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    Guiding Light CAST - Jonathan "JB" Randall - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan "JB" Randall Played by Tom Pelphrey on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tom Pelphrey

    Birthday: 1982-07-28
    Birthplace: Howell, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Tom Pelphrey


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    So Jonathan Wins?

    Thursday, March 06 2008

    Josh goes to see Reva. She tells him that Cassie threw a tantrum, took Will and ran. She also shows him Jonathan's goodbye note. He starts to read the note aloud and she bursts into tears. It says that he is taking his daughter and going far away. Lizzie's heart may be in the right place, but Alan is never far away. Josh and Reva run around town searching. Bill meets them on Main Street and tells them that Alan is setting Jonathan up for what happened in Tourmaline. Reva and Josh continue to wander and search. They find one of Sarah's dolls in the woods and she cries. Suddenly, they spot Jonathan's car and start running after him. He drives away, waving out the window.

    The True Love Card

    Wednesday, March 05 2008

    In his motel room, Jonathan looks through the want ads as he feeds Sarah. After putting on a tie and feeling like a dork, he tells his baby that he will do anything for her. He takes her over to the daycare where they meet Miss Francis. He leaves the child there and heads to Towers for an interview. No one will give him a pen so he has to use the only thing he has, a Wild Strawberry crayon, to fill out his job application. Soon, Billy arrives to collect his application. He's clearly not impressed. Jonathan promises him not to embarrass him on purpose; he's tired of running and wants to raise his daughter in town. Billy challenges him and Jonathan is ready to walk away. Billy reminds him that he needs this job and offers it to him so long as he listens and behaves himself.

    Jonathan goes over to the construction site. Matt gives him a quick run down and runs off. Jonathan gets on the phone to check on his daughter at daycare. When the line goes dead, he walks off. He goes to the daycare to get his daughter. When he's told that Lizzie took her, he begins screaming and threatening Miss Francis. "There are children here," she points out. "None of the are mine!" he screams. Before he can attack her, a cop runs over and gets between them. Jonathan's dragged over to the police station. "Who did you try to set on fire this time?" Frank asks. "Give me some matches and I'll start with the daycare," Jonathan says. The cop explains what happened to Frank. Jonathan starts justifying himself but Frank already knows the story and is familiar with the Tammy excuse. "What is it with guys like you who use the true love card when you really mean hate?" Frank asks. If he wants to fight Alan, he has to do it legally, Frank advises. He tells Jonathan to stop being stupid; he can't let his daughter grow up with a father in jail. He uncuffs him and reminds him that there are people who will help him, but he shouldn't fight dirty with Alan Spaulding. After Frank turns his back, Jonathan says that that was all bad advice.

    Bill runs over to Cedars and listens to Beth defending Alan to Lillian. He tells her that Rick spent the night in jail thanks to Alan. Jonathan peaks around the corner after eavesdropping. Bill goes to a room and finds a naked woman in his bed. She has a tag on her leg: "Like your gift? Call Lizzie." Matt goes to see Billy and tells him that Jonathan didn't even last an hour on the job. When Billy takes a drink, he realizes there is something wrong with it. He finds a tag on the drink: "Like your gift? Call Lizzie." As Lizzie gets her nails done at the salon, Lillian calls her to say that someone changed the prescription of one of her patients and left a message from her on it. Lizzie doesn't understand. Suddenly, Beth calls and tells her daughter that her car was stolen and she's to blame. Then Billy calls with his complaint and then Bill calls with his. While the woman she sent him is hot, he wonders why she sent her with a note. "If this is your way of trying to get rid of me, it isn't half bad," he says, hanging up to make out with his hooker. Lizzie quickly realizes that there is only one person who would go to this much trouble to set her up. She runs off to get Roxie but is told that her husband took the dog. He left a note. "It will only get worse. Call Jonathan."

    Jonathan crouches over Tammy's grave. Roxie runs away from him and over to Cassie. Cassie walks over and asks him if he's learning to share babies and dogs. "Something like that," he says. Is she learning to share Josh, kids, Reva, God? They wish things would get easier for them. They laugh while Roxie licks Tammy's grave. Then they hold back tears and wish they had more time with Tammy.

    Lizzie calls Jonathan and tells him that she gets his threats. He tells her that her dog is still ugly and asks her how his daughter is. She starts crying and says that Sarah misses her dad and they need to make this work. He agrees to meet if there is no Alan or Bill. She agrees to meet him by Tammy's grave. "A graveyard? How appropriate," Alan smiles as he listens in. They're not going to have to cause any trouble; Jonathan is already wanted for murder so the police can take care of him, Alan explains.

    Deal with the Devil

    Tuesday, March 04 2008

    Jonathan meets a drug dealer in the park for a hand off. He then hurries over to The Beacon. Bill walks in on Jonathan planting drugs in Lizzie's underwear drawer. Jonathan threatens Bill with a bloodbath. Moments later, Dinah walks in on the argument and Bill walks Jonathan out of Lizzie's room. As Jonathan walks down to hallway to his own room, Alan follows him in. He knows that Jonathan will never be able to share Sarah with anyone; he's just like him. "Is this the part where I tear off your mask and find myself staring back?" Jonathan jokes. Alan tells him that it's time for him to run, but he will need his help to double-cross Lizzie. Alan understands how Jonathan feels; all that he wants is peace with his new family. "That's why I'm letting you take Sarah to live in exile," he offers, but he wants to be able to visit Sarah once and awhile. Sealing the deal, he offers Jonathan a cigar.

    I Miss My Old Friend

    Monday, March 03 2008

    Jonathan sneaks into a sleazy motel room to hide out with Sarah. Lizzie creeps around the parking lot and then walks in. She surprises him, instantly dropping her coat to reveal that she is wearing nothing but lingerie beneath. She tells him that she is happiest with he and Sarah. He teases her and is clearly unconvinced. "It's not all an act...we have something," she reminds him. Tammy always got between them before, but they can't deny that they are very hot together, she says. They pull off most of their remaining clothes and begin making out as she ties his hands with her scarf. Suddenly, he stops and accuses her of trying to set him up. She insists she only wants to make him happy. He begins threatening her, yelling in her ear and lightly slapping her before dragging her outside and dropping her in the parking lot in her underwear.

    Reva goes to see Jonathan with the requested groceries. He grumbles about them and she tells him she was talking to Bill. She says that she can't help him keep Lizzie away from her daughter; she believes that the mother and daughter need each other. He assumes that she is betraying her, once again, and begins shaking before turning his back on her to feed Sarah. Later, Jonathan goes over to Harley's. He asks her to dig up some dirt for him. She declines, getting a text message from Cyrus and eagerly running off. As she waits on Main Street for him, Marina pokes her head out to watch her.

    I'm Angry

    Friday, February 29 2008

    As Jonathan drives along, Lizzie demands to know where they are going. He tells her they're going on their honeymoon. They pull over by the side of the road and he gets her out of the car. He begins demanding to know why she walked out on him. She would like to commit to Sarah, but she wants more than just that. He accuses her of putting his kid at risk. "Our kid," she reminds him. He accuses her again of being a threat. She asks him if he's trying to scare her. "What's next? You gonna dig a hole?" she snips. "Ground is too cold," he says, chomping on his gum. They start arguing over Bill and she begins throwing stones at him, reminding him that he's had the love of his life, even if she's dead. No matter how many strangers he sleeps with, he will still have Tammy. "I still want love," Lizzie says. He understands and gives her his coat before getting in the car and driving away, leaving her in the middle of nowhere.

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