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    Guiding Light CAST - Alan-Michael Spaulding

    Full detailed profile on Alan-Michael Spaulding Played by Michael Dempsey on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Dempsey
    Alan-Michael Spaulding

    Actor: Michael Dempsey

    Who played Alan-Michael Spaulding over the years

    Michael Dempsey (November 2005 - May 10th 2007)
    Michael Dietz (July 1996 - February 1997)
    Rick Hearst (July 1990 - June 1996)
    Carl T. Evans (July 1987 - June 1990)
    Jessica Zutterman (September 1981 - October 1983)

    Useful information on Alan-Michael Spaulding

    * Born in 1981 but birth revised to 1970 when he turned 17 in 1987. Revised again to 1966 due to Marina Cooper's age change.
    * Bugged and framed Harley in order to get incriminating information on her and push her out of Spaulding.
    * Involved in the car bombing at the Towers parking garage which injured A.C. Mallet.
    * Lives at The Beacon.


    Current: CEO of Spaulding Enterprises
    Past: Executive at Spaulding Enterprises
    Past: Executive at Spaulding Enterprises in France
    Past: Co-owner of the Springfield Journal
    Past: Partner at Jenna Bradshaw's hand-lotion company
    Past: CEO of Spaulding Enterprises
    Past: Co-owner of antique shop with Harley


    Alan-Michael was raised by his mother after his parent's divorce. When 18, he returned to Springfield in search of a relationship with his father. Unfortunately, his place had been taken by Alan's adopted son Phillip. The siblings began a long and resentful relationship, with Alan-Michael always vowing to take the company as his rightful possession.

    Spoiled and bored, he spent his youth riding his motorcycle and bouncing between Dinah and Harley. He got engaged to the latter at the age of 21 so that he could gain control of his trust fund. Despite Phillip's attempts to break them up and destroy Alan-Michael's stake in the company, the couple actually fell in love. The relationship was strained by jealousy and he went as far as kidnapping her estranged daughter Susan to bond them together. After a lengthy break up, where they fought bitterly for his money, he ended up marrying Phillip's conniving ex-wife Blake with whom he'd been having an affair. Almost instantly, he was abducted by one of her former beaus before being rescued by Roger and then accidentally shot by her, almost dying while she was put in a mental hospital. A quick divorce followed their stormy relationship which carried him through a series of backroom plots by which he attempted to take over Spaulding.

    He became entranced by Greek beauty Eleni and had to engage in labyrinthine plotting to win her over. This included flying her half-way across the world and framing her betrothed, Frank Cooper, of having an affair before eventually marrying her at customs so that she could enter the country. His bid to keep her was complicated when one of his accomplices, Musette, continued to reappear with threats to expose him. Overreacting, he hired a deranged man named Pierre who blew up Towers in a bid to silence her. He fled with his new wife and tried to get her pregnant by replacing her birth control with placebos in a bid to keep her. She soon discovered his schemes and grew distant, though she refused to leave for the sake of her child. Their relationship eventually collapsed when he realized the baby she carried was actually Frank's. Still, he remained attached to her, even as he got involved with Frank's virginal sister Lucy.

    Exiled for a time from his family, he sought out competitive opportunities and ended up battling his father's enemy Harry Jones. He again reached out to Alan, who, in turn, exploited him and pushed him out of the company. His feud with his father continued to intensify as he joined forces with most of his enemies, buoyed by the strength of his relationship with Lucy Cooper. This would peak when Alan-Michael disowned his father after Brent was supposedly found dead thanks to Alan's misdeeds. While he tried to send his father to jail, he failed and alienated himself further from the family. Remaining in control of the company, he found a new enemy in employee and psychopath Marion, who turned out to be Brent in disguise. While he was abducted and shot, he managed to survive to be rescued and continued to seek revenge on his father, ultimately siding with the Coopers against him.

