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    Guiding Light CAST - Dinah Marler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dinah Marler Played by Gina Tognoni on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Gina Tognoni

    Birthday: 1973-11-28
    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Gina Tognoni
    Height: 5'7"


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    Reva Returns!

    Tuesday, August 29 2006

    Mallet and Dinah wake up in each others arms after making love. He tells her even if she's just there for one night, he loves that she came to see him. She tells Mallet she can't do this and Mallet asks what's wrong but she just replies she can't go through with this as she looks at the file she's supposed to steal.

    Dinah tells Mallet that last night was wonderful and sex has never been an issue between them. She tells him she was feeling lonely and didn't want to be alone. Mallet tells her to stop and think about the special things they had together. He tells her she drives him crazy but he's never stopped loving her. Dinah agrees but is worried that they'll just screw up again. They decide to go to breakfast but Mallet asks her to join him in the shower first. Alone in the room, Dinah picks up the file that Jeffrey needs to hide.

    Out of the shower, Mallet calls out to Dinah realizing she's left. He turns to get dressed and realizes the file has also left with her! Later, Mallet catches up to Dinah grabbing her. He asks her where is it? And she plays dumb asking what he's talking about? He says quit it, she knows the file on Jeffrey! Dinah continues to deny it telling Mallet is causing a scene but he doesn't care and keeps pressing her. She admits it and tells him she did it for both of them. Mallet tells her to come clean and tell him everything if they're ever going to have a chance of being together.

    Dinah tells him he's right about last night how good things could be. Mallet insists that she tell him the truth but Dinah tells him it's not that easy, he doesn't live in her world. He tells her to give them a chance but she walks away.

    Jeffrey presses Dinah to grab the file on him. She finally delivers it and thanks him for ruining a very enjoyable night she had with Mallet. He thanks her but tells her they're not finished yet. Dinah tells him to let her go and leave her alone. But Jeffrey tells her they have to find a way to co-exist.

    The both of them have to continue looking over their shoulders no matter what they have over each other. Dinah tells him she knows Jeffrey better than anyone else and threatens to rip his head off if he gets in her way of getting back together with Mallet. Jeffrey asks her how much of a problem will she really be?

    Later on, Jeffrey meets up with "the man" and tells him so much for loyalty, he has his file. The man continues to threaten him but Jeffrey replies that this is HIS TOWN NOW and reminds him that the man trained him so he knows what Jeffrey can be capable of. He intends to dispose of anyone or anything that is going to get in his way!

    Alan Serves Lizzie With Court Papers For Custody

    Monday, August 28 2006

    Jeffrey goes out for a drink with Dinah and tells her he's holding onto the evidence he has against her for the fire. Dinah tells him to get rid of it but Jeffrey doesn't think that's such a good idea.

    Dinah tells some clients that she's overjoyed in supporting and promoting Jeffrey for Mayor. She asks if she can count on their support by luring them with prestigious golf memberships. The men tell her to continue her "promotion" speech because she has their full attention.

    The "man" calls Jeffrey telling him he still hears he's running for Mayor even though he told him to stop. Jeffrey snaps back telling him he doesn't work for him any longer. But the "man" tells him he's forwarding Mallet his "file". Jeffrey hangs up and grabs Dinah telling her the party is over. He tells her that Mallet is about to get his personnel file and she has to get it from him. Dinah refuses, not wanting to see Mallet telling Jeffrey it's his problem. Jeffrey threatens her with the evidence he's holding and tells her he won't be able to keep her out of prison anymore.

    Jeffrey tells her to use Mallet's feelings to get the file. Mallet goes to open the door as someone knocks on it, only to find Dinah standing there. Mallet asks why she's there and she tells him so they can talk about wedding cancellations to finalize those things. Mallet tells her that he doesn't believe it, knowing she's there for another reason. Dinah replies that she has nothing to say and gets up to leave. Mallet grabs her and holds her. Dinah leans over to kiss him.

    Alan-Michael Ends Up Being the Latest Web Scandle

    Friday, August 25 2006

    Mallet is at the station talking with Gus and is interrupted and shown the latest webpage. They set up a wall with all the people listed on the website trying to figure out if any of the victims is the culprit?! Mallet talks with Gus about Dinah having something over Jeffrey and they speculate. Gus asks him if he ever thought Dinah was sleeping with O’Neill. Mallet tells him he’s pretty certain that they’re not, it’s not about that. Dinah has something real on the guy. Meanwhile, they check out the website again to see Dinah and Alan-Michael alone in the room, a live webcam feed. Mallet and Gus head out to confront them.

