of a psychologist. He's outraged. Alan tells him that he needs to do this to prove his sanity to his own daughter.

    Bad Luck or No Luck

    Thursday, May 10 2007

    Buzz rushes back to his room and can barely look at the photos of Jeffrey and Olivia. Picking up the phone, he demands that Olivia be brought to him now. Meanwhile, Ava tells her mother that she will make a beautiful bride. Olivia hopes that she'll make an even more beautiful wife. Ava tells her that she and Buzz are perfect for each other. There's a knock at the door: It's an unshaven Coop with a message for Olivia: Buzz needs to see her now. When she leaves, Ava and Coop argue about whether whatever is going on inside Buzz's room is their business. Alan-Michael walks down the hall and tries to apologize to Ava for yesterday. Coop butts in and begins to rant at Alan-Michael. She gets fed up with them and walks away. Coop tells Alan-Michael that he doesn't belong there and Ava is finished with him. 'You won't get what you want as long as I'm around,' Coop threatens as he strides off. Alan-Michael barely blinks and grabs the waiter as he walks by. He bribes him to let him into Ava's room. He calls down to have the jet fuelled and ready for Paris.

    Buzz finds Alan-Michael in Ava's room and punches him. Alan-Michael says that he should be thanking him. A tearful Buzz continues punching at him. Alan-Michael points out that, while he might have taken the pictures, that doesn't make them any less true. Buzz tells him that his days of hurting the people he cares about are over and he's no longer welcome in this town. Alan-Michael says that his family owns this town. Alan walks in and back Buzz up. He says that it's time for him to go, it doesn't matter where. Buzz says that he has to leave to save his marriage and Alan wishes him good luck. A bleeding Alan-Michael gives a mock toast as Buzz leaves. Alan-Michael still wants to fight but Alan tells him that tomorrow he will find a large sum of money in an offshore account. He's framing his son for embezzlement to keep him away, but he won't let him sink so low that he couldn't pull him back up. He's lost one son and won't lose another. Alan-Michael says that this is just about Alan trying to bully him and prove how powerful he is in the family. After he took care of him when he was in his coma, how can he do this to him? Alan tells his son that this is his opportunity to make a fresh start. Alan-Michael embraces his father tightly before almost collapsing. His father tries hard to keep himself cool as he walks out.

    Olivia goes downstairs and angrily sits down. Jeffrey approaches her. She tells him that it's over. 'It's over because of me. Now what?' he asks. She begins to lash out at him and demand that he leave her alone. He refuses. They aren't kids anymore and they didn't make a mistake last night. She knows what she needs and it's not him. Buzz is everything that Jeffrey is not: He is good. 'I never felt anything for you and I never will' she screams. He grabs her hands and refuses to let go. They begin to kiss passionately as Buzz appears. She stops when she spots him. Tears fill her eyes. After a dead silence, Buzz says that 'if it weren't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all.' Olivia tells Jeffrey to leave. When he does, she moves to Buzz but he pushes away and beings kicking at the tables, demanding that she be honest with him. She admits that she kissed Jeffrey last night and kissed him again just now, but she doesn't know why. Falling in love with Buzz was easy, but part of her needs to have things more complicated and, with Jeffrey, everything is mixed up with hate, anger and resentment: She can't understand her feelings for him. Buzz tells her that whoever she is, he wants her, whether she changes for the better or the worse: His love for her is bigger than she knows. 'I can't marry you Buzz. I won't,' she states reluctantly. He takes her hand, but she lets go and tells him not to follow her. 'I won't,' he says. Alan comes out after watching this and takes Buzz off for a drink. Alan-Michael walks by without a word. Buzz tells Alan that Olivia played the oldest trick in the book. 'Even the biggest lie has a kernel of truth in it,' Alan says. Buzz laughs bitterly. Meanwhile, Olivia and Jeffrey have already found each other. 'Here we are,' he says.

    All Dressed in White

    Wednesday, May 09 2007

    Meanwhile, Buzz is in a frenzy while he searches for his toasts. The wedding planner has them and hands them over. As Frank stops his father from hyperventilating, Belinda suggests that he put on some pants before he thinks of going anywhere. In the hall, she runs into Alan-Michael, who claims to be Rick, and asks for an updated itinerary for the day. When she asks him if she can help him with anything else, he tells her that he has everything he needs.

    Belinda walks down the hall and finds Coop wrapping gifts in Christmas paper. Ava comes in and hands her the gifts so that she can re-wrap them. Ava offers to help Coop finish dressing; she knows that it must be awkward for him to have her there. She shows him the honeymoon plans she's set up for Buzz; she talked Alexandra into letting them use the Spaulding jet and take the bride and groom to London.

