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    Guiding Light CAST - Dinah Marler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dinah Marler Played by Gina Tognoni on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Gina Tognoni

    Birthday: 1973-11-28
    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Gina Tognoni
    Height: 5'7"


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    The Morning After.

    Tuesday, July 14 2009

    Cyrus walks outside when he sees Dinah. She asks him for a gun. He's reluctant but gives her a number for a guy.

    When Shayne walks home, he finds Dinah on the phone saying she needs a gun. She insists that this is no big deal. He thinks she is being crazy and doesn't want everyone he loves turning into a vigilante. After she leaves, Mallet arrives and asks Shayne about Jeffrey setting himself up. Shayne tells him that he should really be asking who had the most reasons to want Edmund dead.

    Dinah meets her contact outside of the police station and buys a gun. As soon as he leaves, she calls Mallet and tells him she has some information. He runs to her and she tells him she has a lead on where Edmund could be. They leave.

    Bill And Lizzie Get Married.

    Monday, July 13 2009

    Michelle and Bill lewdly tease other while Vanessa tells her daughter how proud she is of her for doing this. Dinah rushes over to the groom and leads him to the altar. Lizzie suddenly realizes that she has no maid of honor so she grabs Dinah. Alan walks Alex and Lillian to the front. Then the flower girls walk up followed by Dinah. Phillip tells his daughter he loves her and walks her down the aisle.

    Wedding Day.

    Friday, July 10 2009

    When Dinah wakes up, she notices Shayne is not in bed.

    Shayne sits in his car watching Mallet and Marina's house. Dinah soon arrives and sits with him. She has some breakfast for him. They kiss and she wishes they had a station wagon if they are going to be doing surveillance.

    Mallet runs into Dinah at the minimart. She can see he has a headache and begins massaging his hand. After his headache goes away, he thanks her and leaves.

    At the church, they make their cake of Twinkies, eat whip cream and then get dressed. He tells her how beautiful she is and then they go out to see how many people have come. The chapel is empty. He looks for excuses but she's sure something has gone wrong. When he looks in the parking lot, it's empty. She picks up their invitation and notices that it has tomorrow's date. He tries to tell her that it will be all good but she's in tears. "We can still do this," he says. She wanted their friends and family there. Dinah watches them in the distance before slipping away. Lizzie continues to freak but Bill calms her and tells her it will all be good. They return to the kitchen and start eating the 'cake'. He promises that they will get married some day. Dinah calls and says she needs him right now in Miller's field. After she hangs up, Bill and Lizzie run off.

    Bill and Lizzie run off to the field looking for Dinah. She runs out from behind a tree and pretends to be surprised that they are in their wedding clothes. They list everything that went wrong today. Dinah calls everyone out from the bushes. They bring plants and chairs. Dinah admits that she saw them at the church and then she and Mindy threw this together. "I think it's perfect," Lizzie says. Bill gets down on a knee and proposes again.

    So Can I.

    Thursday, July 09 2009

    At Cross Creek, Josh and Reva continue to question Dinah for details. The FAA calls Josh. Reva tells Shayne and Dinah to go away together. After they leave, Josh takes out a map and shows Reva how large the search area for Jeffrey is. She's ready to go down south to search. Josh lists the reasons why this is a bad idea but it doesn't make any difference. He refuses to go along with her and walks out. Mallet calls and asks her to meet him at the station.

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