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    Guiding Light CAST - Father Ray Santos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Father Ray Santos Played by George Alvarez on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    George Alvarez

    Birthday: 0000-00-00
    Birthplace: Cuba
    Marital Status: Married - Spouse Liesa (2003 - present)
    Real Name: George Alvarez


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    That's That

    Friday, November 09 2007

    Harley goes to see Father Ray. He asks her if she's sure this is what she wants. She doesn't seem sure. Gus walks in tying his tie. They sit down and the priest explains what an annulment is. Father Ray tells them that they need to reflect, to grieve this loss and to begin healing. As the fracture couple bicker, the priest stops them and asks them again if they want to go through with this. They do. He sets the pen and papers on the table. The Father stands back to let them talk. They join hands and Gus tells her that the boys and Daisy will always be his family. Harley helped him through so much and put up with his bad habits. She 'got' him like no one else has and he will love her forever. She pulls her hands back and recalls their first date and what a mess he was...she also remembers that he was the man who would never leave her, not even in prison. However, their life together has come to an end. 'Forgiveness has never been my strong suit,' she admits, but she will always love him too. They stand and embrace. She checks her messages while Gus stares at the papers. Before they can finish signing, she talks to Marina and discovers Cyrus is going to deported. 'That's that,' she says, before running away. Gus pulls off his ring and drops it on the table. Natalia suddenly rushes in and tells him to stop. She wished that he could say that all the time he was with Harley wasn't real; that way, they could go back to a world before Harley. She's realized that this is impossible. He tells her it's too late; Harley already signed. She tears up the papers: She won't let him have an annulment. Harley will always be part of him and she won't let him erase that.

    Who Let the Cat In?

    Thursday, November 08 2007

    Rafe is at Cedars, calling Daisy when Natalia appears. He hangs up and make an excuse. She asks him how his doctor's appointment went and they go off to lunch. Walking along the street, she brings him to see Father Ray. The priest tries to speak to him but Rafe rudely walks away. Natalia follows him, stopping him for being so rude. She demands that he listen to her, but he refuses, calling her a hypocrite. She admits that what she did with Gus all those years ago, and recently, was a sin, but she can't say that she regrets it because, without it, she wouldn't have Rafe. She turns and soon finds herself with Alan. They sit down for coffee. She blames herself for everything, stating that she has been a bad example to her wayward son. Harley and Gus had something sacred and she ruined it. All of that has to stop now. She can't let her child down again. 'Just let me know what I can do to help,' Alan offers. He asks her if he can take her and Rafe to church and then leaves with a smile. Frank walks by and Natalia tells him that she's not an idiot when it comes to Alan. He understands that Alan helps her and her kid; he doesn't hold that against her. He asks her if she can help him out by convincing Alan to testify against Cyrus. She can't do that.


    Wednesday, October 17 2007

    Harley and Cyrus have Alex at Harley's place. She wishes they'd let her out of this torture, but Cyrus reminds her that even Harley's house is better than jail. Harley already has plans to get Griggs out of the shadows: 'We're going to go fishing and use you as bait,' she smiles at Alex. Meanwhile, Father Ray tells Rafe and Natalia that he knew their priest in Chicago and he asked him to look out for them. Natalia assures the priest that Rafe has come a long way since he was in the big city.

    The Funeral

    Wednesday, January 31 2007

    After he finishes, Father Ray is ready to start the prayers, but Jonathan gets up to speak. He stares at Alan and says that there is more to say. He never went to church growing up; not that he didn’t believe in anything, because he does. He believes in good and evil, but sometimes it’s hard to tell who is who. He crouches down and tells Sarah about Tammy, about how much soul she had and how she taught him what it is to love someone. Now, they will never see her again, or hear her contagious laughter...he was married in this room only a few days ago and wishes that things could have gone slower. Now, the only thing that’s left of his wife is in a box and all the love that he feels for her is mixed with hate. He promises that he will take care of ‘our daughter’ because she would have been his daughter with Tammy, if they’d had the time. Staring down, he finally asks her to wait for him; he will find her, no matter what.

    Tammy and Jonathan's Wedding

    Thursday, January 18 2007

    In the church, Jonathan stands with Father Ray waiting for the service to begin. Cassie comes in with Sarah, followed by Tammy in her wedding dress. The couple stands together glowing while Lizzie peeks from around a corner. Father Ray asks if they're ready. 'I've been ready all my life,' Tammy says and they begin with the Father asking if there are any objections. Cassie says that she only objects to them not getting married; she's so proud of them and so glad to see her daughter's faith being rewarded. Lizzie is already sick of listening to this and walks away as the ceremony continues. They begin to exchange vows that they've composed themselves. Tammy goes first. She talks about how, when they met, they were opposites and when they got together, they would explode. But they would always come back together, stronger than ever. She thanks her mother for making her the person that she is today and thanks Jonathan for making her the woman that she is. She will be his forever 'till death us do part' and promises to take care of him and Sarah. He's next. He tells her that everything that was wrong in his life is now gone. She has cleansed him with love and he now feels light and free. He would fight for her, but doesn't want to fight anymore; he just wants to be happy forever. Tammy makes being good sexy and she made him a man that is worth something. Father Ray pronounces them husband and wife and they kiss. He congratulates them and wishes them to go forth and do good things in the world. Tammy gives her mother the bouquet as thanks and she throws some rice at them as they laugh and walk out.