    Eventually, tired of the tribulations, he and Lucy left for Europe. He returned alone several years later, began dating his ex-wife's daughter and joined with his half-brother Gus in trying to bring Alan down again. More mischievous than ever, he managed to play all sides against each, manipulating Dinah, Harley and Alan, until he pushed himself into the CEO position. Dark, handsome and enigmatic, Alan-Michael has always been ruthlessly ambitious, but continues to act with apparent kindness, most recently to Ava Peralta in her search for her parents.

    His relationship with Ava was rocky and never consummated. It served to distract him as his father tried to push himself back into the business. When Alan was shot, Alan-Michael played to looking out for his father's interests while surreptitiously attempting to usurp all of the power in the family. When this became apparent to Beth and Alexandra, they banded together against him. As his father recovered, he was pushed out of the business and to the margins of the community. He continued to desperately pursue Ava without luck and was even abducted and threatened by her parents to keep him away. As his behavior became erratic and he sought revenge, his own father finally forced him to leave town in shame to avoid prosecution for crimes he was alleged to have committed.


    Harley_Davidson_Cooper_Aitoro (divorced)
    Christina_Blake_Thorpe_Marler (divorced)
    Eleni Andros (divorced)
    Lucy Cooper (divorced)


    Sarah Taggart (dated
    Marcy Campbell (dated)
    Dinah_Marler (dated)
    Teja (dated)
    Debbie Henderson (dated)
    Christina_Blake_Thorpe_Marler (affair)
    Stephanie (dated)
    Sybil (dated)
    Gillian "Gilly" Grant (dated)
    Tangie Hill (dated)
    Marina_Cooper (lovers)


    Alan_Spaulding (father)
    Hope Bauer (mother)
    Phillip Spaulding (adopted half brother)
    Gus_Aitoro (half-brother)
    Brandon Spaulding (paternal grandfather - deceased)
    Penelope Winthrop Spaulding (paternal grandmother - deceased)
    Mike Bauer (maternal grandfather)
    Julie Conrad Bauer (maternal grandmother - deceased)
    William Edward "Bill" Bauer, Sr. (maternal great-grandfather - deceased)
    Bert Miller Bauer (maternal great-grandmother - deceased)
    Friedrich "Papa" Bauer (maternal great-great-grandfather - deceased)
    (First name unknown) "Mama" Bauer (maternal great-great-grandmother - deceased)
    Elsie Miller Franklin (maternal great-great-grandmother - deceased)
    Elizabeth_Lizzie_Spaulding (niece)
    Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding (nephew)
    James Spaulding (nephew)
    Emma Spencer Lewis (niece)
    Sarah Randall (great-niece)
    Alexandra_Spaulding (aunt)
    Amanda Spaulding (aunt)
    Victoria Spaulding (aunt)
    Ed Bauer (great-uncle)
    Hillary Bauer (great-aunt - deceased)
    Meta Bauer (great-great-aunt)
    Trudy Bauer Palmer (great-great-aunt)
    Alma-Jean Miller (great-great-aunt - deceased)
    Otto Bauer (great-great-great-uncle - deceased)
    Brandon "Lujack" Luvonoczek (first cousin; - deceased)
    Nick McHenry Spaulding (first cousin)
    Vicky Spaulding (first cousin)
    Dr_Frederick_Rick_Bauer(first cousin)
    Michelle Bauer (first cousin)
    Chuckie White (first cousin - deceased)
    Robert Santos (second cousin)
    Leah_Boudreau_Bauer (second cousin)
    Jude Cooper Bauer (second cousin)
    Hope Santos (second cousin)
    Mary Bauer (first cousin)
    Jack Bauer (first cousin)
    Johnny Bauer (second cousin)
    Lacey Bauer (second cousin)
    Harley_Davidson_Cooper_Aitoro (sister-in-law)


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    Thursday, April 16 2009: That Was Lovely.

    Phillip and Alex go to Spaulding to see Alan. Phillip agrees to take a seat on the board. Alan is thrilled and offers to call Lizzie. They call her over and fill her in. Before they can have a press conference, Phillip reads over the statement he is supposed to read. He realizes that it says he is supposed to seek the help of a psychologist. He's outraged. Alan tells him that he needs to do this to prove his sanity to his own daughter.

