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    Guiding Light CAST - Father Ray Santos

    Full detailed profile on Father Ray Santos Played by George Alvarez on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    George Alvarez
    Father Ray Santos

    Actor: George Alvarez

    Who played Father Ray Santos over the years

    George Alvarez (March 1999 - Present)
    Jaime Passer (February 1999)

    Useful information on Father Ray Santos

    * Resides at the Church rectory.
    * Sponsored Ed Bauer's free clinic.
    * Works with the local orphanage.


    Current: Catholic Priest


    Ray was born into the Santos crime family but managed to keep himself out of the family business. Choosing the priesthood still allowed him to stay close to his family and he remained their trusted confidant. This wasn't without a cost and Father Ray has had to struggle with his conscience on numerous occasions to stay true to his vows. He aided his cousin Danny and wife Michelle in their flight to San Cristobel to escape murder charges and became the moral adviser to his gangster brother Tony, becoming mixed up in his love affairs with Marah Lewis and Catalina Quesada. Always keeping his distance, Ray managed to steer his family on the right path more often than not.






    Frederico Santos (father - deceased)
    Luz Santos (mother - deceased)
    Tony Santos (brother - deceased)
    Maria Santos (paternal grandmother)
    Carmen Santos (aunt)
    Danny Santos (cousin)
    Pilar Santos (cousin)
    Mick Santos (cousin - deceased)
    Miguel Santos (uncle - deceased)
    Robert Santos (first cousin)
    Hope Santos (first cousin)
    Catalina Quesada Santos (sister-in-law - deceased)




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    Monday, September 14 2009: Two For The Price Of One.

    The wedding starts. Bill tells his mother how happy he is for her and walks her down the aisle. She joins Billy, Buzz and Lillian at the front. Billy tells her that she has made him the happiest man in the world. Father Ray begins the service. Lillian tells Buzz that she has never been a bride before and she thanks Buzz for the love and happiness he has made her know is possible. Buzz admits that he'd given up hope but he finally had a light in his life again when he met her. Vanessa speaks next, quoting a letter from her father about the joy of coming home. "Because of you, I get to come home. You're my only home Billy," she says. Everyone claps. Billy cries and tells her that he's been blessed and they'll get it right this time. They slip on their rings and are married.

    Monday, August 17 2009: Disaster Written All Over It.

    Billy chases down Father Ray and asks him if he will marry him. The priest reminds him that he is celibate. Billy guffaws and explains that he's marrying Vanessa that afternoon. Father Ray agrees to be there.

    Natalia returns to town and goes to see Father Ray at church. He welcomes her home and she thanks him for sending her to the nuns. She figured out what she wants and thinks that's what God would want as well. "I'm going to be happy," she says.

    Olivia runs into Father Ray at the minimart. When he brings up Nat, she stops him. She may never be over Nat but she couldn't let that take control of her life. "I took a deep breath and I'm moving on," she says. After he leaves, she rolls her eyes and notices Reva.

    Father Ray arrives at Towers. Only Lizzie is there. He talks about how happy weddings are. "We can only hope," she mumbles.

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