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    Guiding Light CAST - Jonathan "JB" Randall - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan "JB" Randall Played by Tom Pelphrey on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tom Pelphrey

    Birthday: 1982-07-28
    Birthplace: Howell, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Tom Pelphrey


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    On Hiatus

    Tuesday, February 19 2008

    Bill chases after Lizzie in the park. She doesn't want to talk to him since he sold her out to Alan. He admits to being an opportunist, but he isn't just working with Alan, he's keeping tabs on him. It's not long before he is kissing her. She tells him that he can't kiss her infront of the baby. As he starts pushing the baby over to the swing set, Jonathan pops up. "Yo! Get away from my daughter!" he demands. Jonathan starts to rant about how Bill is doing business with Alan. Bill doesn't deny it, but he's only doing what's best for everyone...except for Jonathan. He tells Jonathan he was better off dead and that Alan doesn't need to kill him because he'll just self-destruct anyway. Brutishly, Jonathan takes the baby away and Lizzie runs after them. Bill finds Jonathan's phone on the ground and picks it up.

    At the park, Lizzie insists to Jonathan that her eyes are wide open when it comes to Bill. Jonathan doesn't trust him and thinks Lizzie is just a fish on a hook. She thinks he's just jealous. "If you're not smart enough to put distance between you and Bill, I will," he announces. He asks her to marry him. She accuses him of just being jealous of Bill. He tells her that something good can come out of something bad and they look at the child and joke. "Maybe the truth is that we're better together than we are apart," he suggests. She says they'd really have to work on it. He's willing to do that. She asks Sarah if this is a good idea and then says yes.

    This Insanity Has to Stop!

    Thursday, February 14 2008

    At the church, Reva stands in front of Jonathan while Alan levels a gun at him. She breaks the truth, pointing to Beth and telling Alan that her baby is really his. Alan assumes she's lying and gets ready to shoot. Josh yells at him to stop. "It's true. Alan, this is your baby," he explains. Cassie clings to the child and the Reverend Ruthledge's jaw drops at the revelation. Alan hands the gun to the clergyman, tells Lizzie that Sarah is at the house and walks towards the baby. He demands that Cassie hand her over, but Rick steps up, warning Alan to stay away. He tells Leah to take the boys outside. Turning to Beth, he tells her the tests don't mean anything. Beth starts freaking out when it becomes clear that Rick has been lying all along. Alan starts to threaten Rick until Cassie speaks up, admitting that she switched the tests and would do it again. She insists that the baby's DNA doesn't change anything. Beth takes the baby away from her. "How dare you!" she snaps before running off. Cassie continues lashing out at Alan. He thinks she needs a good shrink but she thinks he's just plain evil. She continues to rant, calling on everyone to stop Alan from perverting everything in town. Beth gets sick of this and starts screaming at Cassie. "This insanity has to stop!" she demands. Ruthledge tells them that he won't let them demean God's house with anymore of this and they ought to take it outside.

    Lizzie and Jonathan go to the mansion. She dresses as a maid and slips into the makeshift nursery. When Alan's goon comes out to chase her away, Jonathan pops up to distract him. Lizzie knocks the goon out and they high five before grabbing the baby. They worry about how Cassie's actions will cost her and wonder how many people kept the secret. They take Sarah back to their room at The Beacon. She worries about what tomorrow will bring. He promises her that he isn't going anywhere. She hugs him and they kiss passionately. He backs away and tells her that came out of nowhere. She looks for an excuse and says it's been an emotional day. He tells her he'll never get over Tammy and she tells him she has something "real" with Bill. They should just stick to being parents, they laugh, awkwardly.

    God Bless The Child

    Wednesday, February 13 2008

    Jonathan and Lizzie play with Sarah in his room. They haven't heard from Alan either and it makes them worry. Lizzie thinks they may have won this time. When she goes into the bathroom, she screams after seeing a bug. Jonathan runs in to help, leaving Sarah alone. Alan walks through the door and picks her up. Jonathan and Lizzie rush out. He hands the baby back and repeats that he wants a truce. Jonathan doesn't believe him, but Alan asks him to let him earn his trust. He offers them money for Sarah's education but Jonathan turns it down. Lizzie stops him and tells Jonathan to let Alan help and try to make the truce work. Alan tells Jonathan what a good job he's done looking after the baby and then leaves. When Lizzie takes the baby back to the bath, Jonathan walks out and tells Alan that if he comes after his daughter again, he'll snap his neck. Alan points out how easy it was for him to just walk in. He could come back and get her anytime. "Sleep well," he warns as he walks away. Jonathan goes back inside and tells Lizzie what Alan just said. She isn't worried but she's sure they can protect her; they have his family behind them and they can get married to make things look more solid. He shrugs at that and takes Sarah shopping.