    Thursday, May 10 2007: Bad Luck or No Luck

    Buzz rushes back to his room and can barely look at the photos of Jeffrey and Olivia. Picking up the phone, he demands that Olivia be brought to him now. Meanwhile, Ava tells her mother that she will make a beautiful bride. Olivia hopes that she'll make an even more beautiful wife. Ava tells her that she and Buzz are perfect for each other. There's a knock at the door: It's an unshaven Coop with a message for Olivia: Buzz needs to see her now. When she leaves, Ava and Coop argue about whether whatever is going on inside Buzz's room is their business. Alan-Michael walks down the hall and tries to apologize to Ava for yesterday. Coop butts in and begins to rant at Alan-Michael. She gets fed up with them and walks away. Coop tells Alan-Michael that he doesn't belong there and Ava is finished with him. 'You won't get what you want as long as I'm around,' Coop threatens as he strides off. Alan-Michael barely blinks and grabs the waiter as he walks by. He bribes him to let him into Ava's room. He calls down to have the jet fuelled and ready for Paris.

    Buzz finds Alan-Michael in Ava's room and punches him. Alan-Michael says that he should be thanking him. A tearful Buzz continues punching at him. Alan-Michael points out that, while he might have taken the pictures, that doesn't make them any less true. Buzz tells him that his days of hurting the people he cares about are over and he's no longer welcome in this town. Alan-Michael says that his family owns this town. Alan walks in and back Buzz up. He says that it's time for him to go, it doesn't matter where. Buzz says that he has to leave to save his marriage and Alan wishes him good luck. A bleeding Alan-Michael gives a mock toast as Buzz leaves. Alan-Michael still wants to fight but Alan tells him that tomorrow he will find a large sum of money in an offshore account. He's framing his son for embezzlement to keep him away, but he won't let him sink so low that he couldn't pull him back up. He's lost one son and won't lose another. Alan-Michael says that this is just about Alan trying to bully him and prove how powerful he is in the family. After he took care of him when he was in his coma, how can he do this to him? Alan tells his son that this is his opportunity to make a fresh start. Alan-Michael embraces his father tightly before almost collapsing. His father tries hard to keep himself cool as he walks out.

    Olivia goes downstairs and angrily sits down. Jeffrey approaches her. She tells him that it's over. 'It's over because of me. Now what?' he asks. She begins to lash out at him and demand that he leave her alone. He refuses. They aren't kids anymore and they didn't make a mistake last night. She knows what she needs and it's not him. Buzz is everything that Jeffrey is not: He is good. 'I never felt anything for you and I never will' she screams. He grabs her hands and refuses to let go. They begin to kiss passionately as Buzz appears. She stops when she spots him. Tears fill her eyes. After a dead silence, Buzz says that 'if it weren't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all.' Olivia tells Jeffrey to leave. When he does, she moves to Buzz but he pushes away and beings kicking at the tables, demanding that she be honest with him. She admits that she kissed Jeffrey last night and kissed him again just now, but she doesn't know why. Falling in love with Buzz was easy, but part of her needs to have things more complicated and, with Jeffrey, everything is mixed up with hate, anger and resentment: She can't understand her feelings for him. Buzz tells her that whoever she is, he wants her, whether she changes for the better or the worse: His love for her is bigger than she knows. 'I can't marry you Buzz. I won't,' she states reluctantly. He takes her hand, but she lets go and tells him not to follow her. 'I won't,' he says. Alan comes out after watching this and takes Buzz off for a drink. Alan-Michael walks by without a word. Buzz tells Alan that Olivia played the oldest trick in the book. 'Even the biggest lie has a kernel of truth in it,' Alan says. Buzz laughs bitterly. Meanwhile, Olivia and Jeffrey have already found each other. 'Here we are,' he says.

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