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    Guiding Light CAST - Ava Peralta Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Peralta Lewis Played by Michelle Ray Smith on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michelle Smith

    Birthday: 1974-09-24
    Birthplace: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Michelle Ray Smith


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    Everything Hurts Worse at Christmas.

    Thursday, December 18 2008

    As Remy sits at home, a knock comes to the door. He's shocked to find Ava when he opens the door.

    This is Just the Beginning.

    Monday, July 28 2008

    Ava tells her father not to bring balloons into her hospital room. He does anyway. He apologizes for missing the birth. She looks dejected and tells him the baby was born too soon. "The baby looks a lot like Remy," she says. He laughs and then figures out what this means. She explains that Bill doesn't want Remy to have anything to do with the baby. Jeffrey tells her it will be okay. "I never thought I'd say this, but you really need your mother," he says. She cries. She just wants to be happy. He offers to tell her happy things, like that the weather is nice and he is marrying Reva. Ava admits that she feels horribly confused. He offers to get her some real food and leaves. She continues to cry.

    Reva goes to visit Ava and finds her crying. She offers to take her for a walk to see the baby. She doesn't want to. Reva sits beside her in bed and cradles her. "It's like you're dead and empty inside and it scares you," Reva says. Ava loves the baby and his father, but she wishes her baby was gone and she could just disappear.

    Bill goes to see Ava and begins telling her all about his plans for Max. She stares off.

    Jeffrey is at Company trying to get in touch with Olivia. He spots Ava walking outside in her hospital gown. He runs after her. She's confused and disoriented. He offers to get her help and returns her to the hospital. She doesn't know what kind of mother she is or how she could leave the hospital. He calms her and tells her that he will be driving her to Chicago and there will be plenty of people to look after Max. He's already arranged for Olivia to meet her at the clinic. He walks out so she can dress. Reva meets him in the corridor and tells him he's done a good job.

    At Cedars, Remy stares into the ICU before spotting Ava in the hall. He holds her. She can barely move. She tells him that she's leaving. He asks if he can visit. "I need you to be the father," she says before Jeffrey takes her away. She takes one glance at the baby and leaves. Remy stay behind and cries, collapsing on the floor. Mel comes to him and takes him in to see the baby, proudly watching as he looks at his son.

    Always Means Sometimes.

    Friday, July 25 2008

    At Cedars, Bill tells Remy to get out. He doesn't. He repeats that he slept with Ava and it's his kid. Bill is furious and starts growling at Remy, declaring that it his son. Ava begins apologizing. Remy wants a DNA test. Bill reminds him his name is on the birth certificate. "My son, my family, get out!" he demands.

    Remy returns to Ava's room at Cedars. He's sorry she's so upset. She's not, she cries. "You want us?" he asks. She doesn't know what she wants right now. He thinks that there is a reason for this; this is a sign telling them that they should be together. He asks her to come and see their son.

    Mel arrives at Cedars to see her brother and Ava. Remy wants to see the baby first and tells her to wait. Mel steps aside. Ava is in tears and feels like something is missing. He offers to take her home; he won't let her go through this alone. As he makes promises to her, Bill returns with flowers and tries to be pleasant. "You still trying to save this?" Remy asks. Bill's worked too hard to give this up. He promises Ava that they can pull together for Max and make this work. He tells Remy to leave. "I have a son and Ava and I will raise him together," Remy states. He thinks that they should have an annulment. They begin arguing and Mel gets in the middle. She walks Bill out. He asks her to straighten her brother out. She agrees to talk to him.

    At Cedars, Bill and Ava look at the baby. She asks if he can forgive her. He has to or he'll lose everything, he explains. He loves the baby more every second and won't quit the life that he's been making. "We're going to do this," he smiles at the baby.

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