    Dinah is given a box and she opens it to find wedding items for her and Mallet. Dinah calls Alan-Michael to talk with him. He shows up at the hotel and she suggests room service. He asks her if she’s “packing” this time and she tells him nope, no gun just a killer smile. She talks with him about Jeffrey being the next mayor. He asks her what she’s willing to do to make that happen?! They share a drink not knowing they’re on a live feed webcam on the internet. He asks her why she’s working for O’Neill and she replies she’s just doing a favor. Alan-Michael states it’s much more because Dinah doesn’t do any favors. In storms Mallet and Gus asking Alan-Michael to explain the live internet feed?! Dinah is shocked! She asks if he did this? They look for the webcam but Gus is suspicious asking who else has access to this room? Alan-Michael demands to know who’s behind this! Mallet smartly thanks him for being concerned. He asks everyone to leave.

    Outside Mallet and Dinah talk. She asks how long they were watching and he tells her not long at all. As soon as they realized it was live, they headed down to warn them.

    Alan-Michael posts a $100,000 reward for the owner of the website.

    Mel Decides to Give Her Marriage Another Chance

    Wednesday, August 23 2006

    Mel meets up with a co-worker, Ryan for a dinner date. She tells him she's flattered that he asked her out but between her daughter and her work, she doesn't have time for anyone in her life. Mel's brother interrupts them and drags her away. She yells at him asking if that was necessary?! He asks her where her wedding ring is? Mel tells him she's sick of being a perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect Bauer!

    Later Mel knocks on Jeffrey's door telling him she's glad he's there. He invites her in. Jeffrey asks her what's going on? She tells him nothing much, just stopping by to see an old friend as she strokes his arm. Jeffrey teases her, telling her she's beautiful forbidden fruit.

    Mel snaps that he's such a jerk. He pours her a drink and she looks at him asking if she can try something? Mel kisses him passionately and pulls back sighing ...oh did nothing for me.... Jeffrey tells her thanks a lot.

    In walks Dinah interrupting them. She asks Mel to be her lawyer. Mel tells her she's not going down that road. But Dinah continues, and tells Mel what happened with the fire and why she did it. Mel smartly tells her that's not how to deal with emotions like that. Dinah tells her ...she knows that....

    Mel tells them she has to head out but they invite her to go out with them. Dinah pulls out a bottle of wine and Jeffrey proposes a toast. To have everything in life without all the complications! Dinah tells her to confide in them. Mel unloads on both Jeffrey and Dinah. She speaks about her family, her marriage, her job. If she chose to get a divorce, it would be the first divorce of her entire family EVER! She tells them divorce is too easy and marriage is the hard part. She thanks them for the shoulder and walks out.

    Harley Arrests Lizzie For Attempted Murder

    Tuesday, August 22 2006

    Jeff bangs on the door and tells Dinah to get out of the bathroom and help him. She tells him she's going to up... the vote with every male in town wearing this dress! Jeff tells her to call him but Dinah refuses! The knock at the door is Mallet telling her to open up. She throws the door open and asks him what he wants? He tries to explain but she just remains sarcastic and tries to close the door in his face. Mallet stops her and asks Jeffrey for some privacy but Dinah says nope, he can talk in front of Jeffrey. She warns him to stay away from her or next time ...he'll get burned... and closes the door.

    She turns and asks Jeffrey why he's so interested in becoming Mayor when he has so many other interests and money and power already. He tells her he has his own reasons and walks out the door.

    Dinah, talking to herself, says she has to ...wipe some slates clean... herself and the sooner she does that her life will be much better on. She walks out the door and Mallet grabs her telling Dinah's time to talk because he knows she started the fire.... Mallet tells her to talk so she starts the night she was at the Beacon, looking at all the things for their wedding. She was furious and piled all the clothes and the wedding dress on the bed and lights everything on fire but she insists she put it out! She knows she put it out! Mallet tells her that's a good thing because it was all an accident and it'll be ok. But Dinah tells him she's not going to plead to anything at all. Mallet encourages her to fight this, and give them another chance! Dinah tells him it won't work, they can't move back to get what they had. It won't be any different she tells Mallet. Mallet asks her if it's because of Jeffrey? Dinah tells him that her and Jeffrey are just friends but Mallet gave up on them before they even got started long ago and leaves him alone.