    Down the corridor, Olivia gives Buzz an expensive watch and calls him her Don Quixote. She sends him off to bed with an 'I love you'. Belinda follows Olivia into her room and the bride-to-be asks her to take her veil away: She refuses to wear it tomorrow. As Belinda takes the veil, she notices a pile of presents on the balcony and walks out to collect them. There is a knock at the door. Expecting Buzz, Olivia answers it and finds Jeffrey standing there instead. He tells her that Ava wanted him to talk to her before the ceremony. She accuses him of being drunk. He begins telling her that he hates the past as much as she does... he's only glad to see that she moved on with her life. He really respect her; he's lost a lot of sleep thinking about what he did to her. When he asks her if she saw her baby before she gave it up, she slowly answers yes. This is something he thinks about a lot. Seeing her building something real with her daughter makes him feel... he gets lost in his words. Trying to continue, he says that 'tomorrow you will be Mrs Buzz Cooper and I'll be sober...this is the last chance...' He pulls her into a long kiss and she breaks it off. Suddenly, Belinda realizes that someone else is on the balcony: It's Alan-Michael snapping shots of Jeffrey and Olivia. He hushes her before she can say anything. Olivia tells Jeffrey that she won't let him hurt her again and runs off. Jeffrey runs after her and she begins shouting at him. Jeffrey tells her that he just wants her to be alright and be happy with Buzz. As he leaves, Belinda rushes to Olivia and asks her if she's alright. Olivia tells her that Jeffrey is the sort of man you have to stay away from. Belinda thinks that he was ruggedly cute, but there is another problem... Before she can mention it, Olivia cuts her off and runs upstairs to Buzz. As they close the bedroom door, Belinda finds Alan-Michael wandering the halls. She demands the photos, but he won't give them up. Charming her, he walks her down the hallway.

    Belinda looks down and spots Alan-Michael handing an envelope to a waiter and asking them to make sure that Mr Cooper gets it. She rushes to Buzz's room where Coop is helping him finish dressing. The waiter comes to the door with the envelope and Belinda tells Buzz not to take it. He ignores her and opens it to see the pictures of Jeffrey and Olivia kissing. He throws her out and slams the door.

    After All That

    Tuesday, May 08 2007

    In his room at The Beacon, Alan-Michael is putting together some final touches for his plan. His father arrives, asking for his signature renouncing his stake in Spaulding and tying up the all of the loose ends. Alan offers his son a good severance pay and tells him not to be petulant when he doesn't get what he wants. All that Alan-Michael ever wanted was a father. 'God help the child Beth is having,' he says. He begins working out while Alan tells him to stop being so emotional; he could never look after anything on his own. After telling his father to take his offer and leave, Alan notices the pile of papers on his son's desk as he heads for the door. It seems like he is planning some sort of surprise for Olivia and Jeffrey's wedding. Alan starts to feel concerned about what his son has planned. Alan-Michael tells him about Jeffrey and Olivia kidnapping and torturing him, turning Ava against him, and how much he wants revenge. Alan tells him to forget that. This is his chance for a fresh start; he can avoid going over to the dark side like he did, he can go to San Cristobal and live like a prince. Alan-Michael doesn't want anything that Alan can give him now. 'From now on I take and I keep taking,' he says as he throws his father out.

    As Ava continues with preparation, Alan Michael surprises her. He gets her in the corner and tells her that he just wants to apologize and repay her for her loyalty and friendship. Growing more agitated, he claims that he just wants to make up for everything. He begins to ramble about how Alan threw him out of the company and now he needs people around him that he can trust so that he can go up against his father. After he calls Coop 'a loser', she becomes defensive and he reminds her that he rescued her from a dead-end life. She tells him to look in a mirror: The only person who needs rescuing is him. After he stalks off, Jeffrey returns and asks her if she is alright. He tells her that Alan-Michael is in a desperate place and that can get nasty. She knows, but she's over him and quickly changes the subject. She wants Jeffrey to be her father and be a friend to Olivia. He tells her that it's not that easy, but he feels like he can't say no. She embraces him while Alan-Michael watches in the distance.


    Friday, April 27 2007

    In his room, Alan-Michael wakes up with a photo of he and Ava beside his head. Getting up and sitting at his desk, he takes out a series of other photos. First Alan and then Jeffrey and Olivia. He begins to think... Meanwhile, at Company, Olivia and Buzz are playing around when Olivia gets a call. It is the police calling to ask her to come down and see them about a 'disturbing incident' involving Alan-Michael at The Beacon. (It is really Alan-Michael on the phone with his voice disguised). Flashing back to her torture session with Jeffrey, Olivia hangs up and runs off. Alan-Michael wanders into Company and Buzz tells him that he's not welcome there. Alan-Michael says that Buzz should be thanking him for not pressing charges against his fiancee. As he relates the story of being abducted, bound and gagged, Buzz begins to simmer. Alan-Michael continues to tell him that Jeffrey and Olivia are two of a kind. Keeping cool, Buzz shows him out, but this has obviously affected him. He sits down and gets to work. Later, Gus comes in looking for Harley's keys and Buzz shows him something on the internet. Gus is impressed that he's moving so fast.

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