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    Guiding Light CAST - Dinah Marler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dinah Marler Played by Gina Tognoni on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Gina Tognoni

    Birthday: 1973-11-28
    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Gina Tognoni
    Height: 5'7"


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    I Don't Celebrate It.

    Friday, June 19 2009

    Jeffrey and Dinah don uniforms and go out to dig up Lara. Grieci comes up to explain that they have already set up the leak and have a new body to dump. Reva calls him and tells him to tell Jeffrey that she loves him and wants him to come home.

    This Case Sucks.

    Thursday, June 18 2009

    Dinah tells Jeffrey that he needs a partner and she is the best partner he ever had. He's doing this for Reva and their baby. She's doing it for Shayne... and his baby. She explains the story and tells him that they have to pull Edmund in. She suggests that they give him what he wants: Bring Lara back to life. "Alright, let's go get Edmund," he says.

    When Dinah goes to Shayne's, she's surprised to see he's bought a new bedspread. That's his way of asking her to move in. He wants her close to him so he can protect her. She wants to protect him too. They cuddle. She asks him if he has a receipt for the bedspread and then explains that she is going to a convention in Wisconsin for a few days. The bond he has with Lara means a lot to her too, so she gives him a music box that plays the same song that Lara's did. He tells her that she's amazing.

    Dinah walks into Company where Marina is playing with Henry. Dinah tells her that she's glad she's Henry's mother and gives her a copy of the music box. She thanks her for taking good care of him and walks away. Frank walks in and Marina tells him that she told Nat to stop taking advantage of him. She even told Olivia to straighten her friend out. "I don't think Olivia will ever straighten Natalia out," Frank says.

    Josh and Jeffrey meet up. Jeffery admits that this is hard for him. They drive off to the heliport. Josh tells him to bring Edmund back in handcuffs. "One thing: Stay away from my wife," Jeffrey says. Josh gives him his word. They shake hands. As Dinah and Jeffrey get in the chopper, Mallet gets a call tipping him off that they are running.

    My Drama Meter Is Tapped Out!

    Wednesday, June 17 2009

    At Company, Dinah feeds Shayne fries. She likes watching him eat. As they cuddle, Josh comes in and tells them that he and Jeffrey think that Edmund is still alive and framing Reva. Shayne thinks that's a crazy idea. Josh tells them not to do anything crazy and leaves. Shayne is baffled. Dinah wants to go. When they walk out, they run into Marina, tell her Josh's theory and suggest that they try and lure Edmund out with Henry. "You're not using my son as bait," she objects.

    Dinah goes to the heliport and discovers that Jeffrey has already booked the chopper. She goes to Jeffrey's office and confronts him. She demands to know where he is going. He explains what he's done and how he will catch Edmund. "I'm coming with ya," she says.

    We're Going To Set me Up.

    Tuesday, June 16 2009

    Jeffrey goes over to Shayne's. He tells him what happened at the morgue and how Edmund's body vanished. Shayne explains that Reva took care of everything with the body. "I gotta go," Jeffrey abruptly says. He runs off leaving Shayne and Dinah to wonder about what's going on. He's never seen Jeffrey act worried about something before. She tells him that she needs to go and take care of some things and leaves.

    Christina is in the minimart on the phone. She's telling her grandma about how incredible Remy's diamond was. Dinah overhears and sips her slushy.

    Josh and Jeffrey meet up again. Josh has done everything that Jeffrey asked. Jeffrey says he'll spend the rest of the day with Reva. Josh goes off to the woods where Edmund died and makes a boot impression in the mud. Dinah rushes over to him. They talk about how hard this is and she admits that she doesn't like what the investigation is doing to Shayne.

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