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    Guiding Light CAST - Christina Blake Thorpe Marler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Christina Blake Thorpe Marler Played by Elizabeth Keifer on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Keifer

    Birthday: 1961-11-14
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, CA, California,
    Marital Status: Married, Robert Convertino September 14, 1996
    Real Name: Elizabeth Keifer


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    When I Married Them, They Were Cute.

    Wednesday, April 22 2009

    At Company, Blake steals Billy's pie away after he tells her he's trying to diet. Josh calls and asks him to rush to Cedars and watch over Reva. He can't let Reva or Jeffrey know why.

    At Company, Blake asks Frank and Buzz to look after the place for awhile. She tells Frank that she's glad he's still hopeful and Nat would be lucky to have him. After she runs off, he gets a call from the Department of Corrections. They've moved up Rafe's reporting time to the half-way house. He thinks he should go and tell Nat. Buzz suggests he do it by phone. Frank thinks that would send the wrong message. After he leaves, Billy arrives. They get out their laptop and call Blake at Cedars. She tells Reva to turn on her computer. When she does, she can see Company. Billy eats a Buzz Burger so she can watch. Blake is grossed out. "When I married them, they were cute," Reva says. They decide to show their cute side and drop their pants for her. Billy goes back to Cedars to check in on Reva. She thanks him for taking her mind off her problems.

    Money Grows on Trees.

    Monday, April 06 2009

    At the mansion, Beth gives Hilda some instructions for a family dinner. Phillip comes down the stairs and she explains that it will be nice to have a family gathering while they still can. They decide to invite Bill just to annoy Alan. When Beth leaves him alone, Blake arrives. He asks her how her kids are. "You killed their father," she says. He apologizes. She hates that he's alive and hopes he rots in jail.

    Blake is at Company talking to Marina. She complains about how she has ten jobs but no work, just a lot of free time. Marina asks her if she would be interested in a management position and hands her an apron. "I don't know how to be a waitress," Blake says. Marina wants her to be a manager.

    We'll Build a Moat.

    Wednesday, March 25 2009

    Blake goes to see Frank. She starts trying to set him up with a woman she knows. He tells her he already has a woman. She's shocked and begs for details. He won't give her any.

    Olivia meets with Blake at Company to discuss real estate. "I need to get back to civilization," Olivia says.

    I Want You Out Of My Life.

    Wednesday, February 25 2009

    Inside, Blake and Lillian finish setting things up. They worry about Beth and Buzz. Billy comes in next, followed by Hawk. He flirts with Lillian and hands her his number. They hear Reva and Jeffrey outside and hide. When she walks in, they shout surprise. Hawk hugs his daughter and Billy comes up for a cuddle next. Vanessa walks in late and asks Reva how she's feeling and then chats about Maureen.

    Blake announces that it is time to open the gifts. Jeffrey rushes out to get the camera from the car. While he's gone, Reva tells Lillian how worried she is about her final chemo results.

    Why Are You Here?

    Monday, February 23 2009

    Olivia stops Nat for a moment while they hurry to the funeral. Olivia just wants to see that Phillip is kept in jail. When they walk into the funeral home, Alan is still battling with the Coopers. Alan continues insisting that he isn't responsible for what happened to Coop. Phillip gets sick of listening to everyone arguing so he grabs a gun from a cop and fires into the air. The cops wrestle the gun from him and Olivia demands to know what he's doing there. He explains that he made a deal so he could come out for the day. Seeing Blake, he apologizes to her. She barks at him and the guards begin taking him out.

    Luck Always Runs Out.

    Tuesday, February 03 2009

    Coop calls Beth. She tells him that she is about to end things with Alan. Coop hurries inside Company and tells his father and brother the news. He assures them that there is nothing to worry about. Blake walks in and tells them to get dressed up. They're having a launch for Coop's new book at Towers. Buzz and Frank's jaws drop. Coop drags Blake outside to tear into her. She tells him just to insist that the work is fiction or to hint that Blake is the older woman in the book. She leaves to take a call. Coop tells his family to keep things quiet. They suggest that he give Beth a heads up.

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