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    Guiding Light CAST - Christina Blake Thorpe Marler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Christina Blake Thorpe Marler Played by Elizabeth Keifer on Guiding Light Daytime Soap Opera.

    Elizabeth Keifer

    Birthday: 1961-11-14
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, CA, California,
    Marital Status: Married, Robert Convertino September 14, 1996
    Real Name: Elizabeth Keifer


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    Who Would you Recommend?

    Monday, November 10 2008

    Josh admits to Blake that he doesn't think that Jeffrey will be a good father. "Who would you recommend?" she asks, pointedly. She suggests that he needs some 'alone time' and a hobby so that he can get to know himself. He laughs. She points out that he's still wearing his wedding ring. He never even realized it. She still has hers on too. "It feels good to be connected to someone," she explains. He's spent his life taking care of other people, so now he needs someone to take care of him, she suggests, offering to be his 'life coach'. He likes that idea and sadly takes off his wedding ring.

    Stay Away From Me.

    Monday, November 03 2008

    At Towers, Josh overhears Reva on the phone with Jeffrey. She wants to help him go after the kidnapper and tells him that her new middle name is 'danger'. Josh asks her if she brings her prenatal vitamins on stakeouts with her. She thinks he's being overprotective. He agrees to drop it if she assures him that she isn't running after the kidnappers. They worry about Bill and how Billy is taking this. Reva can't sit around and let the kidnapper get away with this. Josh doesn't understand what is wrong with Jeffrey that he can allow her to run around like this. Reva goes to the bathroom for ten minutes. When she comes out, Josh is still there. They continue arguing about Jeffrey. He's annoyed that Jeffrey is allowing her to take risks. She can't stay at home watching birthing videos, she yells, explaining that she looked for a job so that she can keep living a spontaneous life. "At the expense of your child," Josh says, suggesting that Jeffrey doesn't know how to handle her and her 'explosions'. "You're having a mid life crisis," she says. He accuses her of trying to relive her twenties. She suggests he's stalking her and promises to find him a woman. As she goes through the list of possible dates, he becomes annoyed and stops her. Blake walks by. Josh tells her to run. Reva wants to set her up. Blake asks if he's good looking. Reva lists his qualities and Blake refuses to believe that such a man exists. "It's the real deal," Reva says, sitting Blake down. "You two enjoy yourselves," she laughs, walking away. Blake and Josh laugh awkwardly.

    Blake follows Josh over to Cassie's to look after RJ. They talk about his problems with Reva and she teases him. She wouldn't be the first person to compete with Reva for his affections, and she doubts she'll be the last, so she decides to pass on the chance. RJ comes downstairs and they play Monopoly.

    Lucky Saps.

    Tuesday, October 07 2008

    As Mallet and Marina paint Harley's house, they notice the marks where Zach and Jude's height used to be measured. Blake walks in and announces that the house has been sold. She tells them that everything has to be emptied out of the house. Marina says she'll call her family to empty their stuff out of the basement. Blake goes outside to put a 'sold' sign on the front lawn. Marina worries that things will never be the same in the house again.

    At Harley's, the Coopers sort through all of their things as they clean up. Coop and Blake catch up. Frank remembers old times and they miss Harley. They toast to the Cooper family. Buzz remembers how they built the place together, even though it was a 'construction nightmare'. Marina quietly drinks alone on the couch.

    You Will Always be Fetching his Coffee!

    Wednesday, September 10 2008

    Mallet and Marina go to Harley's and clean up. She bakes a pie and can't believe that she is bothering with this when she wanted to choke Harley. He's sure that someone will want to buy this house. She doubts that since it's hardly more than drywall. They go to work but soon return because she claims that she's left the oven on. They quickly find that she hasn't. They spy on Blake as she shows some potential buyers around the property. Marina doesn't like the look of them. Frustrated, she walks off and he walks over to the couple. He tells them that there was a double homicide in the house. They walk away. Marina returns and sits with him. He eats pie and tells her what he just did. "You're weird," she says. He thinks they were stuck up and boring. She suggests that if they fix it up, they can get Harley a better deal. "I'll show you how to use my drill," he offers.

    You Make a Lousy me.

    Monday, August 25 2008

    "Well Cinderella, your fairy godmother has arrived," Blake announces as she interrupts Cassie cleaning her floors. She asks her out to Towers. Cassie claims she's busy. Blake tells her that she needs to get back into circulation before her moving parts forget how to move. Cassie can't resist. They go to Towers and Blake announces that they can't talk about any of the men who they've lost. Cassie won't drink; the last time she did she ended up having sex with a stranger beside the road. Blake wishes that would happen to her. Cassie doesn't ever want to be that desperate again. Blake does her best to cheer her up and Cassie finally orders a martini.

    Later, they return to Cassie's and talk about the men Blake flirted with. They agree to do this more often. Blake leaves to return to her children. Cassie looks at the photos of her children on the mantel before going upstairs. As she cries, Cyrus arrives outside and begins fixing her eaves when he spots her. He goes inside and surprises her. He explains that he's trying to fix things. She gets it and believes that he really is a good guy but his brother... He looks for excuses but they only enrage her. If he wants to help her, he can take his brother and get out of town. Whenever she sees him, she just sees her dead daughter. After she storms away, he goes outside and slowly walks away.

    Help Wanted.

    Monday, August 18 2008

    Blake and Mel go to visit Cassie. They eat ice cream and talk about doing a beach trip. Cassie thanks them for trying to cheer her up. When she gets up, she spots her divorce papers poking out of Mel's bag. The women freeze up. Cassie insists that she is fine; she just can't believe that Grady and Alan are going to walk but she's sure Jeffrey did all he could. Blake wants to go out for martinis but Cassie says she has a doctor's appointment. She repeats to Mel that she is confident that the divorce is the right thing and it's a done deal.

    Screw ups are all the Same.

    Wednesday, July 09 2008

    Blake runs into Natalia at Towers. She's waiting for Frank to pick her up. Blake tells her that he's a good guy, like the other Coopers. But it must be hard for her to live in the town with the "Gus and Harley thing". What Gus and Harley had doesn't bother Natalia; she's bothered because Harley has her son. Taking him on the run just means that he is in "jail forever" with Harley. After Blake leaves, Frank arrives. Natalia can't believe she is stuck there with the family that let Harley run off with her son. He asks her to get something to eat. She just wants a ride home; she's not mad at him, just everyone else. He misses his sister. Ever since Gus died, she melted down. They both worry that Rafe must be scared to death with her.

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