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    Guiding Light CAST - Jonathan "JB" Randall - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan "JB" Randall Played by Tom Pelphrey on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tom Pelphrey

    Birthday: 1982-07-28
    Birthplace: Howell, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Tom Pelphrey


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    Baby Love

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    Bill walks in with an armful of toys. Jonathan tells him that they are about to go now. Lizzie suggests that Bill go with them. Jonathan doesn't like that, but she insists on bringing both boys. Lizzie sends the boys outside to put the baby in her car so she can call to make sure that Alan is still out of the country. Out at the car, Bill and Jonathan continue to argue and insult each other. Jonathan repeats that he isn't going to run off. Bill tries to find out if he is sticking around for Lizzie. "We were married so, if I wanted that, I could get it," Jonathan taunts. He doesn't want her though, but he still has a bond with her: Sarah.

    Meanwhile, Lizzie is telling Gus that Jonathan and her baby are alive. He images that she must be insane, but she talks him around. She needs his help. Although Jonathan says he's staying, she doesn't trust him and needs to get this taken care of. Gus agrees to help her get her daughter back for good. When Lizzie goes outside, Bill is getting food. Jonathan tells her to dump Bill and run off with him. Bill suddenly returns and Jonathan starts looking through his building plans, realizing that he is tearing down Outskirts. This obviously annoys him, but he downplays it. As he looks in his bag, we see him pull out some drugs.

    When the foursome arrive at the cabin, they unpack all the baby things while Jonathan complains about how cold it is. He becomes defensive about how he's raised his daughter and bites at Bill. Gus calls her and she pretends it's just her mother on the phone. He tells her to keep Jonathan in town as long as possible while he prepares her case. She may have to play dirty, he warns. They are going to need to find out what Jonathan's been up to while he was out of town. When she gets off the phone, she tells Bill that she can handle Jonathan from now on. He doesn't want to leave her alone, but she tells him she needs to get close to Jonathan to get information out of him.

    After sending him out, Jonathan returns. He can't understand why Bill just left. She says she wants them to learn to trust each other. After giving him a drink, she starts to chat with him, asking him about what adventures he's had while he was away. "Keeping food on the table is an adventure," he says. The jobs he's had have paid less than daycare costs. He gets depressed talking about Aubrey and how she wasn't Tammy. Lizzie tells him she misses Tammy too, but this only makes him angry. He almost slaps her face and tells her that he still blames her, partially, for Tammy's death. Lizzie blames herself too. She went to Alan for help and tried to pretend that she didn't know what he would do, but she did.

    Lizzie notices that Sarah may have a fever and suggests they take her to Cedars. Jonathan won't take her there because he's sure Alan would hear about it. He runs outside and asks the ghost what to do but she's not helpful. Lizzie finds him talking to himself and asks what's going on. She reminds him that Tammy is dead but the baby's mother is right there. He tells her to "shut up" but she goes inside and calls Rick instead. She's sure that he'll never tell Alan about this. Soon, Rick and Beth arrive, thrilled to see the baby but not the father. Rick starts examining her and decides that the baby just has a cold and gives them some advice. Beth finally stops bottling up her rage and starts lashing out at Jonathan for letting them believe the baby was dead. Rick stops her and tells her that he did the right thing. Anything is justifiable to keep the baby from Alan, he insists. Beth is disgusted that he would say that, but Rick continues, claiming that Jonathan deserves a medal for what he's done. Beth isn't convinced and tells her daughter not to let Jonathan out of her sight.

    At the cabin, Lizzie and Jonathan are alone again. She's relieved that the baby is okay and asks if she ever got sick while they were away. He shrugs but eventually admits that she had anemia and became very sick so he did what he had to do. "I got a bone marrow transplant," he says, gradually explaining that she was the donor. After they yell and push each other around, she calms down. "We saved her life," she says. "We all did. You, me and Reva," he grumbles. She realizes how silly she must have been to believe that she actually went on a bender with Reva. She's just happy that she helped her daughter. He pours some wine, drugs her glass and hands it over to her. Before she drinks it, she confesses that she talked to Gus about gaining custody. If she had known everything he's done for Sarah, she would have trusted him. "Whatever we do, we do it together," she says. He tries to get her to drink, but Bill interrupts. He tells them that he left his wallet behind. As they search for it, Bill quickly "finds" it and switches the wine glasses. As he sits down he says that he expected Jonathan to be gone by now. Lizzie tells him he's way off but Bill pulls out the plane reservations. After Jonathan takes a drink, he starts to collapse. Bill tells her to grab her things and the baby, explaining that Jonathan tried to drug her so he could run off again. They take Sarah and leave Jonathan on the floor.

    Sometimes Ships Return to Port

    Tuesday, January 29 2008

    At the Beacon, Jonathan searches around for Sarah's doll when Tammy's ghost stops him. She wonders why he's running away again and asks him why he keeps coming back to the room they spent their wedding night in. "You know what you have to do," she prompts him. She tells him to let Lizzie have her baby. He needs to move on, for everybody's sake. He can't do that. He and the baby go to the train station and buy a ticket.

    Lizzie runs out, refusing to listen to her grandfather. When she runs into a bedroom to cry, she hears a baby crying. Turning around, she sees Jonathan and Sarah. "Is this a dream?" she wonders. He walks over and places her daughter in her arms. After holding her and crying, she begins lashing out at Jonathan for what he's done. He had no right to do this to her and her daughter. When she yells at him, Alan knocks on the door and asks her if she's alright. She sticks her head out the door and they start arguing. After an apology doesn't help things, he quickly changes tactics. He's sick of her immature acts of self-indulgence. "I could fill a cemetery with my losses," he says. "That's because you put them in the cemetery," she points out. He tells her that he is flying the family south and wants her to come. She turns him down, breaking the news that she isn't pregnant. "You can't get anything right can you?" he snaps. As he walks away, she runs back over to her little girl. Jonathan reminds her that this is why he took the child away in the first place.

    Back in her room, Lizzie lashes out at Jonathan again. He has robbed her of her time with her child. She's missed her first words and her first steps. He wants to take her and run right now. She won't let that happen. Bill runs in and tells Jonathan to get away from Lizzie and the baby. They threaten to call security and send Alan after him. Jonathan abruptly slouches away, vowing to return for his daughter.

    Why Don't You Tell Me the Real Story?

    Monday, January 28 2008

    Bill chases Lizzie down a hill. As she runs out to the road, Jonathan leaps out and pulls her out of the path of an oncoming car. She looks up in shock at him, imagining that she must be dead. "Long time no see," he says as he stands up. Bill runs over to them and crouches down to help her up. With tears in her eyes, she reaches out to touch Jonathan's face. He tells her that he's been hiding from Alan. She leaps up, realizing that her baby must be alive too. He tells her that Sarah is dead. "That's not fair! I hate you!" she cries as she beats his chest with her fists. Bill tells him that he shouldn't have come back. "Maybe not, but I saved your life today like I couldn't save Tammy," Jonathan says, asking her not to tell Alan anything. Bill tries to take her away, but she turns and asks Jonathan what the last thing he said to Sarah was. He tells her that she was smiling and he was singing her a song about farm animals. He hopes that she finds peace, but he can't stay. She grabs a hold of him, begging him not to go. He's the last piece of Sarah she has left.

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