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    Guiding Light CAST - Ava Peralta Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Peralta Lewis Played by Michelle Ray Smith on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michelle Smith

    Birthday: 1974-09-24
    Birthplace: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Michelle Ray Smith


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    I'm not an Answering Machine.

    Wednesday, June 11 2008

    Bill returns to his room with Ava and starts packing. He informs her that they are moving into the Spaulding house. She hugs him.

    Things Happen for a Reason.

    Tuesday, June 03 2008

    Olivia and Ava sit in her room. They start talking about baby names. After Olivia leaves, Remy comes in with a gift for them: A pair of walkie talkies. She reminds them that they have cell phones. He thinks this will be more fun and they start lewdly playing with them and laughing.

    Dinah goes to see Ava with some flowers. They begin talking about the family's future. Ava will do whatever she can to help. Dinah is glad that Bill has someone to share his success with. They talk about baby names until Bill arrives with food. They all sit on the bed for a picnic. "Nothing can stop us now," Bill smiles.

    End of the Rope.

    Friday, May 30 2008

    At Cedars, Ava and Reva wait for Jeffery to wake up. Reva is sure he will wake up and be his regular grouchy self. Ava is happy that he has Reva. They start talking about Bill. Ava thinks he has a bright future and hopes that no one messes it up for him. Soon, Bill arrives to check in on her and the baby and to invite them all to his party. Ava hugs him and tells him his future is bright. He starts feeling her belly as the baby kicks. When she goes off to the washroom, Reva tells Bill that he's lucky to have Ava and she really loves him. "You've gotten so mushy," he says, suggesting that Jeffery is making her that way. He's really caught her by surprise, she admits, and tells him he should give love with Ava a chance. Ava returns and starts giving Bill fashion advice for his event. He tells her to go home and rest so she doesn't have to deal with all the family tension. She shrugs. He tells her he's glad to have had her along for the ride and offers to celebrate with her later. They kiss and he walks off.

    Lizzie runs into Ava in the hall at The Beacon. She starts to taunt her but Ava is unphased and walks into her room. Lizzie rolls her eyes.

    Good Parenting.

    Wednesday, May 28 2008

    Ava paces at the hospital when Olivia arrives. They sit and Ava fills her in about Jeffrey. He's still in critical condition and they aren't sure if his lung has collapsed. Reva doesn't know yet; no one's been able to get in touch with her. Ava sends Bill a message. Olivia wishes she could say something comforting but she's only good at the dying stuff. Ava wonders why everyone who comes into her life leaves. She starts beating herself up about the pregnancy; all she wants is for her father to meet her baby and learn how to change a diaper. Bill arrives and hugs her. Olivia leaves them alone. Ava hugs Bill and thanks him for coming. He rolls his eyes.

    Ava and Bill walk into Company. She worries that the doctor hasn't gotten back to her about Jeffrey. He's absent-minded, worried about the stockholder's meeting. He decides to do his pre-meeting routine and starts doing dance moves as she laughs.

    Natalia walks into Cedars looking for Ava. She finds Olivia instead. She's about to walk away when Olivia stops her. Natalia tells her how sorry she is and asks if there is anything she can do to help. Olivia tells her that she needs to go. Frank walks in and asks what's going on. Natalia thought she was doing the right thing but she was mistaken. She walks out and he follows. Once they're gone, Ava returns. She's anxious. Olivia tells her that Bill is lucky to have her; he's made a lot of mistakes but now he seems ready to grow up.

    Natalia hurries back to Cedars and asks for her money back from Olivia: She needs it to help Rafe. Olivia refuses. Natalia walks away and Ava returns. She asks what's going on. When her mother abruptly leaves, Ava calls Bill to wish him good luck but he's unconscious.

    Like a Straitjacket.

    Thursday, May 22 2008

    Remy arrives in Ava's room as she packs. He asks her why Bill isn't helping her. She slumps over while he starts to pack her up. He takes her stuff up to Bill's room. It seems cramped. "We can't all live in a mansion like you," she jokes. She tries on Bill's jacket, claiming that it fits well. "Like a straitjacket," he says. She insists that she cares about Bill. It always seems like she's auditioning around him, he says. "I guess I got the part then," she says. As they continue to unpack, Bill arrives, surprised to see her there already. She runs off to grab some more things and Bill asks Remy to leave things alone and leave the room. Remy gives them two weeks and says that he can call him to help her move out. Bill pats him on the back with a sarcastic remark and sighs when he's left alone.

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