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    Guiding Light CAST - Jonathan "JB" Randall - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan "JB" Randall Played by Tom Pelphrey on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tom Pelphrey

    Birthday: 1982-07-28
    Birthplace: Howell, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Tom Pelphrey


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    Cassie and Josh Get Hot!

    Monday, August 14 2006

    Jonathan asks Lizzie what she wants as she sits down beside him on the bed. He tells her to quit faking and stretch out her legs. There's a knock on the door and in walks Alan. Lizzie asks him for her money back! But he threatens to send her to a psych ward. Jonathan tells Lizzie no one is sending her anywhere.

    Alan goes over all the crazy things Lizzie has done in the past telling her they only wants what's best for her. Lizzie loses it screaming how she hates Alan playing right into his plan!

    Alan leaves and Lizzie breaks down thinking Alan is going to come after the baby and lock her up. She begs for Jonathan's help.

    Reva accidently runs into Josh at airport

    Friday, August 11 2006

    Tammy walks in and talks to Lizzie about her pregnancy and health. She asks if she knows where Jonathan is? Lizzie replies that maybe he's with Reva. Reva? She's back says Tammy. Knock at the door, it' Jonathan asking her what the hell she's doing? He gives her hell for not asking who it is or checking first before opening the door. Lizzie hands Jonathan a list of guys her ...grand-dad... uses for the rough stuff. She tells him there's one thing she understands and that's revenge!

    Lizzie asks Jonathan to go get her some ice cream. Tammy asks her if she misses Coop? Lizzie says she thought she would more, but really doesn't.

    Reva Discovers the Truth!

    Monday, August 07 2006

    Alan looks at Tammy thanking her for the present in his suitcase, telling her leaving a meat cleaver in it was hardly a joke. Especially when airport security stopped him. Tammy shakes her head telling him she doesn't know what he's talking about.

    Alan grabs Tammy and attacks her. Throwing her agains the wall, he tells her not to mess with him. Desperately trying to hold her composure, she slips under his arms telling him she knows he'll never relly hurt her.

    Entering the bar, Alan throws her money saying he'll get the drinks. Tammy snidely reminds him it's HER bar so it's ON ME.

    Alan goes on to tell Tammy how he deeply admires her courage. He knows how things will end up with Lizzie. ...Elizabeth will wear out her welcome as she always does... he reminds Tammy.

    But Tammy snaps at Alan to give it a rest, insisting on defending the scheming little Lizze, telling him the selfish Lizzie we all know is gone. Alan laughs and continues to remind Tammy how Lizzie holds all the pieces right now and it will just get worse when the baby is finally here. He discusses about the amazing bond between parent and child. How Lizzie will control all the holidays and much of his spare time getting him to be with his daughter. At the doctors, dentists, school trips, Alan smugly tells Tammy how Jonathan will pull further away from her.

    Tammy insists that a close intimate bond between Jonathan and his daughter is what she wants for him.

    Jonathan then storms in yelling at Alan to get the hell away from her! After getting Alan out of the bar, Tammy snuggles up to Jonathan reminding him that they have everything they want and need!

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