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    Guiding Light CAST - Jonathan "JB" Randall - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan "JB" Randall Played by Tom Pelphrey on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tom Pelphrey

    Birthday: 1982-07-28
    Birthplace: Howell, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Tom Pelphrey


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    Two For The Price Of One.

    Monday, September 14 2009

    Jonathan bursts into Alan's room. Alan tells him he's stopped trying to control people. Jonathan doesn't believe it. "I'm not the same man that you ran away from," Alan says. Jon hopes so and walks out.

    You Made Us A Family.

    Thursday, September 10 2009

    Jonathan goes to the graveyard to visit Tammy's grave. He tells her that he'll be around a lot more often now. He asks her to keep an eye on them.

    Olivia runs into Jonathan in the minimart. He tells her that he'll be staying to cause trouble in her town. She tells him she's moving in with her girlfriend.

    Jonathan wanders outside the hospital looking for news on Alan. He bumps into James who informs him that he's doing okay.

    Reva and Josh are at Company eating when Jonathan arrives. He tells them that Phillip and Alan are okay and they should go and see Lizzie.

    Reva and Jonathan drive up to Lizzie and Bill's and she's shocked when her little girl gets out of the car. She runs down the lawn to embrace her daughter. She takes Sarah for a walk and Bill asks him what the plan is. Jonathan is hoping he can stay. They shake on it.

    I Knew That You Could Be A Hero.

    Wednesday, September 09 2009

    Sarah and Jonathan walk into Josh's office and surprise him. Jonathan asks him if it would be safe for him to move back to town. He thinks that Sarah needs more of a girl influence in her life. Josh explains that Alan has relaxed since Phillip came back and plenty of people will help to make sure that Sarah is safe.

    Reva takes Colin home and tells him that they will never forget Jeffrey but they have to get through this. Josh comes to the door and then lets Jonathan and Sarah in. They send Sarah to get some toys and Jonathan explains that he wants them to stop running and stay there. Jeffrey calls Jonathan and tells him that Edmund is watching everyone so they need to be careful. Josh brings Henry over to meet the other kids.

    Actually, He Is.

    Wednesday, September 02 2009

    Jonathan goes to see Jeffrey. As he eats a sandwich, he fills Jeffrey in on things in Springfield. Jeffrey tells him about searching for Edmund. He shows him a note that Edmund left threatening to kill all of the kids one at a time.

    Jeffrey is on the phone with Jonathan. Edmund drives up behind Jeffrey. He starts to speed along.

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