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    Guiding Light CAST - Jonathan "JB" Randall - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jonathan "JB" Randall Played by Tom Pelphrey on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tom Pelphrey

    Birthday: 1982-07-28
    Birthplace: Howell, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Tom Pelphrey


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    So Why Not Us?

    Monday, February 04 2008

    From the balcony, Bill watches as Jonathan and Lizzie lay in bed with Sarah. She thinks they seem like a normal family and wonders if they could be a family for real. Before he can answer, he leaps up, hearing a noise outside. When he looks out, there is no one there. She asks him again why they should continue being alone. Jonathan asks the baby and says that Sarah thinks "mommy and daddy would kill each other." Lizzie laughs and leaves to wash the bottles while Jonathan starts packing. When she returns, she's shocked to find him ready to leave with the baby. They start to scream at each other until he explains that he is packing the bag for all of them. He tells her that being on the run can be fun but she'll never be able to see her family again. Besides, if she comes with him, he won't have to hire a nanny. She offers to get some money out of her trust fund for the baby. He tells her that she'd better be sure if she is going to do this. "If we're going to be on the road, we're going to need a better car," she smiles. She wants to say her goodbyes, but he says no. She can see her mother one last time but can't tell her anything. He reluctantly agrees to let her take Sarah out for a walk.

    Jonathan walks downtown and runs into Billy. They embrace. "No matter how far you run, your troubles always find you," Billy advises him when he sees he is going to leave town. Jonathan doesn't see how he can stay but Billy reminds him that he would have his family around him: They can fight Alan together. Jonathan still won't stay. Billy asks him if he is really running away from Alan or just from memories of Tammy. "How can your little girl be happy if her daddy isn't?" Billy asks. Jonathan returns to his room to finish packing.

    Maybe This is the End...

    Friday, February 01 2008

    Bill arrives at an anxious Jonathan's door. After Jonathan tells him that Emma's better off without Bill as a father, Bill surprises him by offering to get him into the mansion to see Sarah. Bill wants him to take the little girl and go. He wants a shot with Lizzie, but he doesn't want to play house. This makes Jonathan "kinda sick" and he calls Bill a "scumbag". He can't deny that he really isn't any better though. He'll accept his help to get the baby back, then he'll take her and never return.

    Bill brings Jonathan into the mansion and tells him that he will distract Lizzie so that he can grab Sarah. After locking Jonathan in behind him, he tips off the house security. They grab him as Lizzie comes out and demands that they let him go. Lizzie lets him hold the baby and he tells her that Bill set him up.

    Bill returns to the mansion, surprised to see Jonathan sitting at the dinner table with the baby. Bill tells her that he was trying to get rid of Jonathan for her sake. He wanted to take her child forever and for real, he warns. She doesn't like Bill pretending to care. "Get out!" she demands. Jonathan tells him to get out and Bill walks out backwards, claiming he doesn't even know why he cares. Later, Jonathan and Lizzie put Sarah to sleep, but Bill isn't far away.

    Who is a Lapdog?

    Thursday, January 31 2008

    Reva and Jeffrey arrive at the cabin and panic when they see Jonathan on the floor. As he comes to, he groggily tells them that Lizzie has Sarah. They help him up and he explains that he's told Lizzie everything. Reva wonders what to do now that the courts are involved. She knows that, with the truth out about her role in this, she can't talk to Lizzie. They'll have to get Cassie to talk her around.

    Jeffery, Reva and Jonathan go to see Cassie. She greets him with tears in her eyes and asks him what he's been up to. They both feel like they got a piece of Tammy back today. Jeffrey leaves for work and Jonathan tells the women he's sure that someone at the mansion must have seen him so Alan will know he's alive soon. He will kill to keep Sarah from Alan, he vows, and the destruction won't stop just with him. Reva and Jonathan know that asking Cassie for help with this is asking a lot, but Cassie doesn't think so. Jonathan offers to stay and watch Will (who has been spying on them the whole time) while they leave to meet Gus and Lizzie. Cassie walks out smiling, telling Jonathan that she's missed him. When they're gone, Jonathan stares at a picture of Tammy until Will suddenly appears, making him jump. Jonathan introduces himself as his half-cousin, brother, uncle. Will hugs him and calls him his "hero". As Jonathan makes a sandwich, Will eats a cookie and stares at him, creeping him out. They talk about losing their mothers. Jonathan tells him not to be like him and run around seeking to make everyone miserable. Will starts asking him about his dead father. Although he says that he fell out of a boat, "accidents happen," is all that Jonathan will admit to. This gets Will thinking...

    Gus arrives at the mansion to talk to Cassie and Reva as Lizzie's representative. They don't appreciate him standing up for Lizzie and tell him that both parents need to be respected. "Help us Gus. Don't fight us," Cassie begs. He agrees to talk to Lizzie and try to work something out. After he leaves, Cassie worries about getting back to Will. She assures her sister that the boy is fine and she's handling him. When the two sisters get back to Cassie's, Reva asks why Josh and RJ have moved out. Cassie doesn't want to talk about it. They go inside and find Will sleeping on Jonathan's lap. When they go outside to talk, Will jumps up and starts looking through a book on boats. He calls Josh, telling him that he misses him and wants to take a little boat trip with him. Outside, Gus arrives and tells them that he isn't there as Lizzie's lawyer, but as a cop. He asks Reva if it's true that she took Lizzie against her will and had a medical procedure performed on her.

    Baby Love

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    At the mansion, Bill suggests that Lizzie feed the baby as it cries. She's clearly frustrated. She suggests that it's okay for him to go now, sure that his threats succeeded in scaring Jonathan away. He leaves to get some food and toys. Lizzie flops down beside her baby's crib. Jonathan is outside with the ghost of Tammy. She congratulates him on doing the right thing. Lizzie deserved to hold her baby again, she says. "She doesn't deserve to keep it," he tells her. He is going to take her to Canada. The ghost asks him what he has in his backpack. Even though she's only a figment of his imagination, he still refuses to tell her and trudges up to the house.

    When Jonathan comes knocking on Lizzie's door, she tells him to go away. He apologizes for taking the baby away and offers to work something out with her. She tells him that Bill will call Alan if he tries coming in. He knows that she is alone and promises not to do anything. When she lets him in, he rushes over to the baby. He tells Lizzie that she should be making faces to get the baby to stop crying. When she starts making faces at his direction, Sarah keeps crying. He tells her that's because she looks like a "perv". What she really needs to do is rub her. After rubbing the baby, she instantly stops crying. Lizzie asks Jonathan to write down all the tricks he knows and assures him they are safe as long as Alan is out of the country. He asks her to go to the Bauer cabin with him and get re-acquainted. She wonders if this means he's staying, or is he going to run again? He tells her not to worry. She doesn't want to lose her daughter again.

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