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    Guiding Light CAST - Ava Peralta Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Peralta Lewis Played by Michelle Ray Smith on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michelle Smith

    Birthday: 1974-09-24
    Birthplace: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Michelle Ray Smith


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    It's a Glorious day for a Wedding!

    Wednesday, July 02 2008

    Dinah and Olivia continue to worry that Jeffrey hasn't shown up. Reva has though, searching for bourbon. Dinah slips upstairs to see Ava. The bride-to-be feels like this is all wrong. She can't waddle down the aisle like this: Everything is backwards. Dinah concedes that this isn't traditional but it's the smart thing to do. Olivia arrives next, ready to get Ava into her dress. As they dress her, she worries about where Jeffrey is and starts to cry. Lizzie watches from above. Ava remembers her necklace and Lizzie ducks away. Olivia promises her daughter that today will be magical. Ava goes up the stairs to find her necklace. She finds Remy holding it. "If you forgot this, maybe you know you are making a mistake," he suggests. He wants to tell her something. "I'm in love you!" he blurts out, begging her not to marry Bill. Her eyes fill with tears as he asks her to leave with him.

    Had it With Heroes.

    Tuesday, July 01 2008

    Bill is finishing the wedding paperwork at the courthouse. Ava is tired. He escorts her downstairs to Olivia and Jeffrey so they can sign as witnesses. Photographers file in and begin snapping shots as Olivia tries to put on a happy face, assuring Jeffrey that their daughter seems happy. He's less convinced. Jeffrey takes his daughter aside and asks her if she's okay. She insists she is. He thinks Bill loves publicity, not her. She insists that Bill cares about her and the baby. "Does he make you happy?" Jeffrey asks. She snaps a "yes" but clearly doesn't mean it.

    Bill thanks Olivia for being so good about all of this. He's worried that Jeffrey isn't being as helpful. She assures him that he's only being overprotective and everything will be alright. "Where did we go right?" Olivia asks as the family gathers. "We left her alone for twenty years," Jeffrey says. They sign the paperwork and Jeffrey suggests that it's time they all go home. Ava wants to go shoe shopping with her mother. She starts repeating her new name, Ava Lewis, over and over. Bill kisses her goodbye and she leaves with her mother. Jeffrey and Bill awkwardly leave together.

    Olivia and Ava sit down while shopping on Main Street. She feels uncomfortable with the way Jeffrey looks at her, as though she's just making a business transaction with Bill. She really loves Bill, she claims, and she will make this marriage work. Olivia believes her. Ava asks to be left alone for awhile. "Don't get lost Ava," Olivia tells her before she goes. When Ava stands up, she becomes lightheaded and almost collapses. A woman spots this and calls for an ambulance. Remy soon arrives and checks her over. He puts the necklace she gave him around her neck.

    Remy drives Ava over to Cedars and she gets checked out. He waits to make sure she's okay. He sits her down and tells her about talking to his sister this morning. He tries to tell her the way that he feels but doesn't manage to. He drives her home and tells her that he will be there for her whenever she feels trapped. Taking her hand, he tells her that if she jumps, they can jump together. The moment is interrupted when Bill rushes in. Remy jumps back and Bill quizzes her about the baby. He shakes Remy's hand in gratitude. Remy uncomfortably leaves and Ava throws her arms around Bill, staring off after Remy. Bill puts Ava on the couch and massages her feet. He tells her to reach behind the pillow. She pulls out their wedding rings. The next time he sees her, she'll be walking down the aisle. In the hall, Remy runs into Olivia. He accuses Bill of just treating Ava like an accessory.

    Baby Shower Blues.

    Thursday, June 26 2008

    As Bill and Ava discuss their shower, Ava admits she is nervous because it has turned into such a huge event. Bill thinks it is not a big deal and promises he will be back in time for cake.

    Back at the mansion, Olivia asks Ava if she is okay and hopes she will get what she wants. Ava thinks having a good husband is more important than fine china. Olivia thinks Ava is beautiful and leaves, as Ava pulls out her cell phone and calls Remy at the hospital to wish him luck on his first day. He wonders if she is okay. She assures him she is fine, as Olivia listens outside, looking concerned.

    Back at the shower at Towers, Olivia quizzes Dinah on the guest list. She assures Olivia she will be fine. Vanessa arrives and hugs Ava. Olivia introduces Emma to Vanessa. Dinah spots Reva, who wonders why the shower is so stuffy and Dinah tells her she can loosen them all up. Marina arrives and Dinah asks her to stay, even though it is a private party. Marina calls Mallet, who tells them they should meet at the movies. Dinah asks Marina if she was calling Mallet, and says it is fine for him to stay as well and they can frisk her if needed.

    Ava tells Vanessa she hopes the baby will bring everyone closer together. Reva approaches Ava and thinks the shower does not look like the party she would want. Ava says she has never been the guest of honor. Reva advises her that getting inside is not always what it seems to be.

    Bill waltzes in and asks if his little boy is having a good time. Ava thinks he likes attention, just like his dad. Dinah sees Bill has arrived, and makes a toast to Bill and Ava being a happy couple and welcomes Ava to their family.

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