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    Guiding Light CAST - Christina Blake Thorpe Marler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Christina Blake Thorpe Marler Played by Elizabeth Keifer on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Keifer

    Birthday: 1961-11-14
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, CA, California,
    Marital Status: Married, Robert Convertino September 14, 1996
    Real Name: Elizabeth Keifer


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    Cyrus Is Jenna's Son.

    Thursday, August 27 2009

    Lizzie and Christina walk into Company. They see Ashlee staring at four cellphones and begin calling them. Ashlee freaks out. They begin talking about Cyrus running off to Australia with Buzz. Christina gets angry when she realizes Remy lied to her.

    Blake runs into Josh at The Beacon. She tells him she ran into Reva and she's having a hard time but will level off. "Level for Reva is like a stock market chart from Hell," he says.

    Blake sits with Marina outside of Company. They talk about Mallet leaving. She still doesn't really understand but she knows he was trying to do the right thing. "You're going to miss him for a long time," Blake says.

    Frank and Blake unwittingly chat on the internet. Josh startles Frank and tries to order food. He teases Frank.

    Mallet Says Goodbye.

    Wednesday, August 26 2009

    Holly walks into Company. She hugs her daughter and admits that she's been meaning to stop by. They go to Blake's room and she tells her mom that she wants to talk but she doesn't know what to say yet. She suggests that her mother go around town visiting while she runs some errands.

    Olivia runs into Frank as he loads up on beer at the minimart. She teases him. He's angry and tells her that Marina and Mallet are breaking up. He sits in the corner with his beer and a muffin. Blake stops by. He tells her the news. They both think this sucks but she says this happens.

    Holly and Blake run into Olivia at The Beacon. Blake tells her that she called her mother because she needed to talk about lost love. They talk about Holly's love affairs and ask Olivia to join them for lunch. They order room service and Holly tells them all about relationships and becoming a different person. Blake gets an idea and runs off. Holly asks Olivia about her tumultuous love life. Olivia gives her a heavily abbreviated version of the story.

    Blake goes to visit Ross' grave. She tells him about the book on Jenna and that it's made her think a lot about love lately. They had crazy love and then comfortable love. She doesn't think she'll ever be that lucky again but she's looking forward to whatever is coming next. "I think about you every day," she confesses. Ed approaches and startles her. They discuss Ross and how lucky they've been to have love.

    That Sneaky Olivia.

    Monday, August 24 2009

    Nat runs into Christina on the bridge and they chat. As she walks along, she runs into Olivia and Emma. She tells them about her job and thanks Olivia. "We are going to have dinner together very soon," she says, touching Olivia's hand as she leaves.

    Take Your Cookies And Go Home.

    Friday, August 21 2009

    Ashlee tells Blake that she is done editing the manuscript. Blake wants her to go and interview Buzz without him knowing it. She calls Cyrus and tells him to get out of Company while Ashlee comes over to catch Buzz alone.

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