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    Guiding Light CAST - Father Ray Santos - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Father Ray Santos Played by George Alvarez on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    George Alvarez

    Birthday: 0000-00-00
    Birthplace: Cuba
    Marital Status: Married - Spouse Liesa (2003 - present)
    Real Name: George Alvarez


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    This Case Sucks.

    Thursday, June 18 2009

    Olivia runs into Reva while she's at the gas station. They catch up. Olivia wanders off and looks at some flags. Father Ray wishes her a happy Fourth of July. She thanks him for supporting her relationship with Natalia. He doesn't, and he doesn't mean the church should be making choices for her either, he just thinks that with what's been happening in her life, she hasn't been making clear choices.

    Rafe goes to see Father Ray at the church. They sit down and Rafe says he's having trouble getting past his mom and Olivia. She's lied to him about her relationship with Olivia. The priest admits that he knows about it already. Rafe thinks his mother is a hypocrite and she isn't living by the rules she taught him to live by. Father Ray tells him that he needs to help his mom right now, not turn his back on her.

    You're A Big Boy Now.

    Tuesday, June 02 2009

    Natalia runs into Father Ray at the minimart. He asks her why she hasn't been coming to mass. She's been going to a different church. He wonders if she's told her son her news. She's afraid of upsetting him right now. The priest suggests that she is avoiding telling Rafe just like she's avoiding him because, deep down, she realizes this isn't what God wants. Nat thinks God just wants her to be loving and happy. Father Ray suggests that her feelings for Olivia aren't nearly as strong as she thinks.

    How Honest Are We Being?

    Tuesday, May 19 2009

    Father Ray goes to Natalia's and reminds her of her promise to help with the annual fundraiser. They sit down and the topic turns to Frank. Nat says he's a wonderful person but things aren't simple. "Is there someone else involved?" the priest asks. She admits she has feelings for someone else and looks at a photo of Olivia. Father Ray sighs. He knows that she cares about her daughter and Olivia has Gus' heart, but the scriptures say that this is an unnatural lust and it's wrong. The church has counselors if she wants help. She isn't confessing and she insists that she is the same person no matter who she loves. She doesn't see why she needs to choose between the church and Olivia.

    We're Being Together.

    Thursday, April 23 2009

    Rafe and Nat go to see Father Ray at church. He offers to talk to her and Frank if they need any help. Rafe and the priest light candles and say a prayer. Nat is more reluctant. Her phone rings but she doesn't pick up. As they walk out, Frank is waiting to take Rafe away. His mother weeps and hugs him. He promises to be back soon.

    I've Seen Bigger Smiles at Funerals.

    Tuesday, April 14 2009

    Natalia goes to the church and lights a candle before she and Frank meet with Father Ray. The priest is happy for them but wonders if this is a little too sudden. He offers to try and re-arrange his schedule so he can perform the ceremony. He asks Frank what marriage means to him. Frank says that she's his family. "You're both ready to do that? Commit to each other forsaking all others?" the priest asks. He thinks they need to be open and honest. Nat asks what she should do if feelings come along that she doesn't understand. The priest knows she has strong values and urges her to believe in them. She feels like Frank understands her. He tells them that Olivia has coached him through the relationship, suggesting things and looking out for them.

    Life Cannot Be That Unfair.

    Wednesday, April 01 2009

    At the party, Buzz tells Daisy to smile, even if she doesn't mean it. She wishes she could let go of the sadness the way he has. Frank walks by and his father asks him how a sap like him ends up with a woman like Natalia. Frank isn't laughing. Daisy tries to be positive. A few feet away, Marina paces and stares at her cell phone just in case the sitter calls. Nat walks over and tells them that she is impressed that they could tear themselves away from their baby; she would be a wreck. Mallet jokingly tells her she will have to get the Cooper tattoo. As they laugh, Olivia walks down the stairs and steps over Buzz. He tells her how important this kind of happiness is. "Natalia's an amazing person. She should be happy," Olivia says. As she walks by Nat, she trips and spills water on her. As she wipes it away, Father Ray arrives. He's there to perform the blessing. She welcomes him. "Be good to her Frank, or else," he says. When Olivia greets the priest, he tells her that Sister Ann says 'hello'. Everyone's slightly confused so Olivia fumbles through an excuse. Father Ray begins his blessing, hoping that their love and faith will be a help to everyone else. A wedding is a new beginning and their love could be the light to guide them through the darkness.

    Father Ray tells Buzz and Daisy that Coop's former students have launched a scholarship in his name. Frank and Natalia arrive, looking for the rest of the family so Emma can take some pictures. They realize that Marina and Mallet already ran back to their baby. Daisy becomes uncomfortable and wants to leave. Buzz stops her. She wants Coop to be remembered for more than just being a teacher. She needs to find out what happened to Grady and what to do with herself.

    Is God Punishing me?

    Wednesday, September 17 2008

    After Cassie leaves, Father Ray arrives and congratulates Reva on her news. She says this is a miracle. He believes in those. They catch up about Josh. She explains that he's in Afghanistan with Shayne clearing away land mines. She's made a lot of mistakes with her children but hopes she can get it right this time. He blesses her.

    Natalia shows up at work. She's late again. Her boss tells her that they have to let her go. She walks over to Cedars and asks Lillian if she can have a few more hours, even though she doesn't have an official job. Lillian tells her that there is a freeze on hiring. Natalia thanks her anyway and walks off to check on Alan. His room is empty. Father Ray appears and tells her that Alan in off being tested. He asks her if she'd like to talk. "Is God punishing me?" she asks. They sit down. She tells him she put so much faith in Alan's visions, but now it seems that they were just part of a medical condition. She lists all of her problems. He's sorry. She hates being pathetic and feels like she is being punished for putting faith in Alan. He tells her she isn't being punished and God loves her. Every day gets harder for her, she says. That's why she needs to keep her faith, he explains. After he leaves, she walks into Alan's room and begins to cry. Frank finds her in tears. He backs away before she can see him. He's unable to say anything. Walking down to Lillian, he hands her the concert tickets and asks her to take his father.

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