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    Guiding Light CAST - Ava Peralta Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Peralta Lewis Played by Michelle Ray Smith on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michelle Smith

    Birthday: 1974-09-24
    Birthplace: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Michelle Ray Smith


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    Memory Freeway.

    Friday, July 11 2008

    Bill and Ava have lunch with the governor. She gushes about all of the charity work he does. They talk about Bill's plans to go green and the governor tells Bill that he thinks he would be an ideal successor. They joke and chuckle before leaving. Bill and Ava are thrilled and he's impressed by how good she was at this. She tells him they should celebrate. He has a client meeting he has to deal with first, he claims. Kissing her cheek, he walks away. She smiles to herself.

    Ava goes to see Remy at his apartment. He's uncomfortable but lets her in. She understands why he's angry. She needs him to understand: Bill can give the baby a family life that she never could on her own. That sounds crazy to him. She wants to be his friend. He doesn't want that; he doesn't know if he can trust her and forgive her. She enjoys being with him because it's easy and normal; nothing like when she's with Bill. "Okay. I'll give it a shot," he sighs. They play cards and laugh.

    This Isn't What I Wanted for you.

    Thursday, July 10 2008

    Downstairs, Ava clings to the necklace she once gave Remy. She tells her baby that she still has feelings for Remy. He starts to kick. Bill comes downstairs. She comments him that he looks grown up today. He tells her about the governor and how he is looking for a successor to endorse. Ava is excited for him and suggests they go out for dinner. He suggests they go away with Max for a family vacation. She wishes him good luck with the governor. He kisses her and leaves. She notices his laptop is still there. She opens it and sees that there is an ad for a secluded cabin retreat on the desktop.

    At the mansion, Olivia sits down with her daughter to ask her why she and Bill are sleeping in separate rooms. Ava's cautiously optimistic about her marriage: Bill knows what she did but he still sees her and the child as his future. "This isn't what I wanted for you," Olivia says. It's not too late for her to get out of this. Ava shows her the ad for the cabin and tells her that she and Jeffrey can come and stay with them. Olivia doesn't go in for camping. She tells her daughter that she's tried to make things work in this house before and it's not worth it. A call comes in from the realtor telling her that the cabin was purchased by Bill.

    Back at the mansion, Ava's sorting through some boxes when she has pains. Dinah finds her and offers to take her to the hospital. She calls Bill and tells him that Ava may be having early contractions. She offers to meet the governor in his place while he goes to Cedars with his wife.

    Bill hurries to Cedars to check on the baby. Things are fine. Ava tells him she knows about the cabin and is excited. He says it will be great for Max. She gets her scan but can't hear the heartbeat at first. After a moment's panic, they find it and both relax.

    Bill takes Ava home and brings her some tea. Dinah sticks her head in. She takes her brother aside and tells him how humiliated she was by being refused the meeting with the governor. He insists it had nothing to do with her; he'll take the meeting next time. His wife calls him over. Dinah grimaces before walking upstairs. Ava tells Bill that she worried he wouldn't love the baby. He says they'll be fine. He gets a call and steps away. It's Lizzie asking for a meeting.

    Independence Day.

    Friday, July 04 2008

    At the mansion, Ava tracks Bill down. She needs to know where they stand. He says there are things they both want out of the marriage and they'll deal with that. Right now, they need to keep up the public front. He wants to read the paper, take her to the doctor and then over to the BBQ. She doesn't feel up to it. He's insistent.

    Bill brings Ava to Cedars for a checkout. As he leaves to make calls, Remy walks over to Ava. She didn't think he'd still want to talk to her. "I'm a sucker for punishment," he smiles. They have an awkward moment and he leaves, she smiles after him.

    Bill takes Ava home. She says she'd like to go to the BBQ after all. He leaves to take care of something. Soon, Remy arrives, mumbling to himself. He confronts her about the baby. She searches for excuses. He thought that she was someone else, but he guesses he was wrong and angrily walks away. Later, Bill returns. Ava tells him she still wants to go to the wedding and prove they are a couple.

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