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    Guiding Light CAST - Ava Peralta Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Peralta Lewis Played by Michelle Ray Smith on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michelle Smith

    Birthday: 1974-09-24
    Birthplace: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Michelle Ray Smith


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    Where I Want to be.

    Thursday, June 19 2008

    Later, Olivia looks at her bored daughter and asks her if she really wants to go through with this wedding. Ava does, but sometimes she feels scared. Olivia knows how she feels. She grew up simply and dreamed of living in a castle. She's lived in big houses and has had too many marriages but is also successful and has two beautiful daughters. Sometimes dreams don't turn out the way you'd hope, she explains. Nonetheless, she will do whatever she has to to make her daughter's dreams come true. "Thanks Mom," Ava says.

    Olivia arrives in Jeffrey's room, reminding him that he has to paste a smile on when Ava tells him about the wedding. Ava comes in and eagerly tells him the news. He tries to fake surprise but it doesn't work. Ava insists that she is really happy and the wedding will be like a royal wedding. Jeffery isn't enthusiastic. When the baby starts kicking, she lets Jeffery feel it. He gets more enthusiastic. After Ava leaves to get some greasy food, he tells Olivia that he will support the marriage but he won't stand by and watch her get hurt. Neither will she.

    Ava goes into Company and orders french fries. Remy pops up and asks how, "the funeral... I mean, wedding, plans," are going. She doesn't find it funny. He continues teasing. They sit down and start feeding each other fries.

    Remy brings Ava back to the mansion. Dinah is waiting for them. Ava seems exhausted so they sit her down. Dinah asks her who she wants to invite and who should stand up for her. Taking the hint, Ava asks her to be her maid of honor. Dinah's thrilled and starts babbling about how excited she is and how she will make everyone proud.

    This Could get Ugly.

    Friday, June 13 2008

    At the mansion, Bill announces his engagement to Ava to the assembled guests. Even Ava is surprised at the news. She hurries over to her mother and tells her how shocked and happy she is about this. "You deserve good things in life," Olivia assures her. Ava runs over to talk to Bill. He explains to her that he just got caught up in the moment. She asks him if he really wants to get married. It's what he wants, he insists. A reporter approaches him for a quote. He jokes that he never thought of building a family and a corporation at the same time. He strolls off and the reporter asks Ava if she wants a green wedding.

    Remy offers Dinah a glass of champagne as they watch Lizzie stalk over to Bill. "This could get ugly," she says. Lizzie tells Bill that he better not be doing this just to hurt her. Before she can lay into him, the reporter interrupts her for a statement. She wishes Bill happiness and then chokes back her tears and runs off. Bill, Ava, Dinah and Olivia stand together to take photographs as a new family. Afterwards, Dinah asks Olivia (she calls her "Ollie") to go into the kitchen with her to get some food.

    "When did you know you were going to propose?" Ava asks Bill as they sit down. He says that it's been building; he's been talking about family for so long that he needed to make it real. She asks again for assurances that this is what he wants. It is. She offers him a bottle of champagne and tells him that she wants to make him as happy as he makes her. He tells her she needs to go back to bed and he needs to go back to work.

    Bill walks through the woods and sits on the bridge looking at the ultrasound picture. He goes to see Ava in her room at The Beacon. He lays down beside her and quickly falls asleep. She rolls her eyes.

    At the mansion, Dinah is reading the morning paper and complaining to Remy that they misspelled her name. He announces that he's moving out. That's not cool to her. She doesn't want him living rough; he's her friend. "I can't stand your brother and I don't want a front row seat while he strings Ava along," he says. She assures him there is no "stringing along" going on and they are a power family with a power baby on the way. He's not impressed and walks out. In the hall, he runs into Ava. She wishes he would congratulate her on her engagement. He still thinks that Bill is a mistake and suggests that the whole thing is just a publicity stunt for him. He informs her that he's moving out. She's upset; she needs a friend. Bill walks in and takes her away.

    At Cedars, Ava runs into her mother. She reminds her that the baby is not Bill's and she needs to keep her eyes on him so he won't figure it out. She says the most suspicious thing is that her mother keeps coming to all of her appointments. Ava sends her mother off to do the wedding planning and see Emma. Bill takes Ava in to see her doctor. The check up goes well. She's eager to talk about the wedding. Before they do, he gets down on one knee and proposes to her officially. At that moment, Lizzie walks into Cedars and witnesses the event.

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