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    Guiding Light CAST - Ava Peralta Lewis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ava Peralta Lewis Played by Michelle Ray Smith on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michelle Smith

    Birthday: 1974-09-24
    Birthplace: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Michelle Ray Smith


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    A Graveyard for Damaged People.

    Thursday, June 12 2008

    Ava goes to see her mother at The Beacon. Olivia pops a pill and starts throwing them into her desk. Ava starts to gush about the party and moving in with Bill. "It's a big move," Olivia says. She didn't have so much fun living in the big house herself but things were different back then. Ava starts to wonder if she should move; she's still worried about her mother. Olivia downplays it and tells her not to annoy her mother. As Ava walks out, Mallet walks in, announcing that he has brought lots of movies.

    Bill goes back to his room at The Beacon and finds Ava in bed. She's upset about her mother. Rolling over, she tells him that most heart transplant recipients reject their heart. She can't move out of there; she needs to be near her mother and sister. Ava really wants to start a family with him, but she can't leave her mom behind. "Then Olivia is going to have to move in with us and Emma too," he says. She's surprised, but he's sure. She hugs him and thanks him.

    Ava returns to see her mother in her room. Olivia's watching movies with Mallet. Ava excitedly tells her that Bill has asked her and Emma to move in. Olivia is not enthusiastic; she's lived there before. Ava pleads and Olivia agrees to think about it. A giddy Ava runs off. Mallet doubts Olivia will go through with it; he just can't imagine her living with Dinah. "Strong women can co-exist," she assures him.

    Bill returns to his room with Ava. She models her new dress for him. He feels her belly and tells her she's sexy. He's eager to get to the party. Olivia walks in and asks if she can crash the party. She's family, so she doesn't have to crash it, he says. She doesn't want to be called grandma though: They can call her "the Queen".

    Bill gets to the mansion with a present for his sister. It's earrings and a necklace that used to belong to Alan's mother. She gasps and tries them on in the mirror while he tells her that he is having some rooms set up down the hall... for Olivia and Emma. "You can't possibly think this house is big enough for me and Olivia," she says. She could kill her brother for this. She stomps off and finds Olivia and Ava down the stairs. Putting on a forced smile, she welcomes them.

    As the party progresses, Bill becomes glum when nobody is showing up. Ava tries to reassure him. He wanders off. She tracks him down in the hall and offers her help. He wishes that someone from his family would actually show up. She tells him that people are jealous and will hate him. She was one of those people once, but now she is the sort of person who lives in a house like this. "I do not expect anything from you," she makes clear, however. He walks out and tracks down Dinah. They begin sniping at each other until Olivia and Ava pop up. Noise erupts from above as Remy and Lizzie suddenly appear, waving and drunkenly laughing. Bill grabs her arm and wants to call her a cab. She pushes past him and Dinah grabs her. She's the "queen of scene making", she says, and she can handle her. "Let Bill enjoy his day," Dinah demands. Lizzie won't let him be happy with Ava. She notices her grandmother's necklace on Dinah and tries to grab it. Dinah tells her it's her family heirloom now.

    Remy follows Ava into her room at the mansion. He tells her she shouldn't move in there. He thought it would be great to have her there, but the place is "a graveyard for damaged people" and she and her kid deserve better.

    Bill goes back to the party and stands beside Ava to announce that this isn't just a housewarming party: He and Ava are getting married. Ava is shocked. Everyone claps, expect for Lizzie and Remy, of course.

    I'm not an Answering Machine.

    Wednesday, June 11 2008

    Remy goes to check on Ava in her room. She tells him that things are fine with "little Billy" and he's being very cute. Remy hopes Bill knows how lucky he is. They start looking through his study program he's enrolled in. Bill interrupts and Remy soon decides to leave. Bill sits down with Ava and talks to her about wanting to be a good daddy. He's sure that everything will be fine and he wants the kid to have a real family. She reminds him that she has an ultrasound today. He's arranged for a car for her and will see her at Cedars.

    Bill rushes over to Cedars for Ava's ultrasound. They discover that it's a boy. Bill and Ava kiss. He's so excited that he keeps repeating "boy".

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