    Cassie returns to the church. Father Ray tells her that it was a good day. 'One of those days when it feels like nothing can go wrong,' she chimes in. He tells her that Tammy gave him the impression that she’ll be having a wedding of her own soon. Before today, she never really thought of marrying Josh, but now, it may be what she really wants.

    Worth Waiting For

    Wednesday, January 17 2007

    Jonathan meets with Billy at Towers and asks him if he can look after the bar for a few days while he gets married. Billy's happy for him and glad he got an annulment first, but can't understand the rush. He should be thinking of Tammy's needs and she needs to have a day that's magical. Jonathan gets an idea and calls Tammy who is excited when he tells her. They meet up at the church and she now has her wedding dress on. While she goes off to finish preparing, Jonathan nervously waits with Father Ray who reminds him to breathe. As Tammy begins coming down the aisle, we can see Lizzie lurking around the corner.

    Bad Luck

    Tuesday, January 16 2007

    Beth comes downstairs and discovers that Lizzie is gone. Lizzie is in the car with Sarah. She puts on the goldilocks album and says that goldilocks is going to get what's coming to her, but right now, they're going to go and tell Jonathan a story. She drives off to the church. Getting out, she checks in the back to tell Sarah that she'll be back and then goes in to see Father Ray. Tearfully, she begins to tell him about her depression and begs for help. He tells her that she's very brave and asks where Sarah is now. Lizzie's confused and unsure. She just wants Father Ray to talk to Jonathan for her. Outside, a young man breaks into her car and drives off with Sarah still sleeping in the back. An altar boy sees this and runs in to tell them. Lizzie yells out that Sarah was in the car. They begin to search when Jonathan arrives and demands to know where his daughter is. Father Ray has to keep Jonathan back when he lunges at Lizzie. 'You wouldn't leave your dog alone in the car,' he says, suggesting that she's done all of this on purpose. 'You abandoned your family,' she tells him. 'You left Sarah in a car,' he counters barely able to control himself. Frank arrives to tell them that the car has been found. They rush out to it and Jonathan finds Sarah sleeping in the backseat. He tells Lizzie that she'll never be allowed to hurt his daughter again. Jonathan tells Frank he can let the car thief go; this is all Lizzie's fault. Lizzie asks Beth to help her, but her mother won't; she's thinking of what's best for Sarah. Lizzie starts accusing Tammy of turning everyone against her and plotting to take her daughter away. Jonathan shields Sarah from Lizzie and tells her that he is going to file for custody. He has more than enough and Sarah will stay with him until it's decided. He and Tammy walk away with the baby while Beth tries to hold her screaming daughter back.

    Getting Ready for Christmas

    Tuesday, December 19 2006

    Dinah and Mallet have been Christmas shopping and stop off at the bar for a drink. They're looking forward to their day off when Mallet gets called in to work. After the requisite teasing, he rushes off while Dinah goes to the bar and slips the barman a few dollars so that she can listen to his police scanner. Soon, she and her cameraman pursue Mallet, tracking him down with Father Ray and a tiny flock of orphans whose gifts have been stolen. Dinah isn't about to let Mallet one-up her on the tear-jerking angle. One of the children spot Dinah and Mallet asks her what she's doing there. She starts asking the children if they want to be on TV and tries to find out who can cry the best. He tries to get Dinah to leave, but, as the children start placing bets on who will win the argument, Father Ray decides that he'd better take them back to the orphanage. Dinah starts shooting her segment about how Christmas was stolen from the orphans and Mallet thinks that she's laying it on thick. She writes out his personal phone number and tells the camera that people can call it if they have information.

    Everything's Changed

    Tuesday, October 31 2006

    Tammy calls Jonathan and he instantly asks her if Reva's gone. He's surprised to find out that she's 'survived' and hangs up before rushing over to the hospital. Jonathan arrives, already distraught, and annoyed that Josh and Cassie are there. Josh says that he understands why Jonathan has treated he and Cassie the way he has. Jonathan only tells them that they shouldn't be there; it wasn't supposed to be this way. Cassie tells him that she's glad that, at least, he was there for Reva. Josh says to a worried Cassie that they need to talk; he's the one who has to tell the kids and not her. After some time trying to track them down, he becomes frustrated. They are in some remote location that's difficult to contact. Then, Father Ray arrives and Josh gets even more agitated. Billy says that he called the father, but Josh insists that it's too soon. Billy tries to clam him down and lets Father Ray go in to sit with Reva. She asks him to say a prayer with her so that her family will find peace.

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