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    Guiding Light CAST - Dinah Marler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dinah Marler Played by Gina Tognoni on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Gina Tognoni

    Birthday: 1973-11-28
    Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
    Marital Status: Married
    Real Name: Gina Tognoni
    Height: 5'7"


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    There's Nothing To Fix.

    Wednesday, June 03 2009

    Shayne and Dinah go back to her room. She tells him his mother will be fine. Dinah worries about what will happen when Reva is released. "I told you that I didn't kill Edmund," Shayne says. She believes him. He tells her that she can tell him anything and they can fix it together. "There's nothing to fix," she says. When she leaves to get ice, he paces and tells himself she couldn't have done it.

    Destined To Spend Time Behind Bars.

    Friday, May 29 2009

    James goes over to Company to see Daisy. She thinks he's a jerk for using Bill's name and being arrogant. As she stomps away from him, Dinah walks by and over to Shayne and Josh to tell them that Reva's just been arrested. They run out. "Wow! Your Grandma Reva's been arrested," James says to Daisy. He offers to cover for her while she checks on the jailbird.

    At the station, Mallet lays out his case against Reva for Marina. Marina insists that Reva couldn't kill Edmund because she is a new mother. When she leaves, Shayne, Josh and Dinah file in. Mallet forbids them to see Reva. Dinah offers to distract him while the Lewis men go in. He lets them go.

    Shayne goes upstairs and begins ranting at Mallet. Josh asks his son to calm down. Shayne and Mallet continue arguing. Mallet asks them if they have anything for him to help with the case. They don't. He walks away. "I really don't like that guy," Shayne says. Josh suggests he leave for awhile and Dinah escorts him out. Josh sits and drinks coffee until Jeffrey shows up after filing some papers. Both men want to go and see Reva but Mallet stops them to remind them that only her lawyer can go in. "Take care of her," Josh says.

    Dinah and Shayne go home and she begins digging around for information about the case. Dinah defends Mallet and he becomes annoyed that she's acting like a referee. "I feel like you want my mom in jail," he says. He then begins accusing her of thinking that he killed Edmund. It's occurred to her. Someone is going down for this and it will be someone close to him, she points out.

    I Think I Have Rug Burn.

    Thursday, May 28 2009

    Dinah finds Remy outside the police station. He explains that he's being reinstated today. He's starting to feel bad about pocketing the diamonds so she reminds him of all the wonderful things he's done. She goes inside and asks Mallet how the case is going. He tells her it still looks like it could have been just about anyone. She follows him around and he repeats that he can't give her any information. She tells him how upset Shayne has been. Mallet admits that he's not on the top of the list.

    They all go over to the baseball diamond. Felecia teases her daughter about not getting a man and then teases Christina about being divorced. She insists that she and Remy are much better divorced. Dinah and Remy run around and then get some cake. After the picnic, the family begins packing up and Clayton walks off to take a call. Remy follows him and asks him what's wrong. Clayton explains that the bank needs money he doesn't have. He doesn't even have a plan to pay it back. Remy promises him that they can fix things. "Don't worry about me. There's no way that you can fix this," Clayton says.

    Maybe I Can Help?

    Tuesday, May 26 2009

    Dinah and Shayne go back to her place. He wants to take her out to Towers. She's proud of him for coming clean with Marina. When she asks him about Marina's reaction, he admits that she was shocked and may not even tell Mallet. Dinah doesn't seem pleased. He notices that the bed is covered in baby stuff. They nearly begin arguing, but he's not mad. She claims that she just bought this stuff to show that she supports his decision. He takes her hand and drags her off to lunch.

    Dinah and Shayne go to Company and eat fries and onion rings. She giggles as he laughs and stuffs his face. Dinah starts to wonder if Marina has told Mallet yet. He insists that it is Marina's choice. Mallet and Marina walk in with the baby. Mallet happily begins ordering beer. They explain that the transfusion worked and everything is great. Mallet only hopes that the donor knows how much they helped. Marina tells him how proud Henry will be of him. They drink beer and Shayne slips into the corner for a moment with Marina. She thanks him for everything he's done but insists that Mallet is all Henry will ever need. Back at the table, Mallet thanks Dinah for being so helpful and hopeful. Marina and Shayne return and they all toast to Henry.

    Shayne and Dinah go back to her place and he packs up the kids stuff to give to charity. She wonders if he will change his mind but he insists he won't. Dinah doesn't think that she could stay away. Knowing that he has a good family is enough for Shayne. They hug.

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