    Mallet heads back to Jeffrey's room and confronts him. He tells Jeffrey not to hurt Dinah whatever is going on between them. He asks what Dinah has over him? Jeffrey tells him nothing and walks out.

    Mallet talks with Blake about running for Mayor. She tells him having her image splashed all over the internet the way it has been, doesn't leave much to anyone's imagination. He asks her what she thinks about Dinah with Jeffrey right now in Jeff's room?! Blake assures him there's no way anything romantic is going on between them. It's something very different and she'll figure it out.

    Later, Blake confronts Jeffrey about him using Dinah for some unknown reason and she wants to find out why?! She tells him he helped Dinah and bailed her out of jail because there is a bigger reason. Jeffrey tells Blake that there is no reason, him and Dinah are not romantically involved, just business associates. She teases Jeffrey and gets him to come back to his room so they can be intimate. After making love, Jeffrey tells her he has things to do and she gets the message, starting to dress. She tells him not to worry, Dinah won't know that she was ever here. Jeffrey assures her that him and Dinah are just friends and nothing more.

    Alan Plots Against Lizzie

    Thursday, August 17 2006

    Dinah, at the station, remains defiant and sarcastic asking Harley and Gus who's the good cop and who's the bad cop? They ask her if rumors are true about Dinah burning down the hotel? Dinah talks with Harley, asking her if she's trying to railroad her?

    She confronts Gus about what he really wants from her? To go back to prison? He tries to continue his questioning but she refuses to answer anything. He tells her innocent people never have anything to hide. Harley tries to reach her. Dinah snaps back that she knows Harley doesn't want her to marry Mallet, Harley wants him to himself.

    Frank joins in to talk with Dinah asking what's happening. Then in walks Jeffrey with court papers and tells Frank to release Dinah! Jeffrey walks out with her and she says thank you to him but he replies saying ...oh no, don't thank me, this is going on your bill...! Dinah asks him what he really wants from her?

    Dinah Gets Arrested

    Tuesday, August 15 2006

    Mallet talks with the fire inspector asking him if his clothes were all taken for evidence or something. But the inspector tells him that's the first he's heard about it. Mallet says that's fine, some mooch probably just came in to help himself.

    He later meets up with Dinah, asking her to go see a movie. He asks her what she thinks of his new shirt since it's the only thing clean he has to wear because she sent all his clothes to the cleaners. At least, Mallet tells her, that's what he assumes, so she could get all the smoke smell out. Dinah shakes her head avoiding the statement telling him they should go shopping for all new stuff!

    Back at the bar, the officers show up with the inspector to arrest Dinah. Mallet tries to convince them not to take her but a sarcastic Dinah tells him not to bother, nows not the time to start being the protective fiance!

    Cassie and Josh Get Hot!

    Monday, August 14 2006

    Mallet sees a picture on the internet of Dinah and Jeffrey together but she denies the relationship. Dinah and Mallet talk more about their feelings. But Mallet has more to ask her first. He wants to know what she knows about the fire. She tells him she was with Jeffrey and the extent of their relationship is business! He kisses her and tells her he'll see her later.

    Mallet goes back to the fire scene to investigate further and wonders what O'Neill is hiding and how Dinah is involved. He goes through all the closets and drawers and realizes something is missing... ALL his clothes.

    Reva accidently runs into Josh at airport

    Friday, August 11 2006

    Dinah and Mallet talk. He tells her he wants to make it right. He hurt her by sending those files to the FBI. He tells her how much he trusts her and that's far more important than his career or a badge!

    She tells him he makes her want to be a better woman! She promises him that nothing will ever come between the two of us ever again, whatever it takes. Knock at the door, she tells him it's room service. Harley & Gus walk in wanting to discuss the fire. They tell them it looks like a torch job and they're calling it arson. Dinah tells them she has things to do and they ask her if she's willing to answer some questions later. Of course, she replies as she rushes out. Harley a little taken back by the quick departure looks on at Mallet and says ...alright, why don't you tell me what you know...?

    Reva Tells Jonathan the Truth!

    Tuesday, August 08 2006

    Jeffrey blackmails Dinah so he can get control of Spaulding Enterprise's endorsement for mayor. Mallet tells Jeffrey that whoever set fire at the Beacon is the same person responsible for the Springfield Burns website too. Jeffrey and Blake turn Mallet's room into a campaign site.
    Blake tries to use a hospitalized Mallet for a campaign photo op but Jeffrey sees her and gets in on the action.

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