    As Jonathan pushes the baby carriage along the street, he gets a text message warning him about Alan and asking him to meet Lizzie at the cabin. He rushes back to his room to grab his suitcase. Bill catches him before he can run off and accuses him of betraying Lizzie. Jonathan threatens him and walks away. When he arrives at the cabin, two men grab him. He finds Alan waiting for him, ready to take the bay. They hand her over to him as Jonathan yells. Alan pulls out Jonathan's gun. He tells him that Sarah will have everything she wants and needs. She'll soon forget all about him and he'll change her name to destroy all connections with Reva's family. Jonathan agrees to leave town and the baby but only if Alan doesn't cut Lizzie and Reva out. Alan doesn't believe this promise. He tells Jonathan that he is going to have to call Reva and tell her that he's taken the baby and gone on the run. Lizzie will believe Reva, Alan assumes. Jonathan won't do it, but Alan says that if he doesn't, he'll never get to say goodbye to his daughter. Jonathan calls Reva and tells her that he's already gone. She says she can protect him. But he doesn't think they can get away from Alan. He tells her he's glad she was his mom and hangs up. Sitting down with the baby, he bounces her on his knee and talks about how worried he was about being a father. He used to hate the word "dad" but she has made it his favorite word. He'll love her no matter where he is. He pulls out Tammy's necklace for the baby and makes Alan promise he'll let her keep it. Alan agrees and takes the baby, leaving Jonathan crying.

    Alan returns home and informs Jeremy, the butler, that the staff can all go home and take an extended vacation. Jeremy wonders if everything is alright and Alan assures him that things are great. As soon as the butler is gone, Alan's henchmen brings Sarah in. He cradles her and tells her how much he loves her. Showing her the pictures of his sons on the mantle, he tells her she won't disappoint him like they did. "Of course, you're going to need a mother," he says, picking up Beth's picture. Meanwhile, Lizzie has gone out and spotted Jonathan as he's bound and thrown in the trunk of a car. She runs out and tells the men in the car that her grandfather has just had a heart attack. As they run off to help, she lets Jonathan out. He explains what happened. She says they need to get her mom on their side. Seeing the two men returning, he grabs a tire iron and smashes them in their heads as they run back.

    The Innocent One Among Us

    Tuesday, February 12 2008

    On the island, Beth starts to go into labor while Jonathan holds a gun at Alan's head. Jonathan wants him to beg for his life, but Alan doesn't seem threatened. Before Alan can turn his back, Jonathan grabs him and throws him against the wall. "It's time for you to pay!" he screams. Beth walks in on the scene, crying out for help and gripping the doorway. Jonathan refuses to let Alan help Beth. "I don't care what happens to Beth!" he screams. He's only ever cared about Tammy and his kid and Alan suffering. Alan wrestles with him and dares him to shoot him in the back. He runs over to Beth and promises to call for help. There is no time though— the baby is coming now. Alan tries to comfort Beth and asks Jonathan to help him get her off the floor. They put her on the couch and start arguing about what to do. Jonathan tries to give advice but admits that he didn't go to all the birthing classes. Beth groans and Alan runs off to get towels and hot water. Jonathan holds Beth's hand and reminds her to breathe. Alan returns with the towels and tells Jonathan the first aid kit is in the car. They bicker about who should get it and Alan finally yells at him to go. He sits with Beth and starts telling her to keep breathing.

    On the island, Lizzie finds Jonathan outside the house. She grabs him and tells him he has to go. He tells her she needs to go inside and pushes her through the door. She finds her mother going into labor. "Now you have the three of us to help you Beth," Alan says. "I don't think that's going to make her feel any better," Jonathan grumbles. They gather around and the baby starts crowing as Jonathan struggles to pull on a latex glove. After the baby is born and cleaned up, Alan says it feels like everything is meant to be this way. He asks Jonathan to go outside with him and wait for the ambulance. Lizzie thanks her mother for what she's done to help protect her and Sarah.

    Outside, Alan thanks Jonathan for his help and says it's time for them to have a truce. Jonathan can keep Sarah and they will put the tragedy of Tammy behind them. This way, Jonathan won't have to run anymore and they will have a future. The only thing that counts is to Alan now is Beth's baby. Lizzie walks out, interrupting and telling Alan that Rick is still the father and Beth loves him; so Alan really has nothing. Alan stares inside at Beth. Rick returns and starts yelling at Alan, telling him that Beth has been lying to him since she got there. He walks inside and sits with Beth and the baby. Alan watches as they sit together, kissing and holding the child. Jonathan tells him to stay away from all of them and then taunts Alan when he sees tears in his eyes. He gloats over Alan's suffering. "Why don't you shoot me? It would be an act of kindness," Alan says. The ambulance arrives and takes Beth away. Lizzie announces that she and Jonathan are leaving. Alan asks them to stay; they just shared an important moment. She tells him that whatever it was, it's gone. He's left alone in the house.

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