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    Guiding Light CAST - Ava Peralta Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Peralta Lewis Played by Michelle Ray Smith on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michelle Smith

    Birthday: 1974-09-24
    Birthplace: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Michelle Ray Smith


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    Are you a Glutton for Punishment?

    Thursday, July 24 2008

    Ava lays in her hospital bed panicking about the baby coming early and wondering where her family is. The doctor orders Bill out and wants her prepped for a C-section.

    Bill paces the corridor until a doctor tells him that his son has come. He enters the room and finds that the baby is silent. He and Ava panic but the doctor tells them not to. The baby is rushed off before he can see him. The nurse explains that the baby still can't breathe on his own. He's eager to actually see him and rushes out to speak with the doctor, leaving Ava exhausted.

    Bill returns to his wife's room and paces back and forth mumbling to himself. Ava can barely move. He tells her to rest. "I love him. I love you. We're all here and it's good," he says. He loves their family more than anything. He walks out. Bill buys Ava flowers and runs into his sister. She tells him that they have everything now and they are a beautiful family. He tells her to cancel his meetings and returns to Ava's side, announcing that they will be allowed to see Max. She doesn't want to and suggests they wait. He's eager to meet Max and helps her up. He wheels her down the hall. She tells him to stop. He promises that everything will be okay.

    They arrive at Max's incubator and look in. Bill begins muttering: "I don't think this is our baby." The nurse says she delivered him. He wonders what's wrong with his skin. The nurse explains that the baby will get darker as the melatonin comes in. Bill begins to mutter again. The nurse decides she should leave them alone. Bill is confused: Ava chose a donor who was as close to him as she could get. "We need to call the clinic," he announces.

    Back at Cedars, the doctor goes to see Ava. He tells her that her son is getting stronger and her mother's on the line. She doesn't want to talk to Olivia right now. The doctor leaves and Remy arrives with flowers and congratulations. She tells him that the baby is beautiful and she is feeling overwhelmed. He can't even imagine. "Is everything going to be okay?" she asks. Vanessa walks in. Remy congratulates her and leaves. Vanessa forces a smile and asks Ava how she's feeling. She just saw the baby and Bill loves him very much. Vanessa asks her if she'd like to go down to neonatal. She doesn't. "I think we need to have a talk," Vanessa says. "Bill loves his son and you've made choices... I need you to promise me that you will never take this baby away from Bill."

    Ava stands with Bill in the ICU. She keeps her distance as he fawns over the baby. She asks him what he wants to do. He wants to stick to the plan. "I love him. No matter what," he says. They can tell everyone she had artificial insemination; the only thing that matters is that they love him. Lizzie watches them through the glass.

    Remy arrives in the ICU and asks to see Ava's baby. He's shocked when they point him out. He rushes to Ava's room. "I saw the baby!" he blurts out. Bill makes excuses, but Remy is sure it is his baby.

    It may be Crazy but it's Real.

    Wednesday, July 23 2008

    Bill chases a reporter out of the mansion after she asks him about his blond mistress. Bill begins apologizing to Ava. She panics and tries to get the PR people together. He tells her to take care of Max instead and calls the Governor.

    Remy arrives at the mansion to check on Ava. He asks where Bill is. She's sure that he's lost the Governor's endorsement now that the scandal with Lizzie will come out. Remy suggests that she's dodged a bullet. Bill doesn't love her and is just using her and the baby. She doesn't want to hear this again. He takes her out for a change of scenery.

    Remy takes Ava to Towers for something to eat. She spots the reporter from this morning. Remy offers to smuggle her out before she notices them. They sneak by but she spots them and starts to call out. They leap in the elevator but it soon stops. In an awkward moment, they kiss. She starts having contractions and panics. He reminds her he's a professional. "For like three weeks!" she reminds him. She hasn't even had a Lamaze class yet. He helps her breathe and calms her. That doesn't last. Her water breaks.

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