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    Guiding Light CAST - Jonathan "JB" Randall - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan "JB" Randall Played by Tom Pelphrey on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tom Pelphrey

    Birthday: 1982-07-28
    Birthplace: Howell, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Tom Pelphrey


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    I'm Angry

    Friday, February 29 2008

    At the office, Josh tries to fix the fridge while Reva begins ranting about her sister, "the woman who stole my husband." As they pull out rotting food, he reminds Reva that Cassie is his wife. Later, Jonathan arrives and gives his mother a pat on the cheeks before he starts looking for booze. He only finds food. He tells her about abducting Lizzie and leaving her in the woods. Reva reminds him that Lizzie loves her daughter. "But Bill doesn't," he says, cringing at the food he's eating. He tells her that fighting is what he does. "It's what I do too," she smiles as he waves rancid broccoli in her face.

    Billy runs into Jonathan on Main Street. He warns him that Lizzie is his girl and he doesn't want him messing with her. Jonathan says she'll be fine as long as Bill stays out of his way. Billy explains what a problem his son was when he came back, but he dealt with him. Although he and Jonathan have been close in the past, he reminds him that if he is going to battle Lizzie and Bill, he will make an enemy of him as well.

    Lizzie and Bill walk through the park and spot Jonathan telling his daughter that no one will ever be able to love her the way that he does. Lizzie vows to fight him for her daughter. Bill promises her that she won't have to do it alone.

    Now What?

    Thursday, February 28 2008

    At the bar, Bill tries to halt the wedding. He tells Lizzie he's trying to save her life. Jonathan tries to shove him out the door. Bill tells them that Lizzie should be afraid of what she's getting herself into. Reva gets between them and defends her son, saying that they are getting together to protect the baby. Bill blurts out that Jonathan is going to take off as soon as the wedding is over. Reva is livid to hear that her son is prepared to run out on her again. Josh suggests that they delay the service and Bill reminds Lizzie that she will be giving up her family. She can live with that. "You belong here and you belong with me!" he shouts. Her jaw drops. She asks him if he loves her. "Shut up and get outta here!" Jonathan starts screaming at his rival. His mother pushes him back and tells him he can't leave her again; it's not right for her or Sarah. She tells Jeffrey to remind Jonathan that they have his back. To her dismay, Jeffrey says that her son has the right idea. This only makes Reva more angry. Josh begins defending Reva's position. "Why does Josh understand this and you don't?" Reva asks Jeffrey. Cassie is disgusted to see Josh and Reva teaming up again and storms out. Bill tries to stop things once again and Jonathan continues to shout. Alan suddenly arrives and everyone jumps. He insists that he isn't going to try and take Sarah away again. Things have changed since he discovered that Beth's baby was his. Lizzie tells Alan to sit down and takes Jonathan's hand to proceed with the wedding. Billy pulls his son away.

    At the bar, Alan reminds Jonathan that a baby isn't enough to sustain a marriage. Jonathan throws it back in his face but Alan insists that he's trying to be a new man and he only wants Sarah to have a normal life. He hands Sarah off to Jeffrey and then threateningly grabs Beth's baby. Alan demands he give the baby back. "As soon as I get back Tammy!" he barks. Beth begs for the baby but Jonathan thinks she'd be better off with him. Alan insists that he doesn't want to take Sarah away and Beth backs him up, claiming that Alan can be a wonderful man. Jonathan cries and laughs as Alan continues to explain that he isn't a threat. Jeffery interrupts the tense moment by pointing out that Sarah is "leaking". Jonathan lets Beth have her baby back so he can look after his daughter. He gives her a bottle and turns his back on Jeffrey.

    Billy takes his son to Cross Creek and tells him the story of how HB proposed to Miss Martha. Bill doesn't understand. "You are a big jerk. You're the only guy I know who can make Jonathan look like the safer option," Billy comments. He tells his son that he can't get Lizzie back by "out- Jonathaning Jonathan". She doesn't need a jerk like him, she needs someone she can count on. Bill continues defending himself and says that Lizzie doesn't even know what she wants. "Actually Bill, that's where you're wrong," Lizzie announces as she steps through the door. Bill said things at the ceremony that she can't get out of her head. She shows him her ringless finger and Billy decides it's time to leave them alone. "Now what?" she asks. Reluctantly he tells her that he couldn't stand the thought of losing her. They begin to kiss passionately. He apologizes for being such a jerk and thanks her for listening to him. "You're a very lucky man," she says, before walking out. "I must be," he smiles to himself. As she walks down the lane, Jonathan leaps out and grabs her, stifling her screams. "Till death do us part," he growls as he drags her away. He puts her in a car and begins to drive, telling her that Bill is his enemy and now she has made herself his enemy too. Moments later, Bill walks out looking for her. He goes to the bar searching for her but she's nowhere to be found.

    Kiss the Bride

    Wednesday, February 27 2008

    Jonathan is drinking in the alley outside the bar. A cop comes by and tells him to take it inside. Meanwhile, Lizzie is flashing her weeding dress to Roxie. "I think that Bill is going to love this," she slips before correcting herself and saying that Jonathan will love it. Roxie seems less convinced. Jonathan walks in and tells her that they can't take the dog with them. He puts his box of Tammy mementos on the bar and tells her that he was going to get rid of them for her. He doesn't think it would be fair to her for him to keep all the Tammy stuff around. She's impressed he would do this. "We're doing this for Sarah....but maybe someday it could be something more," he says.

    Jonathan sneaks over to Cross Creek. Jeffrey surprises him outside. "You wanna come to a wedding?" Jonathan asks. Jeffrey's surprised this is happening so quick. Jonathan explains that Bill is trying to blow the lid off what happened at Tourmaline and he needs to get out of town quick. He also tells Jeffrey that he is going to disappear without letting his mother know. Reva comes out and Jonathan surprises her with an invitation to the wedding. She was hoping that he would get married when he was in love again. "Maybe some day I will," he says. Reva admits that she can't imagine him and Lizzie together. He shrugs and says that Lizzie is good with Sarah. Reva vows not to be "a bummer" and runs off to look after the baby as she starts to cry. Jeffrey asks him why he won't tell his mother the truth. Jonathan can't say goodbye to her again. "It's going to kill her," Jeffrey worries.

    Jonathan and Cassie sit at the bar going through the Tammy picture collection. He invites her to the wedding. He admits that there will never be another Tammy, but he still has to do this. It's time for him to say goodbye to Tammy once again. They join hands. Afterwards, he goes out with his box of memories and stands by the water. He fondles the items as tears fill his eyes, finally he kicks a hole in the ice but can't drop the items into the water.

    Jonathan walks into the bar with all of their bags packed. Lizzie tells him that she's given her dog away. He admits that he couldn't get rid of his mementos of Tammy; he was never even going to. He knows she's giving everything up, but he can't. "We can still walk away," he offers. She shows him the flower that Bill gave her. "I just feel this really weird connection," she admits, going on to say that she can't stand to hurt Bill... that's why they can't stay in Springfield after they're married. That's fine with Jonathan; he just wants to get it over with.

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