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    Guiding Light CAST - Jonathan "JB" Randall - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan "JB" Randall Played by Tom Pelphrey on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tom Pelphrey

    Birthday: 1982-07-28
    Birthplace: Howell, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Tom Pelphrey


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    Me. You. Sex. Now.

    Tuesday, August 18 2009

    Jeffrey and Jonathan are sitting in a van. Jeffrey is sure that Edmund is watching and says they need to bring someone in to 'be a Sarah' to lure Edmund out. They make a doll to look like her and laugh. They're sure that this will be enough to get Edmund out of hiding and put the doll in Jonathan's babyseat. He drives off and Jeffrey follows behind. They drive over to Jonathan's and then he leaves the car behind. As soon as he disappears from sight, Edmund comes out and heads for the car. He quickly notices it's a doll. Jeffrey tries to arrest him. They shoot at each other. Jonathan returns and starts shooting. As they all empty their guns, a car drives up and Edmund leaps in, running over Jeffrey as they escape. Jonathan helps Jeffrey up and they wonder what to do next.

    Jonathan and Jeffrey return to his place. Jonathan has a small bullet wound. When they step into the house, they find a reel to reel in the middle of the room. When Jeffrey turns it on, it plays a recording Edmund left. He tells them they'll have to keep trying if they want to protect Reva. He wants to make sure that she feels all of the pain that he's caused her. Edmund threatens to take all of the children unless Jeffrey lets Reva keep thinking that he is dead. Jeffrey wants to smash the tape but he's too injured to do it so Jonathan has to do it for him. He asks Jonathan to go and see Reva. "I'll be back in less than a week," he says.

    Screwing Up For A Good Cause.

    Friday, August 07 2009

    Jonathan is feeding Jeffrey. He offers to take him to the road so he can get home. Jeffrey says that he is going to stay 'dead'. As long as Edmund thinks he's dead, he has an edge and he wants Jonathan to help him. They do Sarah's hair and, suddenly, Edmund calls. He threatens to drop by and pick up Sarah. Jonathan says he'll have to kill him first. Jeffrey says they need to use Sarah to lure Edmund out.

    I Don't Want Barney Fife In My House!

    Thursday, August 06 2009

    Jonathan drags Jeffrey inside his cabin. "When he wakes up, he's gonna help us play some games," he tells his daughter. When Jeffrey wakes up, Jonathan gives him water. He tells him that he saw Edmund and they ran. Jeffrey is worried that Edmund has gone over the edge and will destroy everything that Reva loves. He explains everything that happened and decontaminates his wounds. He shows Jonathan the note Edmund left him. It reads, "Keep chasing me O'Neill. I like the attention."

    I Ruin Everything I Touch.

    Wednesday, August 05 2009

    Jeffrey talks to Reva's picture and remembers how they used to argue. She's one of the toughest people he's ever met so he's going to try and be like her now. When he collapses in a field, a little girl finds him. She gets her father – it's Jonathan.

    Affair With a Deli Slicer.

    Wednesday, December 03 2008

    Coop calls Beth in the convenience store to confess that he told Buzz about them. She's sure her mother will soon know. Alan walks into the store looking for Coop. Beth hears his voice and panics. Coop hangs up. Coop asks him if he's 'slumming'. Alan knows that he's in his family's orbit again. It soon becomes clear that he's talking about Coop becoming James' 8th grade teacher. Alan admits that he read Coop's book and it wasn't as bad as he thought, though his expectations were pretty low. Coop says he'll like his next book; it's about an affair. He points out that he actually gets along with everyone in Alan's family other than him.

    So Jonathan Wins?

    Thursday, March 06 2008

    "Looks like your mother doesn't really love you," Jonathan tells Roxie as they wait in the graveyard. Over at the mansion, Lizzie tells Sarah that her father can't take her away again. She jumps when her phone rings. It's Alan. He tells her that the plan has changed. He asks her to get Jonathan to meet her on the Old Mill Road. After hanging up on her, he calls one of his goons to confirm they still have "the package". They do.

    Jonathan brings Roxie over to Cross Creek and tells Reva that Lizzie took Sarah. Now she wants to trade and he's sure it's a trap. Will laughs and plays with Roxie while Reva explains that she's looking after him. "Don't let her tame you kid," Jonathan tells the boy. Reva asks Will to take the dog out and Jonathan finally pays him to leave. "He reminds me of me," Jonathan says. Reva shows him Will's hangman drawing. "You were just like him when you were his age," she comments. She wants to help Will to make up for abandoning Jonathan. She and her son snuggle and laugh, talking about old times. She asks him to stay and help her with Will. He can't do that. She leaves to get Will and he slips a note under her dictionary before sneaking away.

    Lizzie drives out to Old Mill Road. Jonathan is already there waiting. He hands off the dog but, when she gets in the car to get Sarah, she starts to drive off. He begins pulling on the door and jumps on the hood of the car screaming. He accuses her of being the same as Alan but worse. Lizzie says that no one controls her and Jonathan continues to scream and spit all over her windshield before she finally unlocks the door and lets him take the baby. The police arrive and she tells them that Jonathan stole her baby. After they run away to search, she collapses in tears. Later, she goes to the cemetery and meets Jonathan. She holds her daughter and tells her that her father has risked everything for her, now it's her turn. She hands her daughter back to him, telling her that she will always love her. After kissing her goodbye, she tells Jonathan to protect her, "or I will hunt you down and kill you." He walks away with the child as she bursts into tears.

    Jonathan goes to Tammy's grave to say goodbye. He cries. "She will know how much I loved you and how much I still love you," he says. Climbing into his car, he hangs his Tammy necklace from the rearview mirror and drives away. Meanwhile, Alan returns home where he finds Lizzie sitting on the floor. He wants to know what happened. She says she did the right thing. "Then where's your daughter?" he asks. Lizzie says she couldn't let her daughter grow up with him. Alan threatens to hunt Jonathan down and bring Sarah back. She tells him the only way he can have the family he wants is if they make a deal: "Jonathan and Sarah get their freedom and you get me," she offers.

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